Last night’s Teen Wolf featured Nazis, a mind-controlled Parrish, and the reveal of Stile’s first name. With plenty of emotional moments, we kicked things off with a flashback to 1943 Germany. Douglas tried to convince his Nazi peers to use the Wild Hunt for the war. My mind went right to The Red Skull’s backstory of trying to convince the Nazis that the Tesseract and magic like science were real in Captain America.

Busy Beacon Hills

As per usual for Teen Wolf, there were 10 things going on at once. In the Stilinski home, the Sheriff used Stiles’ string method to map out memories of his son. As he did, more of his belongings appeared. Scott came up with a plan to bite Stiles to get him back across the rift. Peter, in his usual helpful way, pointed out everything that could go wrong with the plan. None of the teens were sure about the plan, but they were short on options.

Melissa and Papa Argent went on the hunt again for the killer behind the missing brain bits. At first, I wasn’t sure about this team up. Now, I love it. Instead of finding Douglas, the alpha found them. After Argent got roughed up, the pair gave in and took him to Parrish. It’s unclear how the hellhound ended up in the Argent’s secret spot, though.

Elsewhere, the senior trio began their plan and went looking for the rift. They find it down in the tunnels. I was excited when Lydia mentioned the similarities between the rift and an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. My brain thought of Thor and Jane Foster.

Douglas’ Past and the Sting of the Whip

Teen Wolf
Douglas freed from his tank in episode 2.

Mason was super upset about Corey being taken, but he still went with Hayden to meet up with Liam. The trio listened to Theo’s story about Douglas’ past…because the word of a locked up ex-chimera is always true. We learned that the alpha teacher is a were-lion. You read that right. Douglas is a part werewolf, part lion. He and his troops went looking for the riders, but everyone was taken except Douglass who was injured.

He found the Dread Doctors later and sought their help. They experimented on him instead. In the tank we saw in season five, the were-lion soaked up power from the riders from the fluid that leaked from his wound for seventy years.

On the other side of town, Argent failed to subdue the alpha were-lion. Douglass sends both Argent and Melissa to the other side using the whip from the ghost rider he killed. I’m sure I could hear the fandom screaming.

At the end of Theo’s tale, the riders appeared and took both Mason and Hayden, leaving Liam to flee on his own. He went to warn Scott about Douglas’ past, but the were-lion was already in the tunnels with a green-eyed Parrish by his side. Parrish opened the rift and went through with Douglas, but it closed before Scott and the others could follow.

While all of this was going on, Noah confronted Claudia with things he couldn’t remember about her; birthdays and holidays. When he finally realized that Claudia wasn’t really there all of my heart-strings got pulled. Seeing the sheriff have to experience her loss again without Stiles by his side was emotional.

Back in the tunnels, the riders arrived almost immediately after the rift closed. The pack struggled until Peter arrived and saved Scott and Malia. While they escape, he got sent back the other side. Lydia and Liam had better luck because the rider was afraid of the banshee.

At the McCall house, Scott repeatedly called his mom even though the calls couldn’t connect. Very deep sad face. The pack sat around and moped until Sheriff Stilinski arrived and told them that after he remembered his son he saw him. The teens realized that he saw was a rift. They come to the conclusion that they can open one too if they remember more about Stiles, whose real first name was revealed to be Mieczyslaw. As a kid, Stiles couldn’t even pronounce his own name, so his mom called him mischief. The show’s head writer Jeff Davis said in an interview that he looked for a Polish name that was difficult to spell and pronounce. Mission accomplished, Jeff.

Final Thoughts on last night’s Teen Wolf

This was an amazing episode. It might even rank as one of my favorites in terms of great moments, performances that drew me in emotionally, not to mention finding out Stiles’ name. The fandom will probably still stick with calling him Stiles’ but after six seasons of Teen Wolf, it’s nice to finally have one lingering storyline checked off. Linden Ashby’s performance was great. Sheriff always gets the scenes that make us tear up. As for another dad, it’s understandable that Peter is only unselfish when it comes to his daughter. I just hope the writers aren’t trying to redeem a character that spent quite a bit of the series trying to kill everyone. After that preview, it’s still unclear if Dylan O’Brien will be in next week’s episode. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. P.S. I wasn’t happy about Liam breaking Kira’s sword. side eyes writers

What did you think of “Blitzkrieg”?

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