Image result for teen wolfLast week on Teen Wolf, episode 16 ended with the McCall house being attacked after Gerard handed out weapons to the citizens of Beacon Hills. Between tense moments throughout “Triggers”, Scott and Malia shared their first kiss and Theo and Liam almost got along. This week, MTV gave us a regular episode and then a special focusing on the awesome ladies of Teen Wolf. Let’s go international with “Werewolves of London”.

Across the Pond

The episode kicked off with Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Jackson (Colton Haynes) having their anniversary date interrupted by a pair of hunters in London. They survived the attack because the hunters used regular wolfsbane that didn’t work on Jackson, who is part kanima. Jackson has definitely learned how to handle himself since he’s been away from Beacon Hills. It’s not clear how Ethan and Jackson met, but they’ve been looking for werewolves in England together. For what, they don’t say. They interrogated the pair of hunters and discovered that Gerard armed them and that he’s in Beacon Hills.

Back at home, we found Scott in the hospital waiting room as his mother underwent surgery. The alpha, who was soon joined by Malia listened in on the OR from the lobby. The surgery, done by Liam’s dad, was a success, but Melissa was still very weak. She encouraged Scott to keep fighting before her medicine put her to sleep in an emotional scene. It turns out that Rafael, Mason, and Lydia were all injured. We learned that Rafael was moved to another hospital and the bullet that hit Lydia missed anything important. Noah tried to calm Scott down, but the alpha and Malia agreed that it’s time to call in more fire power. Seems like someone needs to call Stiles ASAP.

The Shifting Tide

Noah and Monroe have a sit down in the next scene that was tense from the jump, while Scott and Malia met up with Deucalion. The demon wolf seemed to have taken a vow of peacefulness. He claimed to not be into violence anymore. Malia tried to take her frustrations out on him by attacking him, but he smoothly dodged all her attempts. It looks like he’ll be staying around as a mentor, but he’s done getting his hands dirty. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Malia wasn’t the only one taking out their frustrations. At the school, Liam bashed Gabe’s head into the locker room’s bathroom mirror demanding answers about the shooting. Theo arrived and stopped him from killing Gabe, but roughed the kid up to see what else he was hiding. Seems like Theo’s interruptions are the only thing keeping Liam from becoming a killer at this point. Gabe confessed that they were hiding bodies.

Noah and Monroe’s sit down escalated when the he tried to show Monroe the truth about Gerard; the murder of Matt to control the kanima and the murder of his hunters to frame Deucalion. Monroe tried to flip the script and say that the sheriff was ineffective in curbing the violence in his city because he won’t tell his citizens the truth about the supernatural. The deputies sided with Monroe, forcing Noah to leave the station.

Elsewhere, Malia and Scott met up with Peter to try and convince him to help them against the hunters. The former alpha refused to join them because Scott and his pack won’t kill the way the hunters will. He’s unwilling to fight along people who won’t do anything it takes to win a war. Later, Malia met up with her father on her own and showed him her memories of Anuk-Ite to try and show him the whole story of what’s going on. That still wasn’t enough to get him to help.

Pieces Fall Into Place

Teen WolfWhile all of this is going on Lydia is stuck in a vision that draws her to the hospital morgue. At the school, Gabe showed Liam and Theo several bodies that the hunters have hidden in a freezer. Gabe explained that the hunters were testing them to see if they were werewolves, but something else killed them. The two wolves realize that the Anuk-Ite killed them while searching for its other half. Theo and Liam quickly came to the conclusion that Aaron is the Anuk-Ite.

When Malia and Scott go looking for a pack of werewolves who call themselves The Primal, they found dead bodies that were missing their eyes just like the ones Gabe showed Liam and Theo. They also ran into Lydia roaming the area in a hospital gown. The banshee was sent there by Hawlyn, the deceased hellhound that was hunting for the Anuk-Ite. The trio found the skinless body of one of The Primal’s pack members in the woods and conclude that they must find the creature’s other half. What remained of the pack, plus Peter, who had his precious cars destroyed by hunters, gathered and prepared to hunt down the Anuk-Ite’s other face.

In the last scenes of the episode, we found out that Peter came back to help the pack because he wants to save Malia from suffering if Scott dies. In an awkward development, we learn that he was able to see Malia’s memories of all the moments she and Scott have had including their first kiss. He told her not to fall in love with a dead man, to which she replied, “Too late.” At the high school the next morning, Jackson and Ethan are caught by Monroe while looking for Scott. The pair ended the episode tied up and interrogated by Monroe.

Final Thoughts on Last Night’s Teen Wolf

This episode really moved the storyline forward in a way that last weeks didn’t. The opening was one of the best of the series. It was nice to see old faces return even though half of them had no interest in fighting with the pack. Deucalion’s whole “I’m a new man” thing was weird. We’ll see how long his non-violence vow lasts.

Peter’s “I’ve got money and I’m okay with running for life” mindset was very on point for his character. His dry humor and personality are definitely a bright spot in a season that’s been lagging in the comedy department with the absence of Stiles. I’m surprised that Malia inferred that she loved Scott after such a short time, especially with the way romances have developed on this show.

I’m also not a fan of Jackson dating his best friend’s ex-boyfriend, but I did love the way Jackson and Ethan complimented each other. Monroe’s move at the sheriff station made me have this reaction: 

How dare they turn on Stilinski like that. He’s pretty much a dad to everyone. I was also left wondering where was Parrish, not only while his fellow deputies were turning on Noah, but also while Lydia was following a lead given to her by the dead hellhound, Hawlyn. I expected him to have a connection with the hound as well, especially after he saw that vision of him in the hospital.

Overall, the episode was a good filler to set up the final three episodes of the series. I’m going to give “Werewolves of London” an 8/10. Next week, we’ll have two episodes and maybe we’ll finally see Derek and Stiles.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8 PM EST on MTV.


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