This past weekend, Starfury Conventions hosted the first-ever Lucifer convention in Brighton, UK, where most of the main cast, some bonus guests (actress and Lucifer guest star, Alessandra Toressani and comic artist, Lee Garbett) writers, and executive producers of Lucifer came out to meet the fans, sign autographs, take photographs with fans, answered some questions coming from us, the fans, and give us a little insight on the show’s upcoming fourth season, which is scheduled to come out on Netflix later this year, possibly sometime in April or May according to Aimee Garcia (Ella from Lucifer).

Funny Behind the Scenes Story: The Camel Toe Underwear

deckerstar from lucifer 3x26

The cast and writers shared a magnitude of funny behind the scenes stories with us including, but not limited to, Lauren German’s (Chloe Decker in Lucifer) camel toe underwear story, which we fans got a glimpse of from their Instagram stories months ago. Someone apparently gifted Lauren a pair of camel toe underwear (I don’t quite remember if she said who gave it to her or not) so, naturally, she wore it over her pants to set to get a laugh. Writers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson then called her into their office and told her it inappropriate to do so and to put it away (although they only said that because they had to, in reality, they were scolding her as they were laughing at the incident). Months later, a friend of Lauren’s had heard about the infamous underwear and asked to see it. When she went to show it to her, it was gone, meaning that someone had stolen it (but they never found out who stole it or why anyone would want it).

Months later while filming the last scene of the alternate universe episode titled, “Once Upon a Time”, Tom Ellis (Lucifer from Lucifer) went out and bought a new pair of camel toe underwear and sneakily put it on over his pants as he was sitting on the bench next to Lauren as she was preparing for their next scene. They filmed the scene and the minute they yelled cut, Tom stood up and surprised Lauren with the underwear. Needless to say, the way Lauren and Tom told the story was much funnier, but still hilarious nonetheless.

Moving the Show Over to Netflix

lucifer saved

The cast and writers also talked about how different it was to move the show over to Netflix prior to being on Fox, who canceled the show after its third season. The change meant that the show’s structure changed from being 22 episodes to being just 10, which will leave any and all filter episodes they’d previously done in their past seasons. Netflix also can accurately track who’s actually watching the show, which proved to be a huge problem when Lucifer was on Fox because of how international the fanbase is. Ildy and Joe also said that Fox didn’t want them to add easter eggs (from the comics) into the show whereas Netflix encourages it. They didn’t share if they added any in the upcoming season, but it’s a definite possibility.

Details about Season 4

inbar lavi as eve

Throughout the convention, the cast and writers tried not to say too much about the upcoming season, but we did get the chance to get a little insight as everyone was very excited to see it when it (reportedly) comes out sometime in April. Tom teased that he’d be singing in the first episode of the new season (possibly the song, “Creep”, which he said may or may not be in season 4) and that the season will dive deeper into Lucifer’s rebellion backstory with the introduction of Eve, played by Inbar Lavi. Speaking of music, everyone in the cast is down to having a musical episode, especially writer and executive producer, Ildy Modrovich, but unfortunately they don’t have it in the works just yet.

We also learned a little more about Maze’s story in the upcoming season. Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze from Lucifer) repeatedly talked about how excited she is about the ninth episode of the fourth season, as she stated that something in that episode made her more vulnerable than any stage kiss ever could. With Amenadiel and Trixie, Lesley-Ann said that we’ll see Trixie and Maze again after their big fight at the end of last season and that Maze and Amenadiel still have a certain respect for each other, even though they don’t really know what their relationship is anymore.

As far as how Maze feels about Eve, we know that they have an obvious history, but what I found interesting is that Lesley-Ann said that Eve is kind of like Maze’s step-mother and that their paths will cross in a big way. We still don’t quite know what that means, but we do know that we’re all super excited to see what she means by that. I honestly can’t wait to see the new season of Lucifer, and it was great to be in a room full of Lucifans that shared the same sentiment towards the shows and the people behind it.

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