teen wolfWe’re back, wolfies! Teen Wolf returned tonight with the first of the last ten episodes of the series. I know it’s a painful thought. At the end of 6A, the seniors made it to the end of high school, Stiles headed off to D.C. for a pre-FBI program leaving Scott with Roscoe, and Lydia prepped for M.I.T. In their last adventure/ fight for their lives, the pack will face new hunters and something else a little creepier. Spoilers ahead!

The first episode, “Said the Spider to the Fly” centered around Scott, Lydia, and Malia trying to leave for college and new beginnings, only to have the supernatural drama of Beacon Hills get in the way. We met a new hellhound, a shady school counselor, and even got a look at Stiles at his F.B.I. internship.

The episode kicked off on the lacrosse field. Scott’s been the assistant coach during the summer and it’s mentioned that Hayden left town to protect her sister. Liam is really in a funk because of it, moping in the locker room. It’s not long after Liam finally arrived that a wolf appeared on the field mid-practice. Scott used his alpha eyes to send it away. One thing that stood out was a player named Nolan, who froze in shock at the wolf and had to be pulled back by Scott.

The true alpha and Liam followed the wolf to the woods and found it dead with bugs crawling out of its mouth. Across town, Lydia and Malia dodge Scott and Liam’s calls because they’re ready to leave and don’t want to deal with anything supernatural. Malia is more than ready to catch her flight to Paris, which kept getting delayed. In the basement of Eichen House, a guard (John Posey) led a staff member downstairs where he found a body encased in pyroclastic rock a.k.a hardened volcanic ash.  He tapped the body (cause that’s smart), only for it to begin cracking. The shell explodes to reveal a hellhound. Cue a horrified guard.

Teen Wolf
Scott and Liam in the woods. Image from MTV.

The next morning at school, the new guidance counselor Ms. Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) hinted at her knowledge of the supernatural, while Nolan was nervous when she asked him if he wanted to discuss the animal attack that happened in the library last year. In the library, Liam and Mason notice that all of the books on mythology are missing.

The school year doesn’t seem to be off to a good start for students who end up screaming in terror when rats crawl out the vents. It’s all a plan by our new hellhound to listen to the students’ heartbeats. He doesn’t find who he’s looking for and leaves. Of course, Liam and Mason conveniently arrive right after. They follow the trail of rats to find a ton of bloody rats piled together. There goes my dinner

At the hospital and the school, Scott and Lydia tried to prepare their moms for the supernatural world without them, while Malia tried to understand what Liam and Mason found. She decided it’s just weird and not supernatural before she left, citing that she had a plane to catch. Mama Martin is now the principal of Beacon Hills High and thinks the town will be okay since Lydia and her friends are leaving. At the police station, the hellhound killed the officer on night duty and overheard Parrish radio in before heading off.

The action jumped to the hospital, where the halls are crowded and there never seem to be enough doctors. Parrish arrived and helped Melissa separate two men who were ready to fight in the lobby. When he headed down another hallway, Parrish had a vision of the other hound in a hallway on fire. Back in the lobby, the two angry men get in each other’s faces. Liam tried to break them up and got punched in the face. He immediately transformed. He ran off, but the hellhound heard his heart beat and followed. The elevator doors closed before he caught up. Elsewhere, Lydia has a vision of the school hallway covered in huge webs that made different sounds like flames and growls. One web said, “You let it go. You were supposed to ride with the hunt forever”.

Later, Parrish arrived at the school and faced off with the mysterious hellhound. He told Parrish that he is looking for something that the Wild Hunt let go. By the end of the fight, Parrish looked pretty hurt. Outside, the counselor heard the fight and pulled a bag of guns out of her trunk. With Parrish down, Liam fought the hellhound and actually did okay on his own. When he’s pinned against the locker, the hellhound listened to Liam’s heartbeat and said that Liam is not the one he’s looking for.

At the McCall house, Scott is prepared to leave in Roscoe when Lydia arrived and told him that they couldn’t leave. They head for Malia’s to stop her from leaving as well. She begrudgingly agreed and the trio went searching for the hellhound. At the same time, Ms. Monroe is seen following the injured hound into the woods. They fight for a bit before she shot him in the head. Scott and the others arrived to find his body and a bullet with the Argents’ symbol on it. Back at the McCall house, the trio debated whether or not they should call Stiles and tell him about what’s going on. We heard part of a voicemail where Stiles told Scott how excited he is to be at Quantico and that he’s told Lydia he misses her.

Teen WolfThe scene transitioned to Stiles at the FBI headquarters, going into his orientation class. While the instructor went over what they’ll be involved in, Stiles is shocked and hilariously spits water out across the room when a video of Derek is shown on the screen while discussing murder investigations. Stiles questioned his instructor and found out that Derek is wanted for mass murder. What has our favorite Hales been up to?

Final thoughts on tonight’s Teen Wolf

Tonight’s premiere felt the same way many Teen Wolf premieres do, okay and a bit slow as they tackle setting the stage for the next part of the story. The episode featured a lot of Liam and Mason as the older pack members prepared to leave and go their own ways. I’m still not sure why Malia chose Paris of all places to go. If the show has taught us anything, it’s not to trust new staff members at the school. So, we all knew not to trust Ms. Monroe the second she started to hint that she knew more than the average person about the supernatural world.

It was great seeing Stiles living his dream, but sad to know he’s not around to help the gang for a bit. The scenes where Scott shows he’s maturing as an alpha are great. So, it was nice to see him give Liam some guidance when the beta was feeling a little unbalanced with Hayden gone. We are left with some questions after the episode though.

  1. How are Liam and the others seniors when they were only freshman when Scott and Stiles were juniors? They should be going into their junior year.
  2. Is Parrish okay? Nobody seemed to be worried about him. The last shot we had of him was him lying in the dirt.

I’m going to give the premiere a 7/10. What did you think of the 6B premiere? Sound off in the comments.

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