Last week on MTV’s Teen Wolf, Brett returned to help out Liam and the lacrosse team only to get himself caught in another life or death situation. It didn’t take Tamora aka Ms. Monroe long to figure out that he was a werewolf. We also saw a hint at the beginning of something for Scott and Malia while they worked with Chris Argent to find out where the bullet that killed Hawlyn came from. Luckily for Parrish, Lydia overcame her fears of Eichen and saved the day before he could be killed. The latest episode of Teen Wolf was directed by the show’s very own Tyler Posey!

On last night’s episode “After Images”, Tamora and Gerard teamed up to track Brett. The rookie hunter was hesitant to follow Gerard’s lead but did so anyway, but not without questioning him. At Liam’s house, Mason and Liam’s video game night ended on a spooky note when Mason explained that he couldn’t stop seeing the faceless body they discovered in the locker room. Cue the “Oh, that’s why that’s the episode’s title” moment. The scene ended with a glimpse of the faceless figure standing in the corner of Liam’s room.

Brett’s sister Lorilee, usually called Lori, realized her brother was missing and went to Scott for help. Makes you wonder where her own Alpha, Satomi, is. Scott quickly gathered the rest of the pack, who then split off into two teams. Scott, Malia, Liam, and Lori headed for the woods while Mason, Corey, and Lydia stayed at the school to see if Lydia can get any hints to Brett’s location using her banshee powers. At the hospital, Melissa tried to get a tissue sample from the faceless body. In true scary movie fashion, the lights went out and she got locked in the room for a moment. When she finally got out of the morgue she decided she may need some help. Chris Argent arrived shortly after armed and ready to help despite the awkwardness between them. Looks the pair, who shared a kiss near the end of 6A, haven’t spoken in a while.

Out in the woods, Scott and the others realized more than one hunter is after Brett and one of them is Gerard. Gerard realized that Brett was going to hide underground, while the wolf left a pile of rocks behind a tree further into the woods. By the time Lori and the pack got there, the wolf was gone. But, his sister recognized the technique as something Satomi taught them. At the hospital, Chris experienced the same fear and terror that Melissa did when she tried to get a tissue sample from the faceless body. Together they realized that the body is somehow creating fear in others. They also reconcile a little bit in a cute discussion about how both of them wanted to call each other.

After staring into the flame of a bunsen burner, Lydia came up with the number 68 in various languages including Chinese and Roman numerals. Corey and Mason were unsure about what that meant and left her to figure it out while they go study in the library. On the upper level of the library, “Aaron” approached Nolan and told him that in order to confirm his fears, Nolan needed to expose Corey for what he really is.

Teen WolfMaking their way into the tunnels, Liam roared despite Scott’s advice for him not to do so.  Sure, it let Brett know that they were there, but it also gave their position away to Gerard and Tamora. The veteran hunter used the mistake to his advantage and set up traps. One of those traps resulted in Scott getting shot with an arrow after pulling Lori out of the way. Liam and Lori are too impatient to wait for Scott to recover and went off on their own, just like Gerard wanted.

In a scene that saw in a sneak peek, Nolan confronted Mason and Corey in the library about organisms changing. To prove his point, Nolan stabbed Corey in the hand with a pen. Everyone in the library freaked out and got confused when Corey and Mason claimed it was just a scratch, despite the blood smeared on Corey’s hand. As Nolan rushed out of the school, Lydia noticed the number 68 on the back of his jersey and stopped him to ask about Brett. He pulled away from her asking if she was “one of them” before running away.

Back in the tunnels, Malia expressed her worry for Scott and tried to take his pain. She also said that they should have called Stiles. The alpha, who was on the verge of passing out, started to talk about how Stiles would be okay with them. Malia didn’t seem to realize that he was talking about a relationship and not their current situation. Liam fell right into Gerard’s trap and got separated from Lori right after they found a poisoned and weakened Brett. Lori and Brett escaped the tunnels only to get run over by a car. Liam followed and saw Brett’s body and Lori crying over him before she passed out. In his rage, the beta transformed exposing himself not only to Gerard and Tamora who stood in the distance but the people in the surrounding houses and other drivers.

Looks like Beacon Hills’ secret is out!

Final Thoughts on last night’s Teen Wolf

This episode definitely had some scary movie moments. I mean did anyone else freak out a bit when the faceless monster was chilling in the corner of Liam’s room? How about when the lights went out and the doors locked when Melissa was examining that body? One scene I loved was Lydia, Mason, and Corey in the classroom trying to figure out where Brett is using Lydia’s banshee powers. The humor was great. I also liked the scenes with Melissa and Chris. Shoutout to JR Bourne for the spectacular skills he showed once again. We’ve never seen Chris quite this scared and it was jarring.

Liam! C’mon, dude! I was waiting for Scott to pop out of the tunnel and yank his beta out of the road or at least for Liam to realize the situation he was in and return to normal, but neither of those things happened. He just stood in the middle of the road and let everyone look at him. The kid needs to find an anchor and fast. In other news, rest in peace Brett. I wish we could have gotten to know his character better, but Teen Wolf doesn’t do a lot of in-depth backstories for its recurring non-main characters. Congrats to Tyler on a well done directorial debut. I’m still sad about Brett though. I’m giving last night’s Teen Wolf a 9/10.

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What did you think about “After Images”? Are you irritated with Liam like I am?


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