Alex and Maggie

“You know what’ll be fun? Finding out which one of you loves her more. Honestly, I wouldn’t know where to place my bet.” This quote from Alex’s former junior high school boyfriend, Rick Malverne sets up this week’s episode focusing on Alex. The episode starts off with Supergirl swooping in and interrupting Maggie in the middle of a hostage negotiation. This leads to an incredibly uncomfortable double date pizza night with Maggie, Alex, Kara and Mon-El. Maggie and Supergirl don’t approach stopping criminals in the same way. They get into a pretty big uncomfortable fight. Alex rushes out after Kara. That’s the last time Maggie and Kara see her.

Alex is kidnapped by her former childhood sweetheart. In order to get Alex back, he demands that his father be released from jail. Supergirl and Maggie find different ways throughout the episode to try to find Alex. Let’s just say they butt heads hard and often. Maggie attempts to be a voice of reason, but Supergirl’s desire to save her sister blinds her from anything else. She blocks out the fact that there is anyone else who cares about Alex as much as she does. J’onn, Maggie. She causes more than her fair share of problems in trying to save Alex.

Lena is approached by Rhea with a business proposition. She wines and dines Lena who is impressed with the possibility of solving many of the world’s problems with the technology Rhea presents to her. The only problem is that she figures out Rhea is an alien. Lena understandably has a few trust issues. Rhea eventually comes back asking for a second chance. Lena tries to reach Kara for advice, but Kara is so focused on Alex’s disappearance that she brushes Lena off. That’s going to come back in a really bad way. Lena agrees to work with Rhea. Not looking forward to seeing where that’s heading.

The rest of the episode is a major ticking clock. Just when you think they can’t make Alex any more badass, the writers up their game tenfold. Alex pulls some amazing MacGuyver/Navy Seal action and continues to outshine Supergirl. While I’m a huge fan of Supergirl, I have to say that Alex is pretty much my favorite character at this point. We finally get some great Maggie moments separate from Sanvers. They’ve really underdeveloped Maggie’s character to this point. It was great to see her as a person and not part of a couple. Seeing her under pressure, staying calm, and seeing some of the actions she was willing to take to save Alex were really cool. And she got to use some nice gadgets.

This was one of my favorite episodes because it was so different from the rest of them. It had a completely different flavor. Having a human villain is honestly much more interesting to me. I’m all for the alien battles, but having a human being with flaws and motives based on love even when the actions are misplaced makes for a much more interesting story. Getting to see Kara and Maggie work separately and then find ways to become a team was pretty great. The writers are exploring some new territory and I’ve been enjoying the journey. It’s much more nuanced and leading to some great conflict and growth for each of the characters. Overall, a great show.

Micky Small is a graduate student in Digital Media and Performance at Arizona State University by day, and building a production company with original female superheroes by night. Follow her @femmepwrdprod SmallEntertainmentRecent PostsTV ShowsAlex Danvers,Chyler Leigh,Karamel,Lena Luthor,Martian Manhunter,melissa benoist,Sanvers,Supergirl,supergirl season 2 episode 19'You know what'll be fun? Finding out which one of you loves her more. Honestly, I wouldn't know where to place my bet.' This quote from Alex's former junior high school boyfriend, Rick Malverne sets up this week's episode focusing on Alex. The episode starts off with Supergirl swooping...Why go anywhere else for sports and entertainment?