After a longer than usual wait between seasons, MTV’s Teen Wolf returned last night with the first episode of its sixth and final season. After the departure of Arden Cho, who played Kira Yukimura, and the teen wolfreturn of some old bad guys being confirmed, fans spent the summer grasping at whatever news and hints they could get.

They also worried over the presence of one of its main cast members, Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski. After being seriously injured in March while filming the third installment of The Maze Runner saga, O’Brien took some time to recover and filming for Teen Wolf continued seemingly without him. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how much he’ll appear in this season.

We returned to the town of Beacon Hills to find Liam and Hayden dealing with a flat tire, a very un-supernatural experience if you don’t count Hayden lifting the car in the place of a jack. It turns out they’re in the perfect spot to come across a car missing its driver and a terrified boy in the backseat.

Elsewhere, Scott and Stiles try to fail to stop a robbery. The robber escapes and it turns out that his heist was just canisters of helium. When they get called to the police station not long after leaving the previous crime scene, Scott uses his alpha skills to see the boy’s memories. Here we see the season’s villain, a being dressed in black on horseback and armed with a gun that can shatter entire windshields, taking the boy’s parents. It doesn’t take them long to realize the rider is coming back for the boy, whose name is Alex.

The town’s resident banshee, genius, and fashion queen, Lydia Martin is called in and tries to get a feeling and clue from the missing couple’s car. Malia arrives in full werecoyote form, which hasn’t been seen since season three. No one seems to pay any attention to her nakedness for some reason. In her typical blunt way, she declares that she’s pretty sure Alex’s parents are dead. Lydia expresses frustration with Stiles’ need for everything to be supernatural, especially when she’s been dragged out of bed numerous times over the last three months to investigate. Scott also tries to convince his friend that nothing supernatural is happening, only to realize a normal bullet would not have shattered the entire window or leave behind a blue residue. They call it a “magic” bullet, paying homage to the season one episode of the same name.

Things get a little more lighthearted when Stiles tries to talk to Malia the next day at school while she is taking her yearbook pictures. The result is one photobomb after another. We learn that the only reason Scott is still in school after missing thirty-eight classes last semester is because of Lydia’s mom, who later stops Stiles and Scott from leaving school early to investigate. Elsewhere, the younger members of the pack notice that the geo-tracking on their phones is not working and decide to take their new, attractive teacher, Mr. Douglas’ compass. Corey decides that turning invisible in the middle of class is the best way to do this. How did nobody notice him disappear completely? Who knows.

After school, the boys hurry to Alex’s house, leaving Lydia to have an odd experience when she hears a strange static noise. She gets a vision where she touches the television in the front of the classroom only to be shocked and knocked on her back.

teen wolf
Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall. Photo from MTV.

Alex’s house looks completely abandoned except for his room. Yet, after agreeing not to split up just minutes before, Scott hears something downstairs, leaving Stiles alone to continue looking around Alex’s room. While Scott runs into Liam and Mason, Stiles comes face to face with one of the riders who shoots at him. When the others get upstairs the bullet holes are gone and Alex’s room is empty.

After Stiles explains what happened, Lydia recalls the story of the Wild Hunt. She tells him that they’re up against ghost riders who collect souls. Scott and Stiles rush to the police station to protect Alex, but he is gone and isn’t in the log for even being there. Thinking that the younger members of the pack are next, they rush back to the school. I don’t think these two are ever not rushing somewhere.

Scott and Stiles split up and things start falling into place when Ms. Martin doesn’t recognize Stiles. Cut to Lydia who explains the ghost riders and the Wild Hunt to Malia. They come across an image with the quote, “Those who see the Wild Hunt beware, for you are already lost.” And in that moment viewers went “Oh no” because our boy Stiles saw the ghost rider. Hayden, Liam, Mason are next to forget him. To put make things worse, his dad forgets him. Cue sobbing. He calls Scott who, you guessed it, doesn’t remember him.

After realizing that Malia doesn’t remember Stiles, Lydia goes looking for him. Every Stydia shipper’s heart probably burst when the pair run into each other and she refuses to leave him. They try to escape in the jeep, lovingly dubbed Roscoe, but Stiles realizes there’s nothing he can do to stop himself from being taken. What follows is a plea for Lydia not to forget him and before he gets snatched, he tells her that he loves her.  There is a bit hope until the next day at school Lydia can’t remember what she was supposed to do; remember Stiles.

Right from the jump, viewers were reminded that Teen Wolf is filmed pretty dark, so you may have to turn up the brightness on your TV or laptop when you’re watching. Or maybe just turn out the lights and try not to get too nervous and jump out of your seat during tense moments. You’ll probably be nervous either way, yelling for a character to run (something I did last night). With a new villain/group of villains, it seems we have more creepy moments and bloodied bodies to look forward to. I’m hoping the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, gives us a great final run. From the first episode, I can tell we’ve off to a great, but emotional, start.

What did you think of Teen Wolf’s season premiere? Who do you think was watching Hayden, Liam, and Mason go into the school? Who else do you think will be taken? Any hopes or predictions for the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments.

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