Image result for linden ashby directingLast week on Teen Wolf, Brett was killed and Liam did not react well. The young beta transformed in front of several members of the Beacon Hills community. This week, MTV aired two episodes since there won’t be one next week due to the Video Music Awards. The first episode, “Face-to-Faceless”, was directed by Linden Ashby aka Noah Stilinski. Who knew the sheriff moonlighted as a director? Here’s what went down last night.

A Tense Start

In the morgue, “Aaron”  returned the spiders to the faceless body before lying motionless on the ground. Looks like our new monster is done with that body. Elsewhere, a young female wolf got cornered by a group of hunters. She took them down, only for the deputy who arrived at the scene to shoot her. Scott encouraged Liam to go to school after literally pulling him from his bed. Dad-mood Scott and his comic book references are just too cute!

While I wasn’t sure last week, it looks like both Brett and Lori were killed. While Liam headed to school, Scott, Chris, Malia, and Lydia discussed how to negotiate peace with Gerard in Chris’ bunker.


At the school, the lacrosse team called a meeting to vote Liam out as captain. Liam withstood the temptation to shift in front of everyone. When Coach interrupted the standoff, Liam stepped down as captain and nominated Nolan. Chris and Gerard met up and you could pretty much feel the tension through the television. Instead of discussing peace, Gerard urged him to tell Scott to run. Liam ducked into Monroe’s office to avoid Nolan and the other lacrosse players. Liam noticed a book on the supernatural afterlife and a scratch on her neck and dipped.

It looks like Liam snitched on Monroe because soon she and Lydia had a sit-down in the principal’s office. The banshee was able to get her to meet up with Scott to supposedly discuss peace. Despite Malia’s request to join him, the alpha went alone. At the hospital, Melissa, Parrish, and Sheriff Stilinski discover that the faceless body is gone.

Who is Tamora Monroe?

Teen WolfIt turned out Monroe was in the school when Beast attacked in season five. Her trauma and her anger at being left behind by Scott and Parrish while they took on the beast turned into a mission to take out all supernatural creatures. She also revealed that her fellow hunters had lost people to supernatural events in the town. Just as she raised her gun, Malia and Lydia arrived to back up their friend.

Shortly after, the fear-amplifying monster crept into the tunnels and tensions grew even more. Parrish arrived and burnt the creature to a crisp while Gerard and hunters escaped. At the school, Liam stopped himself from turning despite getting the stuffing beat out of him by Nolan and his friends in front of a crowd. Coach finally broke up the fight, seemingly unaffected by the fear that the other humans seemed to be feeling. Thank you, Coach! At the McCall house, the pack ran into Quinn, the female werewolf who was shot.

Pressure Test

Theo lives! The second episode of the night started off with the male nurse from Eichen House torturing him and two other wolves. After egging the man on, Theo broke free and led the other two wolves to Scott after hearing that their alpha, Satomi, is dead. Before they could get far they get arrested for murder. Deaton finally returned tonight as well! Too bad his first appearance was in the creepy hallways of Eichen. Inside Hawlyn’s old cell, he broke off a piece of the wall but is unsure of what he found.


At the station, Theo got Jiang (Brandon Soo Hoo) and his pack mate (Ellery Sprayberry)  to confess to killing the hunters who killed their pack. Sheriff Stilinski was hesitant to let them go despite the pack’s urging. Outside, Monroe and several hunters arrived at the station armed. The sheriff tried to calm things down but the newbie hunter gave him until midnight to turn the two wolves over.

On top of a jammer blocking cell phone signals, the power to the station got cut by Nolan. He’s put into a cell right next to the young werewolves. He and Jiang have some kind of history, which is now sour due to Jiang’s change and Nolan’s anti-supernatural ideology. A flash grenade goes off, distracting everyone while Nolan attempted to throw Wolfsbane at the wolves. Parrish and the sheriff also realized that someone inside the station was working with the hunters.

After Liam saved the two wolves, he realized that their eyes are blue. Scott conflicted now, didn’t know how to handle the pair and turned to the sheriff for guidance. During the conversation, the deputy watching Nolan saw the faceless monster and hung himself. Shortly after, another deputy shot herself in the head. At Deaton’s clinic, Corey used his power to reveal the other half of the image on the rock that Deaton found. The creature is an ancient shape-shifter called The Double Face in English. It uses fear to sow discord and cause people to turn on each other.

At the station, Scott and the others used the bodies of the deceased deputies to try and convince Monroe that their targets are dead. When she demanded to see their pack tattoos, the pack scrambled. Scott and the others were surprised when Scott’s father, FBI agent Rafael, arrived. He was able to negotiate a deal with Monroe, where the wanted wolves go into FBI custody but Scott and the others must leave the state. In a move that surprised no one, the transport driver was a hunter and killed the pair, while Scott and the pack didn’t leave town like everyone thought they did. It’s about to get even more real than better!

Final thoughts on last night’s Teen Wolf

Monroe’s backstory got her no sympathy from me. Her complaint that Scott didn’t save her or all the people who were killed by the Darach while ignoring all the people the pack has saved made it seem like she just wanted them to be bad to justify killing them. Congrats to Linden on a good episode! I’m giving it a 9/10.

These two episodes flowed well together, although I liked the second episode a little better story wise. I was so happy to see Deaton. Theo, not so much.”Pressure Test” is getting a 10/10. Great tension, plenty of creepy moments, and the return of Deaton brought some stability back to Teen Wolf and the pack a little.  At the end of the episode, I couldn’t help but yell,”Yeah, boy!”.



Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8 PM EST. Remeber there’s no new episode next week.

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