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Last week on Teen Wolfthe pack encountered a banshee named Lenore and her creepy son Caleb, Liam and Hayden went out on their own a resurrected Theo using Kira’s sword, and Mama McCall saved Papa Argent from his ghost rider wounds. This week’s episode, “Heartless” had some gory moments and more of the pack floundering for ways to save the day. Here are some of the highlights and big moments from episode seven.


Teen Wolf kicked off with Theo experiencing his dead sister rip his heart out over and over again. It was pretty gross to watch. Outside of his head, we end up back in the McCall house where we left off last week. Theo is on the ground and Malia gets a few good punches in. Liam is able to convince Scott to keep Theo around for now and he leads them back to one of the Dread Doctors old hideouts. Their plan to catch a ghost rider includes using Hayden as bait to trap one of the riders in a cage. Sounds realistic.

Throughout the episode, Theo seems pretty weak. I guess all he’s good for now is his knowledge.

The Empty Room

We finally see what’s behind the wallpaper! Sheriff peels back the wallpaper and found the door that led to Stiles’ room. Claudia tries to convince him that he’s driving himself crazy and that they should leave it alone. Lydia and Natalie chill on Lydia’s bed in a cute moment and have another conversation about the Stilinski situation. It seems that Natalie is finally willing to agree that something isn’t right with Claudia.

We get a powerful scene when Lydia goes to talk to the sheriff. The banshee hits a nerve when she insinuates that Claudia isn’t real. With tensions already high, emotions get cranked up a notch when Lydia spots Stiles’ lacrosse jersey lying on a chair. At first, the sheriff cannot see it. It takes Lydia telling him that he is afraid to remember his son and that he loved him for the jersey to become visible to him too. Cue all the feels.

The Trap

The plan to capture a ghost rider seems to work and we even get to see Scott finally use some of his alpha strength to close the rider into the cage when Theo and the others struggle. Things take a turn (as per usual on Teen Wolf ) when the rider begins funneling electricity into the cage and calls the other riders. When they try to talk to the rider they can’t understand him. Mason comes to the realization that the rider was trying to talk to Parrish that night at the party. When he arrives, he is able to translate for the pack. All we really get is that hellhounds work with the riders.teen wolf

After this realization, Parrish suddenly shifts and tries to break the rider out. Scott and Liam force him outside. While they’re gone Mr. Douglas conveniently arrives. Debuting a German accent, he forces Theo to break the mountain ash barrier. Douglas kills the rider and follows his past trend by eating his victim’s pineal gland.

In the woods, Parrish tosses the werewolves and tells them not to follow him before running away. When Scott and the others return, they think Theo killed the rider, but quickly realize the murders having been occurring for weeks before Theo came back. Elsewhere, Corey runs into Douglas who now has the rider’s whip. He uses it on the chimera, causing him to vanish. Afterward, we get a shot of his eyes, which are now green instead of red.

The Hales

Even though Malia goes by Tate, she is still a Hale. She and Peter spend the episode together after Melissa helps Peter heal from his crispy state. We get some funny lines during the trio’s encounter that lighten the episode just a bit. Peter leads Malia back to spot where he is found even though all he wants to do is get out of town. When they near the area, he urges his daughter to run when they hear ghost riders in the distance.

Final Thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf

The beginning of this week’s episode was a little gory with the repeating dream and Douglas eating brains once again. As for the main plot, I think we all could have guessed Liam’s plan wouldn’t work.  It seems that the younger pack overestimate themselves or try to act like they are equals to the older pack members. Stay in your lane, children!

The scene between Lydia and Noah was amazing and definitely brought some great acting and emotion to the episode. The jersey was a very nostalgic and powerful addition to the scene. Another duo with great scenes was Malia and Peter. The father/daughter pair are so snarky with each other. While I don’t love Peter, I enjoy watching him show his heart a bit in the way he cares for his daughter.

What did you think of “Heartless”? Any thoughts about Douglas’s green eyes?

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