Wrestlemania has come and gone, and as we approach the summer months it typically becomes a slower time in WWE. But that isn’t the case this year, as WWE is looking to keep the interest high with the “Superstar Shakeup” that was announced by Vince McMahon on RAW last week. Although there were call ups of a few NXT superstars, this is the perfect opportunity to move certain superstars to the opposing brand to help create new feuds and keep the audience interested each week.

I’m going to break down 3 superstars from RAW and 3 from SmackDown that I think would benefit from switching brands.

New Day to SmackDown


New Day has run its course on RAW, they are in desperate need of a change. With RAW’s cluttered tag team division, they have run out of worthwhile feuds. SmackDown’s tag team division has been disappointing outside of American Alpha and the Uso’s, so this would be a fresh new start for the New Day. Maybe even seeing a heel turn would be something else to look towards in the future.

Luke Harper to RAW


Probably not a name everyone was expecting, but I think Luke Harper would benefit from a change. He has come back to SmackDown and has played a part in the Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton feud, but has yet to find work elsewhere. With each member of the former Wyatt Family on SmackDown (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan), RAW could benefit from a strange character like Luke Harper on Monday nights.

Sami Zayn to SmackDown


Sami Zayn might be the superstar that needs a change the most. He’s an amazing superstar that just hasn’t been able to get anything going on RAW. His feuds have been lackluster, and he hasn’t had much of a direction. The closest direction he had was when it looked like he would challenge Chris Jericho for the US Title, but then that kind of just disappeared. Send Zayn to SmackDown, the so-called “land of opportunity”, and let him shine there.

Apollo Crews to RAW


Apollo Crews is an incredibly athletic superstar who hasn’t been utilized at all since the brand split. His only notable “feud” was when he and Kalisto battled Dolph Ziggler. And that was actually awful. This is the perfect opportunity to bring him over to RAW and give him a character overhaul. Turn him heel and see how that goes. He needs SOMETHING to change.

Roman Reigns to SmackDown


I don’t think WWE goes through with this, but I think Roman to SmackDown would be good. Go through with the heel turn everyone wants, and have him be the baddest heel on SmackDown. It would be a fresh start and multiple feuds could come of this. Give me Orton vs Reigns, Miz vs Reigns, Bray vs Reigns. All good potential feuds for the big dog.

AJ Styles to RAW


It’s happening. The face that runs the place is coming to RAW. Some people may be against it, as he has legitimately been the best thing on SmackDown. But it’s time for his amazing talents to be showcased on RAW. If Roman going to SmackDown is the big move for SmackDown, then AJ going to RAW has to be the big move for RAW.

Notable Mentions: Enzo & Cass to SmackDown, The Miz to RAW

I can definitely see Enzo & Cass moving to SmackDown, where they can help boost up the tag team division along with the New Day. Their opportunity at gold was taken away at Wrestlemania when the Hardy’s returned. They lost their #1 contender’s match the following night on RAW, so it just feels like a move is on its way. As for the Miz, I would love to see him on RAW, but I don’t think it’ll happen because of how successful he has been on SmackDown. He’s arguably been the top heel on SmackDown.

The “Superstar Shakeup” should be interesting this week, and I’m hoping to see some solid superstar swaps. Who do you want to see switch brands? Sound off in the comments below or on social media !

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– Matt

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