suicide squadWe’ve now seen three trailers for the Suicide Squad movie. It seems to be wildly popular everywhere among many different fans of many genres. Just like a lot of the new comic movie releases. I’m happy to see that DC, is of course, taking the dark approach to these characters for the film. It’s a dark story. What would we expect? These are the Villains. How do we feel about the Villains being the ones sent to save us? I for one, am pleased with it. Their back stories are mostly sad and terrifying. They took the dark approach at coping and decided to get back at a world that wronged them. This is like a chance at redemption. Yeah they mess up. They are the bad guys after all.

What many don’t know is that the Suicide Squad isn’t new at all. In fact, they’ve been around here and there in the DC universe for many years. However not in their own until the Silver Age. The first appearance of the Squad, also known as Task Force X, was in The Bold and the Brave in issue number 25. Released in September of 1956. Yes. That long ago. Was then, in fact, basically only an appearance. They got their own story-line in May of 1987. The Suicide was created by Amanda Waller. A sleazy position government type secret cover up woman hired to find some people to do the dirty work and also take the fall if caught.. The patsy’s. The suicide squad. They were death row prisoners. Waller offered these prisoners a release on her terms if they accepted these missions. The inmates who were sentenced to die and didn’t care if they had to fight or kill of course didn’t turn this down. They were sent on covert ops missions. All had black ops training, or so they thought, mostly self-taught.

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Original members included:
Rick Flag. The cocky leader, with his own motives
Deadshot: the tough guy with nothing to lose and a death wish
Dr. Light : the volunteer
Enchantress : out of control witch, target? (I think she’s the main Villian in the upcoming film)
Nemesis: the Golden boy, master of disguise
Jewelee: lover of Punch, silly one
Punch:lover of Jewelee, silly one
Nightshade: the haunted one
Oracle: (one of my personal favorites) the hero. Joker’s OTHER victim, BATGIRL
Ravan: the terrorist. Former enemy. Ex Jihad
Poison Ivy: the fearless narcissist, the temptress, the.. Erm.. Slu…
Shade: the dark immortal
Thinker: the bad guy turned good
Vixen: the animal
Captain Boomerang:the wild card

The new 52 Suicide Squad however, is who we’ll see in the upcoming movie. Who we’ve seen on the promos, although we still haven’t fully learned who a few other characters will be.. Are Harley Quinn. Played by Margot Robbie, Deadshot.. Played by Will Smith, Captain Boomerang.. Played by Jai Courtney, Enchantress.. Played by newbie Cara Delevingne, Rick Flag.. Played by Joel Kinnaman, Killer Crocker.. Played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Slipknot.. Played by Adam Beach, Monster T (not sure this is his confirmed character so don’t quote me) played by Common,El Diablo.. Played by Jay Hernandez, Katana.. Played by Tatsu Yamashiro, Johnny Frost.. Played by Jim Parrack, King Shark(yay).. Played by Raymond Olubawale,. Non SS members include The Joker.. Played by Jared Leto, Amanda Waler.. Played by Viola Davis, Batman.. Played by Ben Affleck.

suicide squad

Wow. Lots of the new 52 members. I love this version. Fell in love with Harley Quinn in Batman the animated series in the early 90s. That’s a must watch before the movie. The stories in it portraying Harley and Joker’s origin are featured in the movie. Another one I recommend you watch before the August release is Assault on Arkham. A 2014 animated DC feature. From what I’ve seen, the movie is loosely based on it. LOOSELY. Shows a bit of a romance between Harley and Deadshot as well. So I’d read a few of the new 52 issues. Also Harley Quinn’s solo comics. There’s a bit of that included. They will include some back story of the other characters however, it looks like Joker and Harley will dominate the movie. He always loves being the center of attention that one haha. The comics were known for showing the stories and pain of these now anti-heroes. I believe for the readers to have sympathy for them, make them actually lovable. I’ve always had sympathy for the Villain. Usually like them more than the hero. Possibly why this is my favorite of all time comic story-line. Old and new universe. Suicide Squad is in theaters this August. Yet another movie I’ll be barely breathing waiting for just like BvS.suicide squad YeagerComicsEntertainmentMoviesRecent PostsHarley quinn,jared leto joker,Joker,Suicide Squad,suicide squad harley quinn,Suicide squad trailerWe've now seen three trailers for the Suicide Squad movie. It seems to be wildly popular everywhere among many different fans of many genres. Just like a lot of the new comic movie releases. I'm happy to see that DC, is of course, taking the dark approach to these...