This week, Teen Wolf fans weren’t kept waiting long for more information on the newest Beacon Hills High staff member, Mr. Douglas. Episode three, “Sundowning”, kicked off with mysterious blonde teacher experiencing coughing fits in the middle of a lesson on magnets. It gets to the point that he has to go into a closet in the room where he conveniently has a helium tank. We get flashbacks to the Dread doctors’ laboratory and one of those creepy tubes of green liquid. It seems that Mr. Douglas was the alpha wolf the doctors had stored away last season. If you don’t remember he’s the Nazi alpha. That certainly doesn’t sound good for Beacon Hills and the McCall pack.

We find Scott and Lydia in the library researching the words “Stiles” while Malia loses her temper while retaking a math exam. ( I feel you Malia. Math is stressful) Ms. Martin fails to calm her down and she ends up transforming in the middle of the hallway before ending up in the storage room. Because despite the drama and villains, the kids of Teen Wolf happen to have supernatural luck at times too, nobody else sees her.

After she settles down and transforms back into her human form, her friends explain to the Sheriff that Malia has been under a lot of stress and that they believe the word “Stiles” has something to do with it. Stilinski reveals that Stiles is a family name and that his father used to go by it.

They skip out on school…again, and go to the Stilinski house, where the Sheriff and Claudia explain to Scott and Lydia that his father, Elias, is in a nursing home. During the conversation, Lydia catches sight of an elderly woman walking across the room. The woman says, “The following stops have been cancelled” and the sound of  a train can once again be heard. Following the woman into the hall, Lydia tries to speak to her but she doesn’t respond. When she rejoins the others in the main room, Sheriff Stilinski refuses to let them go and speak to his father.

This week’s Wild Hunt victim is a student named Phoebe. Her sister, Gwen (played by Alisha Boe),goes around the school asking about her sister and is rightfully irritated that nobody seems to know who she is talking about. Hayden tries to tell her what’s going on with the ghost riders, but she thinks Hayden is making fun of her and walks away.

Elias Stilinski on Teen Wolf
Elias Stilinski played by Patrick Gorman (Westworld, Sleepy Hollow). Photo from IMDb.

Scott once again shows faith in his beta by leaving Liam in charge of making sure the riders don’t take Gwen next. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Malia suggested that Liam simply kidnap her. Scott quickly tells him not to and it was totally a responsible dad versus fun mom interaction.

While the senior trio sneak into the nursing home to see Grandpa Stilinski, Liam and the others decide to let Nathan (Malia’s hookup from last week) throw his party at Scott’s house, because not enough craziness has gone down there. Recall Derek’s pack trying to kill Lydia in season two or the Oni trying to get to Scott and Kira in season three.

At the nursing home, our seniors realize Elias has dementia. Instead of leaving, they stick around until the sun goes down. When this happens Elias’ demure behavior quickly changes, and Lydia recognizes the shift as “sundowning”, a common occurrence where those with dementia lose their faculties at night. She uses math problems and theories to calm the former Army engineer down. In another sudden shift, Elias recognizes Scott as “the McCall kid” whose father was an alcoholic ladies man. He tells Lydia that she looks just like her mother, who used to be pretty. Harsh.

Before Malia can lose her temper, Sheriff Stilinski arrives and kicks them out. Before he can follow the teens out, his father yells at him to “Go home to your dead wife and loser son”. Of all the people we expected to remember Stiles, it certainly wasn’t the grandfather we had never heard of until this week.

At the party, the others are dancing the night away when the ceiling begins to look like it’s cracking and Gwen runs down the stairs saying a ghost rider is there. Not being able to see the rider makes it impossible to fight, so Corey without thinking grabs the rider, making it visible to the ENTIRE party. Obviously, this freaks everyone out and they roll out. With just the younger pack members and Gwen left, Corey and Liam try to take the rider down, only to be thrown around like rag dolls. Mason creates a barrier between the rider and Gwen, but just like all the other barriers ever created in Beacon Hills, it doesn’t last long. When more riders arrive, Parrish shows up to save the day. Instead of going hellhound on the rider like he probably should have, he shot it. After a stare down, the rider vanishes in a swirl of leaves.

teen wolf
Jordan Parrish as a hellhound. Photo from MTV.

Luck was plentiful this week, because Scott, Lydia, and Malia don’t get into trouble for breaking into the nursing home and assaulting one of the nurses. When Scott comes home to  his post-party house, Liam tells him what happens and the alpha realizes that everyone that was at the party is in danger of being taken by the riders.

After Liam leaves, the sheriff comes and tells Scott that he didn’t want them to talk to Elias because he was an abusive father and husband. He goes on to tell Scott about a dream he had that felt real. In the dream, he and Claudia are in college discussing what they would name their son if they had one. The sheriff says he wants to name their son after Claudia’s father because he was a good man. Claudia agrees reluctantly and says the child will just be called Stiles anyway.

The episode ends with a gory scene where Mr. Douglas kills a man, opens his head, and eats a small ball-like part that he pulls out of his brain. It was gross. Correction, extremely gross.

This week gave us a decent episode of Teen Wolf with some long desired backstory on some characters and a look at this season’s second villain. One thing that stood out is that Lydia still hasn’t told the others about the people she’s been seeing or the train sounds. So far, we haven’t gotten much about what Claudia will do for the plot beyond the shock value her return brought. We got a tease about Stiles’ real name and a reveal that many probably missed. If you did Linden Ashby, Sheriff Stilinski, pointed it out on Twitter that the sheriff’s name is Noah. It’s what Elias calls him in the nursing home. I was glad that Melissa and Chris made their first appearances of the season, even if Melissa did stick her hand in that guy’s head while they investigated the death’s around town.

It wasn’t my favorite episode of Teen Wolf, but it was a good one. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Mr. Douglas will make a move against the pack soon?

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