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Last week on Teen Wolf, the pack failed to protect their classmates from the riders and find Stiles’ relic. After that major loss, they’re back in an episode titled “Radio Silence”, trying to figure out how to take on the Wild Hunt and fill a gap in their lives.

Stiles and another return

The episode starts off with Stiles sitting in a train station next to the doctor that Lydia saw in class in an earlier episode. She tells him that they’re at train station 137. An announcement for the next train comes on and the others stand near the entrance only to run in fear when the riders come back with new people. In the chaos, a familiar face makes a return, Peter Hale.

Stiles helps the former alpha jog his memory and we see a flashback of Peter escaping Eichen during the lockdown only to be nabbed by the ghost riders. While they try to figure out how to get out of the station, they notice another taken person who is aware of their surroundings. It seems that he has been planning his escape for a while. The trio make it out of the main area and try to escape, hiding from the ghost riders as they enter the tunnel.

The unnamed kid tells them of his plan to escape by jumping onto a rider’s horse, but they are hesitant to follow along. And rightfully so, because when the kid hops on the back of one of the riders he is thrown off when the riders hit the barrier. He burst into green flames before disappearing.


Nobody stays in class in Teen Wolf apparently. Lydia runs out of AP Bio to stop the jeep from getting towed with Scott following along. Using the intercom at the station, Stiles tries to communicate with his friends. On the other side, the police scanner in Roscoe turns on and draws the pack. Before he can transmit a message, the riders return and Peter disconnects it.

On the other side, Scott finds their scents inside the jeep much to their confusion. Lydia finds the car’s registration with the Stilinski’s address on it. Claudia explains that jeep was stolen years ago. She suggests that maybe it’s time for Lydia to seek help and the teen ends up crying the hallway of the home. In a split screen, we see Stiles sitting on the other side of the wall. Later that day, our teen wolf and the ladies of his pack once again stop the jeep from being towed when Malia sabotages the tow truck.

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The Escape

Back in the train station, Stiles recognizes Gwen when the riders bring her in. Peter realizes that the riders are never going to stop and decides he’s going to escape. Stiles begs the wolf to help his friends remember him and even mentions Malia which softens Peter. In a quick flashback, we see Kira and Malia in Eichen house during the lockdown. In their attempt to save Lydia, they freed Peter. Peter heard Malia’s voice but decided to escape instead of going to her. Stiles tosses a bench onto the tracks to slow the riders as they exit and Peter jumps onto one of the rider’s backs, just like the unnamed kid. Unlike the kid, Peter makes it out. In the waiting area of the train station, Stiles seems to come to a realization about the names on the departure board.

Peter’s body is burnt when he arrives back in Beacon Hills. He howls and Scott and Malia come running. Malia remembers him and is amazed that she ever forgot her father. We see Scott’s memories in flashes as he recalls the reason he’s a werewolf in the first place. They take his pain and he is able to give them Stiles’ car keys.

A reunion of sorts

Lydia and Scott get the jeep running before the scanner comes on again. After a moment, Stiles’ voice calls their names. Lydia quickly grabs the receiver and answers him. He questions if they remember him and asks Lydia if she remembers the last thing he told her. She repeats the line, “Remember that I love you.” Relieved that they remember him, he tells them to find Canaan before the connection ends.

Final Thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf

Overall, a B episode with several emotional moments. It was bit slow at times with the dialogue but Stiles’ reappearance boosted things. It was so good to have him back. I was surprised that Peter even helped Stiles in the end. I guess he cares more about Malia than we thought. Even if it was just a quick appearance in a flashback, I was happy to see Kira. P.S. I still don’t trust Claudia.

What did you think of Radio Silence? Any theories on how the pack will defeat the Wild Hunt?

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