The premier for Season 7 of The Walking Dead hit our screens last night, considering I’m British it didn’t hit my screen until half past two this morning. Yet, here I am, sat in front of my computer and nursing what I feel like could be the start of a hate campaign, not mine but maybe a few of the readers of this article for sure.

I’ve never kept it a secret about where my loyalties lie, I’m not and have never been Team Rick, don’t get me wrong though, that doesn’t mean I hate him or any of the Survivors, I do happen to like them all in their own separate ways, but from the moment that the leather clad foul-mouthed charming and yet arrogant Negan took his first steps onto the pages of Issue 100 I have been mesmerised and captivated by him.

He swiftly filled the spot I was missing and became my favourite. I spent many hours researching him, reading his parts over and over again, and trying to get some understanding of this man. From what I worked out he was powerful, manipulative and downright crazy at times. His foul language and satirical sense of humour added even more fuel to my Negan loving fire. Since The Walking Dead began we have had a number of evil characters come into play. All of them had completely different modus operandi to our man Negan, granted they were all pretty much after the same thing however, complete control. Many a time I’ve been asked about why I liked Negan and didn’t like the Governor, considering they were both bad eggs. To me, the Governor paled in comparison, he hid behind false smiles and lies, Negan however tells you from the start that he has no qualms in killing you and definitely would do it again given the chance, to me that is the biggest difference.

I started this article off as a sort of a reaction to the premier but I’m just rambling about Negan, I will warn you from here downwards spoilers will be present!

I’m not here to cause an all-out war – see what I did there? No? I’m just here to give my reaction to this splendid new episode, a reaction from a very supportive member of the Saviours and a true Team Negan fan.

As always, Negan lay down the law pretty quickly and clearly upon meeting Ricks group, the rules are this and they are really very simple, they give him half their sh*t and he won’t kill them. Yet, as we already know, Ricks group have dispatched a large number of Negans men, which isn’t cool, it’s not cool at all. Where does that leave Rick, the Survivors? They’re on their knees surrendered to a mad man with a bat, a vampire bat.

In this particular episode, the killings happen about fifteen minutes into it, his game of Eenie Meenie Miney Mo ends with Abraham. As much as I’m a Negan supporter, I’m not a robot and I do feel for the man especially when he throws up the peace sign to Sasha. At first I thought that was it, only one Survivor would meet their grizzly end, but boy was I wrong. Daryl whom took an instant dislike to his friend being bludgeoned (I mean who wouldn’t, right?) took action after seeing a bloody Lucille being waved in front of Rosita, on the opposite side we have a taunting Negan too, so clearly I can justify Daryl’s almost instant reaction to try to get a few punches in.

However, I thoroughly expected the Archer to meet his end right there, especially when Dwight loomed over with his Crossbow, I didn’t see the Death of the second Survivor coming. I mean Negan is almost a reasonable man, he already gave them one free outburst, he did tell them that if they tried it again he would “shut that sh*t down no exceptions” right? In true Negan fashion of keeping his promises that is what he did, with only that warning he turned himself around and give a fatal blow to Glenn. Yet again I’m no robot and I felt the pang of heartbreak for Maggie as she had to watch her beloved man go down.

I’m in no way trying to justify Negans actions at all but if we had started off The Walking Dead following him rather than Rick and watched from his point of view these people taking out his men then I’m sure we could have justified this awful night as penance. They slaughtered many of his men and he only took two, he could have been a lot more brutal but he didn’t want all of them dead, because well they couldn’t work for him if they were dead now could they?

Personally, I’m looking forward for the rest of this season, specifically what Negan has got planned for us and how the Survivors will go about repairing their lives. I know that between them, the Hilltop and the Kingdom we will be in for a great season 7.


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