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If you enjoy playing games at an online casino – whether you play sports or regular games, the chances are that you will wonder what then odds are of winning some money.

Every game has its own set of rules and different odds. There are also multiple factors to consider before you can say for sure that you will win. 

Sports betting is slightly different from other types of betting because there are many ‘behind the scene’ factors involved.

When we talk about other types of gambling, we are normally thinking about events such as horse racing, dices, poker, casino games and slot machines.

So, let’s look at sports betting vs casino betting and why sports betting is better.

Pros of sports betting

Easy to progress from novice to expert

Sports betting is a great way to have fun for a casual gambler. Not only can you place your bet on a favourite team, you then have several hours of entertainment while you watch them play the game. You get to learn all about the game you are watching and learn a little about the teams that are playing. Sports betting is a lot more fun than some other types of betting.

Progressing from novice is simply a case of studying the game you are interested in. All the information you could want is freely available online. 

Entertainment and research your favorite sports

You get to place your bet and then watch your team. Many pubs have tv’s where you can sit with mates and watch while having a beer. So, you get to combine two things – not only do you learn about a sport, you can also do it in a fun place.

Basic mathematical concepts are easy to understand

Most people will easily begin to grasp the concept of the odds as a probability and then applying them to a game.

Unlike in a casino where you will play dice or slots, the learning curve is steep but rewarding. Horse racing needs insider information and Poker involves many hours of study before you are proficient at it.

Having a more accurate idea of the probability of a certain outcome means that you can make your bet with a mathematical advantage – something you can’t do in the casino.

Cons of sports betting

Far less betting opportunities

You will be relying on things like the weather and the seasons that the sport is played. NFL games only happen 15 times a week, on three days while baseball games are often postponed due to rain or snow.

On the other hand, horse racing happens 6 days a week between 12.00-18.00. Dice, poker, slots and other casino games are played 24/7 all year round.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of casino gambling

Online casino gaming can be fun but there are also significant problems with this. Understanding these cons and making the casino work for you is important if you are to have fun and not get yourself into a load of financial problems.

Pros of casino betting

The potential for lots of money

The longer you stay with the online casino and betting that way, the more chance there is of hitting the jackpot one day. There are always chances to win big.

Fun and enjoyable

Online casino sites are fun places to be. There is plenty to do and a multitude of games to tempt you to spend your money. The sites are designed to keep your there for as long as they can so fun is the name of the game! Not all the games are difficult either so even a novice can have a good time.

Easy to get started

Most online casino sites are easy to join and even easier to play. There are not normally a heap of rules and the games are not too complicated to learn. Most sites will offer a section on basic instruction for the games they offer. You can also research the games of your choice online and learn that way.

The variety is great

For those visitors who like the traditional games, there are sites that offer exactly what you want. If you prefer more modern games, then there are plenty of sites offering those. There is literally a casino for every taste and age group.

Something new every time you visit

A good casino site will be constantly updating their games and adding new ones to keep their customers so you can expect to see different games often. Many of them will offer free tries so you get used to the game and play before you lay out any money.

Cons of casino betting

You can also lose money

While we all like to think tat we will win at casino betting, there are millions of people who never win much. In fact, they lose more than they ever win. Unfortunately, they also may not know when to walk away and end up getting themselves into debt rapidly.

Mathematically it’s impossible to win regularly

Most casino betting is a matter of luck, rather than a mathematical deduction. You spin a wheel, or you place a bet on a random number. It may or may not win. There is no mathematical equation to you choosing a lucky number so over time you will probably lose more than you will win.

Some people do not approve of casino betting

This will create tension if you want to spend your holidays betting at the casino while friends and family prefer to go and explore. There are some people who regard casino betting as unacceptable. Indeed, there are still many countries where it is illegal to gamble. 

Debts building up may create personal problems

What started off as spending a small amount of money on casino games can quickly escalate until it is out of control. Spouses may not be happy to see hard earned money being gambled away. Relationships may suffer damage and marriages could end in divorce because of overspending at the casino.

It may become addictive

This is possibly the biggest problem with online casino betting. You get to do it where you want to so can lock yourself away in a room and spend more money than you have because you simply cannot stop. Becoming so obsessed with online gambling may need professional help to correct and work may suffer badly. Some people will find it hard to function without a daily dose of betting online, thus threatening their careers.

To sum up

When you consider both sides of the pros and cons, it is easy to see why both are attractive. Unfortunately, online casino betting draws the short straw here. Its easier to let things get out of hand and then get into trouble with finances.

Sports betting is far more out in the open, you get to share it with friends and learn about a sport.

At the end of the day, there should be moderation in either method of gambling as both can be harmful if you let them.

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