teen wolfLast week on Teen Wolf, the pack reached out for help in the wake of the attack at Scott’s house and began putting the pieces of how to defeat the Anuk-Ite together. This week, we got Derek Hale and two episodes that set the stakes for the finale.


In the first episode, the pack used a voicemail from the phone of one of the deceased wolves to figure out that the other half of the Anuk-Ite is in a female body. Theo and Mason went down into the tunnels to search, while Lydia and Malia tried to connect with Hawlyn in the morgue. Liam recognized that the voice on the phone is his biology teacher Mrs. Finch aka the lady who stood by as he got beaten up.

Liam tested her using both a frequency rod and wolfsbane, the second only made her sneeze. She tried to deny it when Liam stayed behind after class, but Scott arrived and played the message. It turns out her family were the wolves found dead in the woods. The body the Anuk-Ite took over is her daughter, Quinn. That name should sound familiar because she was the wolf that was shot by the deputy and stuck in the station with the pack in “Pressure Test”.

At the hospital, Malia helped Lydia fall unconscious to connect with Hawlyn. They discovered that he could be revived, but the bullet in his brain is silver. Lydia had planned to use an MRI machine to draw it out but realized if they take out the bullet that way he would heat up, melting the remaining fragments. He would die again because he’d be poisoned by the silver. Malia decided it was worth it if they knew how to defeat the Anuk-Ite, especially considering Hawlyn’s mission to destroy it. Lydia was hesitant but agreed.

In the tunnels, Mason and Theo are attacked by Aaron while Quinn arrived at the school. Scott and Liam planned to confront her, but Mrs. Finch knocked them out with wolfsbane. She realized that the Anuk-Ite is not her daughter when it attacked her. Hawlyn awoke and told the girls that they needed to keep the two halves apart and if it merged they couldn’t look at it or they would be killed. He died shortly after, holding Malia’s hand.

Teen WolfRight after that, the two halves merge after a strange make-out session and fight to the death that resulted in Aaron’s body transforming into the full Anuk-Ite. Lydia arrived just in time to stop Liam from looking at the creature while Scott forced Mrs. Finch to activate her healing, revealing her red eyes. In the hall, the hunters that were with Gabe turned to stone after looking at the shapeshifter’s glowing, purple eyes.

Later that night, Scott and Malia shared a steamy moment in the shower, while Gerard struck a deal with the Anuk-Ite. The hunter promised to weaken Scott so the shifter could kill him and be free.

Broken Glass

The second episode of Teen Wolf for the night kicked off with Argent in Brazil on a rainy night. The former hunter met up with a man to get information. In a flashback, the man recounted a man coming into town to investigate a mass murder. He also mentioned that the man turned into a wolf. Chris knows it’s Derek Hale. The former alpha rolled into town kicking ass, asking questions, and stealing a very nice car in the process.

Back in town, Monroe led a mob pep talk as she continued to torture Ethan. Beacon Hills students, Sydney and Nolan were amongst the crowd while the citizens of the town stocked up on weapons. While being dragged away, Ethan questioned the pair about Jackson’s location. At her home, Lydia awoke from a dream asking the same question. She turned up at Scott’s house at the same time as Peter who was looking for Malia but neither are there. Peter mentioned that several cell phone towers are down, attributing that to the hunters trying to keep them from communicating with each other.

Derek & Chris. Gif by Tumblr user fytwolf.

Malia and Scott met up with Deucalion in what looked like a shipyard filled with shipping containers. The veteran wolf began to train the pair on fighting blind in order to fight the Anuk-Ite without looking at it. That training included using sound, heat, balance, and smell. Elsewhere, Chris finally caught up to Derek in a great scene.

Chris tried to convince Derek to come back to Beacon Hills. As they headed to bury the vial of wolfsbane that Gerard is after, they’re surrounded by FBI agents. Before they could be apprehended, someone shoots them all. Out of the shadows stepped Kate Argent. Chris shot her, but she managed to take the vial from Derek. She says the vial was to kill Scott before running off. Derek went after her after telling Chris to warn Scott.

In town, Liam met up with Nolan at the hospital. The boy pointed out several staff members who were at Monroe’s meeting the night before. Elsewhere, Noah and Parrish have been doing their own investigation on Monroe. She has been collecting medical records for patients whose recovery is suspiciously fast and going through police records for accidents involving animals and anything that could involve the supernatural. Back at Scott’s house, Lydia revealed her vision to Peter. We saw Peter, Derek, Jackson, Ethan, Malia, and Scott all turned to stone. Peter realized where Scott and Malia are after Lydia mentions seeing shipping containers as well.

At the hospital, Nolan revealed patients that the hunters have brought in. They’re all hooked up to IVs filled with wolfsbane. Liam called Mason to explain the situation, drawing his friend and Corey to the hospital. On his way out, Nolan is cornered by Gabe who revealed that Monroe and the others knew Nolan would show Liam what was going on. Gabe proceeded to beat his friend, bloodying his face.

On the way to the hospital, Mason gave Corey a bit of a history lesson after seeing the empty streets. He related their current events to a night referred to as “the night of Broken Glass” when thousands of Jewish people were arrested and their businesses, homes, and synagogues destroyed. You can read up on that event here. At the hospital, they realized that the hunters are laying a trap. Several hunters arrived and the power is cut, leaving Liam in the basement in the dark.

Oblivious to what’s going on elsewhere, Scott started to get the hang of fighting “blind” when Deucalion decided to go all out and really come at the young alpha. Just as Deucalion praised Scott’s progress, Peter and Lydia arrived to tell them that Monroe and her followers were on the way. After their declaration, gunfire rang out striking Deucalion. In a slow-motion moment, the demon wolf fell to the ground. The episode ended with the pack running for cover as Monroe comes into frame and fires off a shot.

Final Thoughts On Last Night’s Episodes of Teen Wolf

Tyler Hoechlin’s return as Derek gave 6×19 a big boost. All of his scenes were great. I love the way his relationship with Chris has developed. As for another Argent, who told Jeff Davis we wanted to see Kate again? On another note, I wish the girls had more time to save Hawlyn. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did. It especially sucks because half of his advice became useless when the Anuk-Ite’s halves merged in the very next scene.

With just one episode left we probably won’t learn anything more about Mrs. Finch. She’s been a teacher at BHHS for a few years now. I’m surprised the pack had no idea that she was an alpha wolf and that there was not a hint in previous seasons that she was supernatural. I’m giving “Genotype” and “Broken Glass” a 9/10. Good episodes but a little everywhere jumping between characters and locations. Maybe next week’s finale can get the season’s first 10/10. The series finale of Teen Wolf airs next Sunday, September 24th at 8 PM EST. Join me on Twitter for the final live chat.


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