Rob Andersin is the Creator Of Despite what most people thought on how long Rob has been creating Comics he has been actively writing Comic for over 13 years now. He credits Dirk Manning’s Books Write or Wrong as his inspiration to change his mentality in how he was creating.  Sadly in 2013 on 1/3/13, you can’t make that up, he was severely hurt at work and would never be the same again. 


Understandable Rob dealt with sever depression after being hurt and was asked to go to therapy by his wife who began to worry about him.  During therapy Rob was told he dealing with a life change and was dealing with the new reality the best he could but was told to try to find a way to invest in his energy into something positive.


Rob Andersin

Rob had already created a Facebook Group for indie Comic books creators and saw that Facebook was changing their ways into a way that would hurt creators sharing their info.  So he decided to Create a Website to help bring Creators together and help educate each other through experiences   His 1st choices for a name was  Written Sins but at the time was taken.  He liked the name Written Sins, as he to this day says all stories start with a Sin being written to fix or address, so he played with name trying to find a name combination that worked.  He came up with  Not realizing the productions part might be taken the wrong way he meant it’s as a play at words as the Written Sins Where producing stories.  That site and the following year would be a massive failure for Rob.  Between Surgery a failed launch and inability to understand how to capture the audience and the confusing name choice caused it be a very Dark Year creatively  for Rob.




When most people fail and run away and hide.  The weight of failure crushes them.  Rob having suffered from massive bullying, ADAD and Dyslexia was no stranger to struggling and failing.  In fact Rob he could not Read  until he was 11 years old and that was thanks to his passion for Comics.  He wasn’t about to give up on an idea for a site that would be bring Indie comic book creators together.

After a few bad years and personal Struggles Rob and his family Relocated to Florida, far away from his Home of NYC.  He said he was heart-broken to leave but he knew for his family it was the best things.  Rob had become a father during all his struggles.  Jaxx was his Home Run baby, faced with the fact that surgery could affect him having a child it was a now of Never moment, and Jaxx was conceived. In fact just 3 days after Surgery on July 4 2014 Rob found out he was to be a father via a phone call from his crying wife while laying in a hospital bed.  True to who Rob is, he had been walking miles in those hospital hallways after Dual Spinal Fusion. That Night he walked a little future and  a lot harder.


Rob has credited becoming a father as a source of strength to get through some bad news, like the day he found out despite doing all the PT and working through the Flu and  colds never missing a PT appoint aside from the day his son was born and going 18 months without a single pill for pain would lead to bad news. ( Thats right he had surgery July 1 2014 and would never take a pill for pain until 2016.  Anyone who meet Rob at NYCC in 2014, 2015 and Special edition 2015  never knew he was in sever pain at all times. ) He went through that all of that  to be able to be himself again,  but in 2016 the news came in, Rob was to always be in pain and never be himself again.

Again a moment where people rightfully fall down and hide, Rob somehow rose up.  He moved to Florida so his son would have more support and he would have more help to deal with the issues of being crippled for life. In May of 2016 He Launched the successor to; CREATORS OF WRITTEN Using that  year of failures to guide him he Made a much different site and changed how thing were done. He teamed up with me a Reaper and together we made a fantastic and celebrated site.

Rob is now enjoying the success of creation as well as just this year he has had already to successfully Kickstarters for 2 very different projects. Fetish Babies is the celebrations of the NYC FETISH community and what it is to have a FETISH while  JAXX the Andersin is the celebrations of imagination and sharing fandom with your kids show how diverse his creations are. More titles are coming and Rob is finally getting to share his unique story telling abilities. 

He Has turned pain and loss into a movement of support for not just himself but hundreds of others.  He uses helping others as his therapy as he says “if I can go to bed every night knowing I helped make someones life better than I also know that  going through this pain is worth it to get to tomorrow where I can help someone ones else”.  Rob is  A proud Father , Loving husband, brother, Father, uncle and friend to many and a Creators if Indie Comics.  Rob Andersin is someone to look up to and appreciate as someone making the indie Comics Community a stronger and better place for us all. 

Rob’s newest Project

And The Call Us Monsters

is Now on Kickstarter 

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 PostsRob Andersin,WrittenSins.comRob Andersin is the Creator Of Despite what most people thought on how long Rob has been creating Comics he has been actively writing Comic for over 13 years now. He credits Dirk Manning's Books Write or Wrong as his inspiration to change his mentality in how he...