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“Holy Cadmus creme egg!” Winn just about sums up this week’s episode with that one. Whenever Larry Teng directs, you can be sure there will be an extra bit of chaos in National City. We start this week with a feminist twist on the morning after. Mon-El wakes up while Kara is off saving the world – including delivering a litter of puppies. She flies back in the window with a bouquet of flowers and two coffees. Mon-El quips, “What a gentleman.” Kara asks him to keep their relationship quiet for the time being. In typical Mon-El fashion, he loudly announces it to everyone in the DEO the second they arrive.

The dynamic between Kara and Mon-El is starting to really hit its stride. We are starting to see more nuance in his behavior and the struggle he has with transitioning from a womanizing frat boy into someone who is really trying to learn to be a better person. He is unsure of how to express his “traditional” masculinity with Kara since she has just as many masculine traits as he does. Kara’s recent confession of how difficult it is for her to be vulnerable is a strong contrast, as she tries to navigate what it means to balance her strength and vulnerability and what that means in a relationship. While I wasn’t fully sold on them in the beginning because of Mon-El’s behavior, they are beginning to show a lot of complexity which I appreciate. I think there is a lot that can be explored here and I’m glad the writers have chosen to take this path. It will definitely be rocky, but it gives both of them opportunities to figure out who they really are.

Who decides to show up but Cadmus. With an ominous looking caravan. Supergirl and J’onn pursue and discover the long-lost Jeremiah chained inside one of the trucks. Everyone celebrates Jeremiah’s return except for Mon-El, who questions the ease in which he was “discovered.” Jeremiah echoes his concern with the fact that Cadmus has developed a nuclear fusion bomb to destroy National City. Both Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman appear to put the final touches on a weapon with Luthor saying “The DEO and Supergirl won’t be able to stop us this time.”

Mon-El tries to convince Kara to consider that Jeremiah has been compromised by Cadmus, but, in an interesting role reversal, Kara is unable to hear Mon-El. She encourages him to give Jeremiah a chance and join them at the first full Danvers family dinner in years. Of course, there can never be a fully normal meal in Kara’s apartment. Before the full craziness happens, we do get an amazing coming out to Jeremiah. Another great moment from the writers. Poignant, real. So good to see on television. The second the glasses are raised for a toast, Mon-El questions how Jeremiah could be welcomed back into the DEO so easily. Tensions rise all around, Kara pushes Mon-El to leave and Jeremiah walks him out. As Mon-El attempts to apologize, Jeremiah confronts him with the fact that he knows who Mon-El really is and that Kara wouldn’t like it. Kara and the Prince of Daxam a no go? We don’t have confirmation that’s who he is, but… The plot continues to thicken on this storyline.

As we move deeper into the episode, Jeremiah’s loyalties are questioned as he breaks into the DEO mainframe. Lines are drawn even between Alex and Kara. Mon-El seeks out Winn’s help at the bar. Winn agrees to help, but on one condition. That Mon-El be good to Kara. What are Jeremiah’s true intentions? What has he been doing for the past 15 years? Can Mon-El EVER listen to Kara? What is Cadmus really up to? There’s a lot more to see. I am concerned with Alex. There are some strong character choices the writers are making with her. She has been exploring more of her emotions, which have included a lot more anger and frustration. She has been turning to alcohol more frequently. That could likely become a larger part of the storyline. I’m a bit mixed about how I feel about that. They have made it fairly clear from the beginning of the show that Alex has an issue with alcohol, so it wouldn’t be that unlikely for them to make that a larger part of her character arc. We will have to see where that leads. There are some powerful emotional moments at the end of the episode. Don’t miss them. Make sure to check out Homecoming. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride.

Micky Small is a graduate student in Digital Media and Performance at Arizona State University by day, and building a production company with original female superheroes by night. Follow her @femmepwrdprod

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