Mon-El says goodbye

You know things aren’t going to go well when Mon-El tells Kara he’s reading Romeo and Juliet and they should go away to a distant planet to live happily ever after like they did. Kara tells him to read the ending. That pretty much sums up the roller coaster ride of this episode. Fan reaction to Mon-El has been to polar opposite to the pairing of the beloved Sanvers – Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer. We’ll get back to them later. I’ve had my doubts about him. I love him, I dislike him. Ok, maybe I don’t love him. But I do appreciate the humanity he brings out in Kara. There are times when it feels like the relationship drama is contrived, which frustrates me. Like I mentioned last week, before the Flash crossover. That they magically repaired their rift after one near-death experience seemed a bit off to me. But the fact that Kara is so hard on him as opposed to everyone else? That doesn’t sit well with me either.

So – back to the fun part. Teri Hatcher as Queen Rhea brings a delicious level of evil to the show. While one of my favorite elements of this series in general, is the fact that there is so much nuance to all of the characters, I welcome a good ole evil villain. There is really nothing redeeming about this woman. Her motive is fully justified – wanting her family back, but the means in which she goes about it – particularly putting an intergalactic bounty on Supergirl’s head – not really the best way to go about getting Mon-El back.

We do have a clever scene where an alien takes over Mon-El, he loses control of his body and fights Supergirl. It was highly comedic and allowed them to physically work out some of their issues. While in the “real world” this wouldn’t be a way to solve problems, between a Daxamite and a Kryptonian? It was fitting.

Let’s not forget Sanvers. Setting them up as the stereotypical lesbian yoga couple which was entertaining by itself, we were introduced to one of Maggie’s exes. Alex invites her to have dinner with them, telling Maggie how cool she is for being ok with that. They get to dinner, but Emily is a no-show. Maggie tells her it was a rough ending and she’d rather not bring up those memories. Alex, who can never leave anything alone, confronts Emily, who tells Alex that Maggie actually cheated on her. Alex apologizes. She waits for Maggie in her apartment and calls her on her pattern of lying about her past. And we get a moment of healthy processing which rarely happens in television. So, score another one for Team Sanvers.

Don’t think I forgot about evil Mama Rhea. One more point. The President warns J’onn privately not to engage with the Daxamite ship at any cost. Not sure what her agenda is, but it’s not a human one. Of course J’onn disobeys the order and much chaos ensues as normal. We end up in the Fortress of Solitude with Mon-El, Supergirl, Queen Rhea, and Kryptonite swords. I’ll leave things on that note.

Overall, yet another great episode. I will comment on one aspect. Kevin Smith returned to direct the episode. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of his directing style. This is the second time he has directed this season. It’s not bad, but I’m so used to the highly subtle directing style of director’s like Larry Teng, that Kevin Smith’s much more direct, predictable style is not as interesting. He is clearly influenced by comic book pacing. While there is nothing wrong with that (I’m a huge fan of comic books), this show is based on comic books characters, but is not a comic book show. It is a character show. And with that comes many more subtleties. However, it was still an excellent episode with important plot elements which moved the storyline forward. Stay tuned until next week.

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