Last week on Teen Wolf, Corey put an entire house of teenagers on the Wild Hunt’s to-snatch list, we learned the Sheriff’s first name (Noah) from his not so awesome dad, and it seemed that the pack came one step closer to solving the case of a forgotten Stiles.

This week, we kicked things off with Melissa McCall and Chris Argent trekking through the woods looking for the werewolf eating people’s brain parts aka Mr. Douglas.  Is this new friendship both endearing and awkward for anyone else?

Instead of Douglas they find two severely injured kids and a semi-transformed Malia, who was drawn to the scene by the blood. Chris shoots her as a warning, which results in a funny scene at the hospital where Melissa patches her up. Across town at the McCall house, Scott, Liam, Mason, and Corey examine the ghost rider’s entry point in the ceiling. They realize it looks as if a bolt of lightning struck the house.

The next day at school, Hayden is determined to keep watch over Gwen, and Mason and Liam correlate the amount of lightning to the arrival of the riders. Normally a storm has 1,000 bolts of lightning. Since the riders have appeared in Beacon Hills the amount has increased to 5,000. To keep their classmates safe, Scott suggests using the Argent bunker to protect all of the kids from the party.


teen wolf
The ghost riders of the Wild Hunt. Photo from Entertainment Weekly.

It turns out that the ghost riders can’t completely erase people. Every person who has disappeared has left something behind. For example, Gwen found Phoebe’s bracelet. Liam and Corey found Jake’s ID card. But what has Stiles left behind?

After a visit to the Sheriff and a mention of Stiles’ infamous bat (the one he brought along to every big fight and was only useful once in Teen Wolf’s  season 3A finale to hold up the root cellar ceiling), Lydia goes on the hunt for his relic. She goes to the Stilinski house and begins searching.

Another apparition appears and tells her that what she’s missing is right in front of her. She is pulled from the haze by Claudia who roughly grabs Lydia’s arm when she begins pulling off the wallpaper. Why so aggressive, Claudia? Lydia’s mom questions her about the event and agrees to help her daughter find proof of Stiles to settle her concerns.

The Unfinished Game

The team hits the lacrosse field again when the players from the party are too stubborn to listen to the pack and go into hiding. Surprise! Gwen is one of them. She takes the field with the boys which is reminiscent of Kira Yukimura. While the others are tackling teammates and making a mess on the field, as per usual in a Teen Wolf lacrosse scene, Mason has a flashback and realizes that Parrish is the reason the ghost rider left the party. Right as he comes to this conclusion it starts to pour and the riders show up. Things aren’t going well in the bunker either when Nathan sneaks away from the group forcing Malia and Chris to go looking for him.

One of the four lacrosse players gets taken and Parrish arrives inside the school to meet Hayden and Mason as all hell breaks loose. People in the crowd begin to see the riders and run, only to be taken. Parrish goes hell-hound but is shot by one of the riders. The bullet douses his flames but does not make Parrish vanish like the others. Instead, the rider vanishes.

On the field, Scott and the others are powerless to stop the riders from taking people, including Gwen. In the bunker, Nathan opens the gates which breaks the seal and lets the riders in. Malia and Chris are not enough to hold the riders off. It ends up being a failed mission all around. With Argent hurt, Lydia finding no evidence of any pregnancies in Claudia’s files or a relic for Stiles, the pack begins to doubt if Stiles is even real.

With Nathan gone, Liam becomes the captain of the lacrosse team before declaring that he’s going to capture one of the ghost riders. Hayden, Mason, and Corey follow him, refusing to let him go alone. As they walk through the school parking lot, they pass Stiles’ relic, his jeep, Roscoe.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a good episode. The season has definitely been different so far with the absence of Dylan O’Brien, but not impossible to enjoy. While the screen time for the youngsters seems to be a bit much for a show in its last season, the hope for the reunion of the pack helps me overlook it. Now, we just need the pack to realize that the jeep is Stiles’ relic and for Liam not to get himself and the younger pack members taken.

While it was cool to see Gwen on the lacrosse team, it felt like they were trying to replace Kira, which didn’t sit right with me. It also sucked to see the pack fail so spectacularly, but knowing Teen Wolf, they’ll get it together and save the day. Also, shout out to Mama McCall (Melissa Ponzio) for showing how bad ass she can be. I mean a taser and band-aids aren’t much help against an alpha, but still.

In an exclusive sneak peek viewers get to see where Stiles ends up and the return of Peter Hale who has also been taken by the Wild Hunt. Nice to see you again, Dylan! We probably could have done without a usually scheming Peter though. No hard feelings, Ian.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Any thoughts on the riders traveling by lightning and our missing lightning kitsune? Excited to see Stiles next week?

Thanks for reading!

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