Think of it Buffalo, Steve Stamkos draped in blue and gold. While most Buffalo Sabres fans believe that this is no guarantee, I am here to tell you that not only could this easily happen it SHOULD happen. Last season Buffalo had to rely on the Eichel’s and Reinhart’s of the world to carry the load. From a production standpoint Stamkos ranks among the best with 562 career points in 569 games. As a Sabres fan I love the fact that the future is bright. Eichel and Reinhart aside, Rasmus Ristolainen had what I feel is a year of major growth in the National Hockey League. He was a true leader on the blue-line that the Sabres have not had in quite some time and what the Sabres couldn’t find in Tyler Myers, I think they have found with “Risto”. Despite character concerns with Evander Kane on the ice Kane filled the role that the Sabres asked of him on the Eichel/Reinhart/Kane line. To create plays and to stick up for his teammates if need be. 3-0 in a game vs Florida and no that’s not the scoreboard that is Kane’s fighting record that night. Safe to say I like what I see.

Steven Stamkos to Buffalo
(Photo by: Erik Erlendsson)

So the Sabres have a solid foundation moving forward. One guy that could speed up the process in the post-rebuilding effort would be Stamkos. The rebuilding/tanking effort was fun— we wouldn’t have this very foundation without it. But it is time to build on it and get back to the playoffs. Steve Stamkos would do that. In terms of money, I’m sure it would cost a pretty penny, but sometimes in order to be great you have to spend money and Stamkos would deserve that payday, his 8 years in the NHL proves that. Tampa Bay has been a contending team practically every year since his arrival. When Stamkos arrived there was not much to work with besides Martin St.Louis and Vinny Lecavalier. In this case there already is. Stamkos can bring the surrounding players to that “next level”. I have had several people tell me that the progress and growth of Eichel and Reinhart would be stunted if Stamkos comes to Buffalo. The answer is no. I am a firm believer that iron sharpens iron and in this case that term applies. Steve Stamkos is the missing piece that could not only put Buffalo in the playoffs, but if Buffalo wants to really make an impression this could make them a CONTENDER not a low-seed playoff team of years past.

No fan base deserves to see a winner more than the city of Buffalo. I have said this for years, not just because I was born and raised in Western New York, but because of the fact that the people are some of the best people to be around, with hopeful fans that really care not just about their team but the city that represents the team. No term fits a sports city like ONE BUFFALO. We are all ONE community waiting ever so patiently for a winner whether that be the Sabres or the Bills. One thing I do know, is that you don’t win games by sitting on your hands and trading for draft picks constantly. While that of course helps the future of your team, at some point a power move needs to be made. This is that power move. A move the Sabres rarely make.

Over the course of the Sabres franchise history we have had several players go to bat for us and hit home runs only for us to let them go that following off-season. Hasek, Lafontaine, Housley, Mogilny, Andreychuck, Briere, Drury, Campbell, the list goes on and on. While we know that the Sabres have not had a viable stable ownership group. That is not a problem anymore. So in my eyes it’s time to put up or shut up. Time to give back to a fan base that deserves a reward. A reward for seeing teams built and letting them fall apart just as fast. Regardless of who, what, and why we deserve to be better than we are. As a team we grew leaps and bounds last season and Steve Stamkos would only speed up the process in leading the team to glory. While the chances might be looked at as slim. General Manager Tim Murray is a guy that simply likes to go for it. Evidence of that is in the 2015 NHL Draft. The fans tuned in thinking we would leave the first round with “just Jack Eichel”. Not with Tim Murray. We left with Eichel, O’Reilly, Lehner, and Legwand. Despite what the naysayers of local media had to say, Legwand was a great role player which is what hockey prides itself on. So while the chances might be slim because Stamkos will have plenty of suitors for his services one thing I do know is that the possibility is there now more than it ever has before with Tim Murray leading the way. My message to Tim Murray. Make it Happen. ThomasNHLRecent PostsBuffalo Sabres,NHL,stamkos,steveThink of it Buffalo, Steve Stamkos draped in blue and gold. While most Buffalo Sabres fans believe that this is no guarantee, I am here to tell you that not only could this easily happen it SHOULD happen. Last season Buffalo had to rely on the Eichel's and Reinhart's...