teen wolfLast week on Teen Wolf, Scott and Malia got tutored by Deucalion to fight the Anuk-Ite blind, Monroe tortured Ethan and geared up for the final battle, while Chris Argent tracked down Derek Hale in Brazil and ran into his sister Kate. We left the pack in the middle of the hunters’ attack and Liam and the others cornered at the hospital.

Last night’s finale started with a flash forward where Scott and Chris teamed up to help a young wolf named Alec. After rescuing him from hunters they talked about their stories. Alec asked Scott how his story ended and we jumped back to present with Scott and the pack fighting Monroe and the hunters. Before a hunter could open fire on Scott, Stiles arrived and hit him with Roscoe. Derek followed behind, taking down several hunters. With his final words, Deucalion told Scott that Gerard is afraid because he knows that he can’t beat Scott before the alpha died.

After Monroe and the hunters fled, Gerard came on the radio. The scanner in Stiles’ jeep picked it up and the newly reunited pack gathered around the car to listen in. Gerard explained that the hunters have all of their friends captured or under attack. That included Jackson, who was held at the armory, Parrish, who was locked up at Eichen House, Rafael McCall who was heading back from San Diego and now imprisoned at the police station, and Liam at the hospital. After Gerard’s message, Scott called Theo and told him to find the others and offer them some assistance.

Teen WolfThe pack gathered at the animal clinic where Stiles retold how he and Derek linked up. Cue the humorous flashback. Apparently, Stiles somehow convinced the FBI to let him participate in a field operation. That doesn’t sound very realistic to me though. They decided that part of the group will head to the school while Stiles and Lydia head to the armory to save Jackson. Already at the school, Peter missed Lydia’s warning and got turned to stone.

At the armory, Jackson used his charm to draw in a hunter. He partially transformed and used his kanima tail to knock the guard out and steal his keys. Just when he’s about to break out, Lydia and Stiles arrived and took out the other guards. Lydia and Jackson share a reunion hug that Stiles breaks up. They’re surprised to learn that Jackson is with Ethan after he says they can’t leave without the werewolf. Lydia tells him that she thought he would never figure it out. Before they can leave Scott called and had Stiles grab something from the hunters’ collection.

While Theo arrived at the hospital in time to save Liam from being shot, the others found Peter at the school. When they realized that he still had a heartbeat, they lurked around the school and ran into Monroe. She shot Scott with a yellow wolfsbane bullet. While Malia went after the rookie hunter, Derek pulled Scott into an empty science lab to burn the wolfsbane out of the wound. Corey and Mason took down two hunters while Theo and Liam begrudgingly teamed up to take down several hunters. Melissa and Nolan stepped in and aided the pair. The two wolves looked like they had been fighting together for a while.

Lydia, Jackson, and Ethan arrived at the high school while the Sheriff had his own badass moment. At Eichen House, he held his own against three police officers. The lead deputy says, “What are you, like sixty?” and Noah went to work. He showed off some nice skills to the disarm and take the trio down. After their beat down, the three of them followed his orders and helped Parrish out of his cell.

Derek Hale in "The Wolves of War"While hiding from the Anuk-Ite, Lydia found Malia who had been turned to stone. Jackson and Ethan both got turned to stone in the locker room. After feeling the Anuk-Ite’s presence, Derek left a recovering Scott and went looking for the source. He found the Anuk-Ite that took the form of Jennifer. After much coercing, Derek opened his eyes and turned to stone.

At the armory, Gerard shot Kate with a bullet made from the yellow wolfsbane she was looking for. Chris interrupted their moment to tell Gerard that Scott figured out how to defeat the Anuk-Ite. After telling his father that Scott isn’t the reason for the Argents’ fall, he left his father to be mauled by Kate. At the school, Scott faced the Anuk-Ite in the library. The creature took the shape of Void Stiles and the Nogitsune. Instead of opening his eyes, Scott used his claws to scratch his eyes out, leaving himself blind. Scott was able to hold the creature off and explain that by taking the form of a shapeshifter, the Anuk-Ite opened itself up to the weaknesses of a shapeshifter. Stiles arrived and threw mountain ash into the room. The ash caused the Anuk-Ite to turn to stone.

Those that had been turned to stone broke free and took down the remaining hunters. In one of the best scenes of the finale, Coach Finstock saved Jackson and Ethan from one of the last hunters by beating him over the head with a lacrosse stick. At the hospital, Gabe was shot by a hunter after he got tangled up with Liam. After telling Monroe that he didn’t have a clear shot, she ordered the hunter to shoot both of them. In a rare show of compassion, Theo took the boy’s pain as he died.

The sheriff, Parrish, and Papa McCall arrived at the hospital and disarmed the last hunters while Monroe learned that the hunters have lost and ran away. The pack gathered around Scott in the school’s library. When he can’t focus enough to heal his eyes, Lydia instructed Malia to kiss him. She listened and his eyes healed.

In the aftermath, we see the armory being cleaned out, the students of Beacon Hills looking happy in the halls, Chris and Melissa making out, and Jackson and Ethan happy in London. In a voiceover, Scott tells Alec that former enemies are allies and that others have been looking for others like him. He also explained that Monroe now how thousands of followers who hunter people like them and introduced him to the pack.

Scott’s last line is “You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf, like me.” In the final seconds of the series Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, and Liam walk off into the night with Alec joining their group.

Final Thoughts on Last Night’s Teen Wolf Series Finale

My final Teen Wolf rating! Cue the Beacon Hills feels. Tonight’s finale was okay. The ending was very open, which makes sense if the idea of a spin-off is really on the table. I was ecstatic to see Stiles’ return even if I don’t really believe his story of convincing the FBI to let him in on a field operation as an intern. Getting a toe injury is such a Stiles thing to do though so that was hilarious. When Scott clawed out his eyes I was a little taken aback. It was a “Wow, I can’t believe that just happened” moment. I understand why he did it, but it was gross.

As for the fears, I don’t think Jennifer would have been Derek’s biggest fear. I think bringing her back was just a way to bring back Hayley Webb. While she’s a great actress, I don’t think her character fit as his biggest fear. Scott seeing Void Stiles and the nogitsune made sense. He’s always trying to protect everyone and not being able to has always been a big deal for his character. I wasn’t a fan of the “kiss him to make him calm down and heal” moment Scott and Malia had. It was parallel to Stiles and Lydia’s kiss during his panic attack, but here it felt cheesy.

Overall, it was a decent finale that had weak points. Monroe surviving was definitely one of those weak points. We’ll have to see what Jeff Davis does with her character since there may be a future Teen Wolf related series. I also think if the episode hadn’t been leaked, I would have enjoyed it more. Although I didn’t watch the leaked episode, details did circulate in the days before the finale so I wasn’t as surprised when things happened.

I’m giving the series finale “The Wolves of War” a 7.5/10.

Farewell, Teen Wolf!

What did you think of the Teen Wolf series finale?


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