Teen WolfTeen Wolf returned last week with Scott, Malia, and Lydia ready to head off for college and a Parisian adventure, only to get caught up in another supernatural problem. The first episode introduced several new characters. We met Nolan, a lacrosse player nervous because of the things he saw last year, the new guidance counselor, Ms. Monroe, and another hellhound. The hound took on Parrish and Liam only to end up with a bullet in the head. We also got a glimpse of Stiles in his pre-FBI internship and the agency’s investigation into Derek Hale for murder.

This week in an episode titled, “Raw Talent”, we got several looks at Theo caught sleeping in his truck. Apparently, he’s homeless now that he doesn’t have actors posing as his parents. Things got weird when he’s bitten by a spider one night. It looked like he snuck into the hospital or somewhere with medical equipment before pulling the spider out of his back. The next time he’s caught in his truck, it’s by a group of hunters who open fire on him. We don’t see him for the rest of the episode.

Malia, Scott, and Lydia were out in the woods once again. A group approached and they thought it was hunters, but it turned out to be the sheriff, Parrish (who’s suddenly healed up and clean), and several other officers. Scott attacked Sheriff Stilinkski but soon realized his mistake. The alpha had to hide his face momentarily from the other officers because he had transformed. Scott stayed quiet about the Argent bullet they found.

The next morning at school, Ms. Monroe made an appointment to have Liam come in and talk with her. Shortly after, she found a knife stuck in her desk with the message “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” written on her board. In the locker room, Aaron, a lacrosse player, is attacked by spiders that crawled into his helmet. They even went into his body via his mouth. Seems like Teen Wolf won’t be laying off those gross moments this season.

Lydia and Parrish decided that one of them needs to go to Eichen House while Scott and Malia searched through Chris Argent’s bunker to see if they can get any details about the Argent bullet. They found guns and Allison’s crossbow. It was easy to conclude that he’s back in business as an arms dealer. They also learned that “Allison” is the password to his laptop. At Eichen House, Parrish learned that the hellhound’s name was Hawlyn. He had been in Eichen since 1912.

Brett (played by Cody Saintgnue) returned to help the lacrosse team, but ended up embarrassing and pissing off Liam with his skills. Scott’s beta still has issues with his control and his IED doesn’t help at all. On the sidelines, Ms. Monroe watched as Brett’s shot knocked Corey onto the ground. Her smirk clearly spelled nothing good for Brett. That night, she tried to subdue the wolf by tossing him a ball covered in wolfsbane. He is able to fight her off after she stabs him with his own lacrosse stick.

Elsewhere, Scott and Malia find Argent in the middle of an arm’s deal that was headed downhill. They help him fight off the men. At Eichen, Parrish got trapped in a cell by the doctor. It turns out the man has been killing the supernatural patients at Eichen, claiming that they shouldn’t be locking them up but killing them to protect everyone else from them.

After using a police radio to hear that Parrish was in trouble, Lydia rushed to his aide. She fought through flashbacks of her time in Eichen to save Parrish using her scream. Go, Lydia!

Back at the school, Liam, Mason, and Corey discover Aaron’s bloody body in the locker room showers.  Soon after, they find the boy sitting in a classroom seemingly normal and okay. In the woods, Argent, Scott, and Malia find the bullet slug, which turns out to be silver. On the other side of the woods, Munroe tried to follow Brett. The wolf was able to get the advantage on her before he got shot by an arrow. He took off into the woods. Out of the shadows, Gerard marked his return as told Ms. Munroe that he recognized raw talent.

Final Thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf

teen wolfI hate spiders! When Theo pulled one from his back and when they crawled all over Aaron, it was gross. The scenes at the beginning featuring Theo and his struggle with homelessness definitely struck a chord, but I still hate his character. It’s hard not to when he tried to kill so many of my favorites. I’m sure the writers are seeking empathy for his character to make the audience more accepting of him joining Scott’s pack somewhere down the line. That seems iffy though since we last saw him in a car under fire. Was that real or was he just imagining it the same way Scott imagined being surrounded by hunters in the woods?

Brett always ends up being a target for hunters and assassins. You would think that he’d learn to be more low-key, especially since he tried to push Liam to control himself in his own weird way. I’m not a fan of Scalia (Scott and Malia), so the moment in the woods fell flat for me. I’m sure others were happy to see the beginnings of something, even if was just a conversation about their similarities and how Malia is worried about him. On another note, big shout out to Lydia for using her banshee powers and saving Parrish.

I’m hoping that we learn more about Ms. Monroe’s motivations because right now she just seems like a crazy person who believes she has the right to kill supernatural people. She may be a crazy person, but I want to know how she got that way. How will pack deal with people being afraid of them? How do they know to be afraid of those specific people? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m giving last night’s episode of Teen Wolf an 8/10. We’re still setting the stage for the season and I’m still a little confused about what’s going on. Until next time, wolfies!


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