Has this been one of the craziest seasons in Survivor history when it comes to poor choices at Tribal Council? Another baffling statement made at Tribal (we’ll get to it later) led to the blindside of Nick (previously ranked 3rd). I had high hopes for the former Beauty, but his overconfidence got the best of him. It’s been said before, but the moment when you are most comfortable in this game is when you are the most vulnerable. Nick found this out the hard way this week, and I doubt that anyone else will be too comfortable throughout the rest of the game.

9. Joe (up 1) – Joe moves up solely due to the elimination of someone else ahead of him. His chances of actually winning still remain negligible because he remains aloof to what is happening in camp. Not much to see here.

8. Aubry (up 1) – Although the blindside of Nick certainly helps her game, she showed a lot of self-doubt this week. It’s never good for your chances when you can’t even believe in yourself or the choices you make, so I don’t see her being much better off at this point.

7. Jason (down 3) – The fall was big this week for Jason, whose entire game was flipped on its head. After showing a lack of trust in Cyndy, she turned on him and their alliance to oust one of his alliance members. At the end of the day though, Jason continues to show a serious lack of tact. The preview for next week even shows him and Scot plotting to hide supplies on his tribe. One of the only other players to do that in Survivor history was Russell Hantz and, guess what, he never won. Even though Jason earned sympathy points by detailing his home life with an autistic child, the question for him remains the same: who in the hell is going to vote to GIVE this guy money?

6. Michelle (no movement) – Michelle and Julia made the right choice in jumping ship from the Braun alliance, but I’m still not much of a believer in her ability to win this thing. She’s certainly in a better position now than she was last week, but I just don’t envision there being a scenario in which she is sitting in the end and can present the best argument to win. Seems unlikely as of right now.

5. Debbie (up 3) – I’m still in the mindset that Debbie is the best member of the remaining Brain tribe and, with the recent flip in power, Debbie finds herself in a much more comfortable place in the game. Luckily for her, she is no longer going to be the target of the either side in the game, which will allow her an opportunity to prepare for a final push to the end. The next few weeks, where she will be seemingly out of the crosshairs, will be crucial for her game.

4. Julia (up 1) – Much like Michelle, Julia is certainly in a better spot this week after making the jump. The advantage that she has over Michelle is that she has been involved in more game activity to this point. Julia is beginning to formulate a story that she can tell at the end of the game as a reason for her to win. I think it’ll only take a few more key moves to put herself in a winning position. Players like her win this show all of the time.

3. Cyndy (up 4) – Last week, I mentioned how being Jason’s target would have been a bad thing for Cyndy. Well, Cyndy is definitely Jason’s target, but there’s a definitive reason why she has made the biggest jump this week. Feeling exiled and mistrusted by her mostly male alliance, Cyndy decided to rally the women of the game together to start targeting the men (at least the Braun specifically). This was a very risky move for Cyndy, and it was certainly helped by a questionable reveal at tribal, but the payoff was tremendous. Cyndy made the biggest move of the game thus far, but she will have to deal with being the number one target of the opposing alliance moving forward.

2. Scot (no movement) – As much as this was a bad week for Scot with the explosion of his alliance and the major reveal of The Super Idol, Scot is still in a good place. He is still aligned with people who have idols and, as far as I can tell, is far from being the primary target of anyone in the game at this point. Scot continues to work his social game well and, as long as Jason continues to be the brasher of the two, Scot will be just fine.

1. Tai (no movement) – Ok, here me out. First, let me criticize Tai. His unbelievable slip-up at Tribal Council, where he revealed the existence of The Super Idol to the entire group with no provocation from anyone was unfathomable and ranks up there with some of the all-time dumbest decisions of all-time. It’s extremely likely that this reveal was the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to the alliance jumping of Michelle and Julia, who realized that they were out of the loop in that moment. Plus, Tai establishes that he likely has an idol himself, which makes his target even bigger. However, here is my brief case. Tai is becoming a challenge beast, coming in second and first in the first two challenges since the merge. It doesn’t matter how big his target is if he can win challenges, which he has proven he can do. He also still has a hidden idol as well and will never be anyone’s first target. As far as I’m concerned, Tai will continue to stay at this spot until the rest of the castaways start to mention his name as a threat.

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