Last week’s episode, “Resist” created some high expectations for this week’s season finale, “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” While there were a lot of moments worthy of nail-biting, a heartbreaking scene with Karamel, and a move forward with Sanvers, the episode didn’t quite live up to the hype. As was the case in the Season One finale, Season Two has been setup in the final moments with the possibility of a new villain emerging just as Krypton died, 35 years earlier. Apparently Kara and Kal weren’t the only escapees from the dying planet.

We end up with an epic battle between Superman and Supergirl. We learn that Rhea has poisoned him with silver Kryptonite. It turns Kara into the visage of Superman’s greatest enemy, General Zod. While it was an interesting twist and gave strong momentum for the fight, this led to some slightly overemphasized and somewhat contrived moments of Superman downplaying his abilities and touting Supergirl’s status as “champion of earth.” Not that I disagree. I just think it was pushed a little too hard.

An ultimate showdown between Supergirl and Rhea was inevitable. Supergirl had to do something drastic to get the ever-increasing amount of Daxamite ships to leave. Just as Rhea targets major spots in National City, ready to attack, Supergirl invokes an ancient Daxamite ritual of fighting to the death against Rhea.

Meanwhile, back at L Corp, Lillian makes another appearance in Lena’s life and yet again convinces her to alter a weapon to remove the Daxamite threat. I do appreciate how often we get to see Lena’s scientific genius in action. Seeing a highly competent woman constantly solving ever more complicated technical feats: the transportal, this new item that will make the Earth unsafe for Daxamites. It hearkens back to “V: The Final Battle” with the red dust. Knowing her mother is always up to something, Lena makes sure that only Supergirl is able to deploy the weapon if necessary.

One moment between Supergirl and Lena that may cause some friction in Season Three is when Lena asks Supergirl if she knew that Kara and Mon-El are dating. I personally have a tough time believing that Lena doesn’t know about Supergirl/Kara. It’s a stretch to think after all of the things that have happened this season that Lena is still in the dark. Lillian is almost giddy watching the interaction. She really thinks that the reveal will destroy the friendship. I, for one, hope not. Lena is one of the strongest characters on the show. She lights up the screen every moment she’s on. Her dynamic friendship with Kara is a highlight for me.

Speaking of characters who make the show extra amazing: Cat Grant. She made herself quite at home back in her office even with the chaos of the Catco building crumbling around her. She and Kara slipped back into the mentor/mentee role. She always seems to know how to get Kara to smile even in the midst of tragedy. I have missed the pep talks. Are they a little over the top? Maybe. But seeing Cat reflect back to Kara all of the amazing things she’s accomplished in the last year was probably the only thing that was going to give her some hope.

J’onn finally wakes up thanks to a little help from M’gann, who brings along an arsenal of White Martians to help fight the Daxamites. Sounds like she might be sticking around a bit. I like the two of them together, but it seems awkward when they kiss. Acting? Writing? Directing? Not sure on that one. We’ll have to see where that goes.

The fight between Rhea and Supergirl takes an interesting turn when we learn that Krypton’s destruction poisoned Daxam’s air, filling it with Kryptonite. It now courses through Rhea’s blood, providing more than a slight fight advantage. Once Supergirl sees that Rhea has no intention of surrendering, she’s forced to make the choice that will break her heart. She activates the weapon, filling the air with trace amounts of lead. Rhea meets her end, and Mon-El is forced to leave Earth.

Kara is forced to say goodbye to the one person she has finally loved. Their final moment together flashes back to the opening scene of the Pilot. Kara gives Mon-El the necklace her mother gave her as she left Krypton, telling him it will keep him safe. The scene is heartbreaking. Mon-El finally gets to show the change that’s happened since he crashed on earth.

We move into Season Three with a heartbroken Kara, a Sanvers proposal and a mystery baby from Krypton. Something tells me we are in for quite a ride. Stay tuned for Season Three!

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