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Wednesday night, a new series on ABC called, Stumptown, premiered and I loved it. The show centers around Dex, an army vet with PTSD who gets into private investigating. In addition to that, Dex also has a younger brother, Ansel, to take care of. It also happens to star one of my favorite actors, Cobie Smulders, AKA Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.

The Introduction of Dex Parios

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The episode starts with Dex gambling and losing money that she explicitly said was going to go towards paying for rent and cable. She’s already got some winnings but goes for it one last time and loses it all. The casino’s owner, Sue Lynn brings her in because Dex apparently owes a lot of money. We learn that Dex and Sue Lynn don’t have the best relationship because she used to date her son, Ben. Furthermore, Sue Lynn never thought she was good enough for him. It actually ends up being much more complicated but more on that later.

Despite their rocky relationship, Sue Lynn offers Dex a job: find her granddaughter, Nina. Apparently, she’s gone missing. Dex quickly figures out that Nina ran off with her boyfriend, Michael and finds them at a motel. Dex takes Nina with her but on the way back, they run into some trouble. Two men hit the back of Dex’s car so naturally, Dex handcuffs Nina to the steering wheel. Unfortunately, however, these guys are there to kidnap Nina. After Dex and Nina try to fight their way out of it, they end up losing and the men take Nina.

Something Isn’t Right

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Then, that’s when the police get involved. It then becomes a joint (well not really) effort of finding Nina. Dex eventually figures out via Michael that Sue Lynn’s dealt with drug dealers in the past. Then, a ransom note comes to Sue Lynn’s casino for Nina. Not long after, Sue Lynn informs Dex and the police that Nina’s been returned safely. The only problem is that neither the police or Dex is able to see or question her about the kidnapping. Even worse, the story Sue Lynn tells the police and Dex don’t match.

Obviously, something’s not right here. So, Dex uses her connections to her advantage and finds the guy responsible for Nina’s kidnapping by pretending to be a buyer. When the actual buyer comes, Dex steals the car (that the buyer came to pay for; I’m still not completely sure the entire situation) only to give it to a valet guy. Then, we learn more about Dex’s backstory and see more of her PTSD struggle (we saw some while she fought off the kidnappers).

The story becomes much clearer after Dex and the detective in charge, Detective Hoffman, have a one night stand. Turns out, Ben (Nina’s father) went back into active duty to be with Dex in Afghanistan. He even had an engagement ring with him. Unfortunately, Ben was killed by an IED in Afghanistan, therefore giving a huge amount of guilt and grief. By the end of the episode, we find out that Michael (Nina’s boyfriend) was behind the entire kidnapping.

Final Thoughts

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I loved the show. The PI intuition that Dex has reminds me of Veronica Mars yet she’s so different from her. I loved that she’s not just a mess for no reason but we actually see flashbacks of her time in Afghanistan and the effects it’s had on her. Grey is also one of my favorite characters. I know I didn’t say much about him in the recap but basically, he’s Dex’s best friend. He’s the nicest person ever and is just that best friend Dex and Ansel need and does it all just out of the goodness of his heart and we need more people like him. I also had a feeling that maybe Grey’s actually in love with Dex but Dex is just too much of a mess right now to realize it. That could also be totally off but I’m definitely not against seeing that happen eventually. What did you think of the series premiere of Stumptown?

Stumptown airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10:00 PM PST.


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