It seems like a week wasn’t long enough for Teen Wolf viewers to recover from the season six premiere. I say that because the majority of my timeline was still discussing last week’s episode and its implications. Whether we were prepared or not, the show returned this week with Beacon Hills is dealing with the The Wild Hunt and the pack reacting to a missing member, who in their minds never existed.

All throughout last night’s episode, the McCall pack experiences moments that made them pause. From Malia highlighting the word “style” in her textbook, Lydia having numerous visions and hearing Stiles’ voice, to Scott stopping at what used to be his best friend’s locker and even trying to break into it.

Thinking the The Wild Hunt is gone, the pack is once again in investigation mode after the ghost riders gallop back into Beacon Hills. Corey and Mason are doing a physics extra credit assignment and Scott and Liam are practicing on the lacrosse field when another student is taken. It seems that nobody has learned not to be in the high school at night. Coach Finstock even tells them to get out of the school and live their lives.

When the riders come into the school, Corey uses his abilities to turn invisible. He is able to the see the riders who walk right by him. He finds Mason in the library and protects him with his abilities as well. They look on as the riders string up their classmate. After the riders vanish, the boys can’t remember anything except the riders being there. We see some tension between Liam and Corey, when the beta arrives after the ghost riders leave. He doesn’t trust Corey, especially not around Mason. Liam is particularly unhappy with the fact that Corey hid and didn’t fight last season against Sebastian (the beast) like Hayden did.

malia tate and lydia martin
Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) . Gif from MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Malia’s life without Stiles is quite different. On top of having a new boyfriend and still having a preference to be the big spoon, she is unstable and growling at people during the day because Stiles was her anchor. Without him she is also struggling in school, seen by the “D -” she gets on a test. When she attempts to chain herself up that night, she has to call Lydia for help because she can’t do it. The girls realize that she couldn’t have chained herself up on her own.

It seems that Lydia has more and more visions/premonitions while she is awake, throwing her off guard and pulling her away from reality. The first vision happens in her bedroom when she hears a train and is screaming before her mother comes in to check on her. In class the next day, she sees a doctor sitting at a desk that was empty. She also hears a train once again. While chasing the doctor down the hall after class, Lydia is pulled back into the night Stiles is taken and hears his voice. She becomes so distracted that she almost gets hit by a car.

After ending up in the library earlier in the day because he may have a feeling about the ghost riders, Corey and Mason try to get information from Mrs. Martin who is having none of their supernatural talk. She tells them nobody is absent and that the high school is a safe space, which is laughable. At a lost, they go to talk to Parrish after school. He tells them that there have been no missing persons reports and he isn’t feeling anything from his Hell hound abilities. It seems that he wants to forget about the supernatural and just live a normal life. Good luck with that, Jordan.

After an uncomfortable encounter with Mr. Douglas, Scott goes to good ol’ Doctor Deaton for help. The doctor theorizes that the Wild Hunt don’t just take people, but also erase them from reality. Deaton suggests that Scott’s subconscious is trying to tell him something and suggests that Scott goes to sleep. He goes home and takes his boss’ advice, but wakes up in the woods. This scene, including the music, takes viewers back to season one where Scott woke up in the woods with no idea how he got there.

At the school, Liam and Corey come to a truce and agree to work together. Using Corey’s abilities they find a student ID in the library that isn’t visible before. Swiping it, a profile appears on the computer and they learn that it belongs to a classmate.

In the woods, Lydia and Malia arrive and Scott explains that he couldn’t have been out by himself the night he was bitten. He can’t remember how he would have heard about the police force looking for Laura Hale’s body or why the Sheriff would assume he was in the woods. With plenty of nostalgia feels, they realize that someone is missing from their lives.

At the veterinarian’s office, Deaton sets up the glass shard found in episode one for Lydia to channel with her banshee powers. She goes into a trance and writes the word “mischief” repeatedly. Scott notices that the words are in the shape of the word “Stiles”.  The episode ends with an iconic line that takes fans back to season one; “What the hell is a Stiles?”

Big moments in this week’s Teen Wolf

The biggest shock of the night came when Sheriff Stilinski returns to the station and is told by a deputy that his wife is waiting for him in his office. My entire timeline went, “WHAT?” Apparently, if Stiles never existed his mother would still be alive.

Another big moment happened when the senior trio realize that they’re all missing the same person. Scott says that whoever is missing was his best friend. Lydia states that she thinks she may have loved whoever it was. Cue the shipper screams. It’s a very “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” trope.

It seems like the Teen Wolf writers won’t be wasting any time having the pack live a Stiles-free lives. It only took one episode for them realize something wasn’t right. I was expecting it to take longer for the pack to rteen wolfeach this point, but I guess the more compelling story will be how they get Stiles and whoever else is taken back.

Unlike the last new teacher, Ms. Blake, who ended up being the Darach, Mr. Douglas started giving off bad vibes from the jump. The way he approached Scott about the locker didn’t help either. I’m looking forward to whatever crazy back story he has. This week’s episode was good, but I’m definitely missing Stiles and his sassy sarcasm.

What were your favorite moments of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? Let me know in the comments and on Twitter.

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