CADMUS is back, CatCo has a new intern, there’s a new vigilante on the streets and Alex discovers something about herself. It’s time for the most recent episode of Supergirl.

Let’s kick off with some Supergirl business. Chet Miner (great name in my opinion) and co rob a bank right in front of Supergirl. They came prepared though, using hi-tech alien guns supplied by CADMUS to take down Supergirl. CADMUS then demands the Alien Amnesty Act be repealed. Lena Luthor is also hosting a fundraiser next so you can guess where the next target is. Kara has to juggle being Kara at the fundraiser with being Supergirl. As it turns out, Lena is incredibly smart and has used the event as a distraction to destroy the alien guns. Supergirl wasn’t the hero this time. The leader of CADMUS is revealed to be Lena’s mother. A good plot twist to end on.

James wasn’t the hero either, who decided mid-way through the episode that he needed to fight crime. If Supergirl couldn’t take them down, a baseball-wielding James won’t take down Chet and his team. Winn uses CCTV to find out that James was the vigilante and warns him not to continue. James says he will anyway and by the end of the episode Winn agrees to help him so he won’t die. Winn will even make his suit for him! We all need a Winn in our lives.

Mon-El or Mike as he is known to humans, becomes an intern at CatCo. He starts to rattle off his social security number and gets others to do his work. It’s fair to say he didn’t really fit in. He gets fired practically immediately and figures he is going to find his own job. Kara tried to make him into her, complete with a sweater and glasses. Alex also figures out that she does have strong feelings for Maggie and accepts that she is a lesbian after a lot of thinking and a very not so subtle build-up over the past couple of episodes.

This episode has many different stories that come together but I found them all enjoyable. It doesn’t push forward the plot too much, yet it still entertained and to be honest that was most important in the episode. The chemistry between Kara and Mon-el is superb and it provides more moments of humour, making sure Winn isn’t the only form of light relief.  Lena Luthor is growing into a better and likeable character. Having her be the hero is a big step to showing what a strong member of the Luthor family she truly is. It’s not all about you, Lex! The reveal that the CADMUS leader is Lena’s mother should provide some conflict for Supergirl when she eventually finds out.

This show hasn’t been one to shy away from controversial issues. A theme of immigrants and also how we treat others has been used. The theme continues this episode but it does touch on the view about guns. With the villains wielding advanced weaponry, should everyone be allowed guns? These are topics that are dividing the world at the moment. Alex discovering she is a lesbian has been handled very well. She isn’t ashamed and she isn’t keeping it a secret. CW has always shown not being straight is something to be proud of and I hope this continues.

An absorbing episode that makes for a lot of fun, from Mon-el (who is fast becoming one of my more favourite characters) to Kara acting as Mrs Doubtfire. It’s more of a filler episode but I enjoyed it the same, although I’m not sure how I feel about James. He seems jealous of Supergirl, Superman and Mon-El, plus I’m not sure he is ready.


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