Teen WolfTwo weeks ago on Teen Wolf, we got two episodes of Scott and the supernatural of Beacon Hills versus not only hunters but the Anuk-Ite, also known as the Double Face. Theo, Deaton, and Rafael McCall also returned. In last night’s episode, “Triggers”, the pack tried using some stealth to take down the hunters weapons source.

At school, Nolan and his cronies have begun a witch hunt to reveal who’s supernatural. Students sported bandages on their hands from where they’d been cut to prove that they heal normally. Gabe and “Aaron” cornered one student, Edgar, in the library. They cut his hand but he ran before they could see it heal. “Aaron” cornered Edgar in the bathroom and discovered that he’s a coyote. He proceeded to pass along the spiders from the Double Face.

In Monroe’s office, Rafael questioned Nolan about Jiang and Tierney’s location since they are believed to be missing. Before Nolan could really answer Monroe stepped in and stopped him, which is pretty bold for a guidance counselor/rookie hunter facing off with an FBI agent. Rafael moved on to investigate Gerard’s armory, but the veteran hunter had an explanation and legal documentation for all of his weaponry. After discovering Edgar’s body covered in spiders in the locker room, Nolan watched as Gabe followed Monroe’s instructions and killed their classmate. Usually, newbies show hesitation or have to use a weapon, but Gabe used his hands. Did that worry anybody else?

Image result for teen wolf triggersNolan, feeling the need to prove himself, followed Mason after he saw him pack his trunk with sleeping bags and supplies. The pack seemed to know Nolan would follow and report back to the hunters. Liam and Theo were waiting for Mason at an old abandoned zoo. There they planned to create a distraction for the hunters. While two hunters arrived to check out Nolan’s tip, Malia, Scott, Lydia, and Chris waited in the parking lot of the armory for the others to leave.

The hunters didn’t believe anyone was there so Theo picked a fight with Liam, yelling loudly to catch their attention. The pairs’ dynamic is almost reminiscent of how Derek and Stiles used to annoy each other, although Theo and Liam really hated and still dislike each other, at least on Liam’s side. Theo’s plan worked and drew more hunters to the zoo, including Gerard and Monroe. Back at the armory, Lydia and Chris began to second guess their decision to go through with their mission, especially Lydia who heard gun fire and the sound of falling shell casings.

After they realized that all the weapons were gone and Gerard knew they were coming, Scott and Malia remained in the armory when they caught Jiang and Tierney’s scents. They opened a door and set off sensors but discovered the late wolves’ remains that were on display like trophies; skin marked by Satomi’s pack tattoo and a pair of ears. Like a spy movie, the pair faced off with laser sensors. They dodged the lasers and ended up in an interesting position on top of one another. Although I don’t ship Scalia, Scott pulling her back down on top of him to keep her safe was cute.

Above them, Malia caught sight of a locked gate on the ceiling and maneuvered her way over like a ninja. Fun fact: Stunt woman Jessie Graff acted as Shelley’s stunt double for this scene. Malia dodged the lasers and broke the lock, only for the lock itself to bounce off the ground and trip the lowest laser. The were-coyote and alpha were immediately sprayed with wolfsbane. Not good at all.

At the zoo, Liam’s temper flared up. Theo told him he wasn’t going to stay and die because of him, but he ended up sticking around. He even stopped Liam from killing Nolan by knocking the beta out. Gerard brushed off Monroe’s concern about giving Nolan a weapon and Scott’s invasion into the armory. The hunter’s plan was to take out Liam to weaken Scott. His aim is to take out the alpha next and weaken the pack.

While Scott and Malia fought to survive, Lydia and Chris went into rescue mode to save them. Lydia used her banshee scream to knock down the steel door keeping her friends’ trapped. As the pack regrouped, we saw Theo and Liam have a chat while Theo drove back to town. This was one of the first conversations where the pair weren’t at each other’s throats in a while.

At the McCall house, Scott and Malia shared their first kiss and plenty of smiles. Rafael arrived and explained that Gerard has legally distributed the weapons from the armory to the citizens of Beacon Hills. Soon after that declaration, Lydia once again heard the sound of shell casings and broken glass before yelling for everyone to get down. Gunfire erupted and the kitchen window shattered as everyone dove to the floor. When things quieted down a pool of blood grew on the floor and a bloody hand reaches out. Who got shot?

Final thoughts on last night’s Teen Wolf

If the previews and sneak peeks are straight forward and not setting us up for a plot twist, we know who was shot last night. Way to spill the beans way too early Teen Wolf! My first thought after the episode is that there’s no way the pack can avoid calling Stiles now. Someone close to them is seriously injured and he should be in the loop. Scott mentioned earlier in 6B that they almost lost Stiles last time, but they’ve all almost died before, Scott himself included.

I haven’t been a big fan of Theo, although I love Cody’s performance. But tonight, I really enjoyed his scenes. The scenes between he and Liam were funny despite their serious content. Even though the season is only ten episodes long, I’m already tired of Gerard, Monroe, and the newbie hunters. I’m more than ready for the old cast to return and for them to fight back. Solid performances aside, I want to see the characters that made Teen Wolf what is it over the years and not spend a ton of screen time on new folks.

I’m giving “Triggers” a 7/10. The tension at the armory was great and Theo and Liam’s scenes were entertaining. There were just a few missing parts that I would have liked. One, Deaton reuniting with the pack and actually explaining what they’re up against. Two, a flashback of Rafael reacting to Scott and Melissa explaining the supernatural world to him. It was an entertaining episode, but the pacing makes me wonder about the rest of the season with so many characters set to return and Gerard’s global goals.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8 PM EST on MTV.

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