This week, How to Get Away With Murder ended its season with not one, but two episodes leading up to the all important question of who killed Wes. There were a number of shocking moments in this finale, but here are the most shocking ones.

10. Asher tells Michaela he loves her

While it’s not an earth shattering shocker, it’s still insanely cute that in the middle of all the chaos and uncertainty, Asher takes the time to tell Michaela how much she really means to him. The real shocker (and heart breaker) is when she doesn’t say it back because she doesn’t know if she loves him back. But she makes up for it later by finally telling him that she does indeed love him very much.

9. Connor found Wes dead

In a flashback it is revealed that Connor was in fact at the house the night of the explosion. He found Wes unconscious in the basement. Feeling that his body was still warm, he tried to revive him with CPR but while doing chest compressions, he heard a crack. He then smelled gas and fled from the house, leaving Wes to die.

8. Laurel lies on the stand

Because there is no way that Connor can take the stand and tell his story, Annalise has Bonnie ask Laurel to testify that she was the one who found Wes dead and tried to revive him, to prove that the medical examiner made a mistake when she said that she found no other injuries on his body. This backfires when the D.A. brings up Laurel’s past of lying to authorities into question. The motion to get the case against Annalise thrown out is denied.

7. Wes left Annalise a voicemail before dying

Wes called Annalise while waiting at her house. He told her that he was going to come clean about being the one who killed Sam and that he couldn’t let her take the fall for what he had done. Before he even fully finishes his message, someone grabs his mouth and he drops his phone.

6. D.A. Denver is guilty

Earlier in the episode the group found phone records of former Assistant D.A. Atwood’s phone records and they discovered that she had received two calls from a burner phone. Against Asher’s urges they decide not to call the phone number. But when Connor went to get Wes’s immunity deal, Asher called the phone number and the phone was in Denver’s office.

5. Connor sells out

Personally I don’t find this shocking because if there was ever anyone who was going to sell out, it would be Connor. He’s easily the weakest link. After Denver threatens to arrest him for Wes’s murder, Connor tells him about the copy of Annalise’s phone that is in Oliver’s house. The police rush over with a warrant and take the phone.  Connor was aware that whatever was on the phone had been erased, so he didn’t really sell out.

4. Wes’s death

The moment we have been waiting for was finally revealed. Wes was killed by a man we’ve never seen before. First he gave him a shot in his neck and after a fight he suffocated him and dragged him down to the basement. He then turned on the gas and fled. He was waiting in a car outside and saw when Connor ran by. He called someone letting them know the deed was done, but that it got a little messy. It’s an incredibly hard scene to watch.

3. Annalise blames Wes

After the D.A. gets a hold of the copy of her phone she goes to him and tells him about the voicemail Wes left. She claims Wes was not only responsible for the murder Sam, but also Rebecca’s. In exchange for giving him that information, she wants him to drop the case against him or she’ll come after him and make sure he’s blamed for Wes’s death. Denver takes the deal and Annalise is finally off the hook. I thought it was pretty messed up that she would let Wes take the blame for everything even though he was dead.

2. Wes’s father

Earlier in the season we learn that Wes’s father was a rich man named Wallace Mahoney who took advantage of his mother and let him grow up poor and alone. Annalise meets with Sylvia Mahoney and calls for a truce between the two, claiming they’ve hurt each other enough. Sylvia reveals that Wallace was not Wes’s father, but that their son, Charles was. She also claims that she had nothing to do with Wes’s death and Annalise believes her. Laurel is still not convinced.

1. Wes’s real killer

This one is a doozy. Of course the man who we’ve never seen was the one who actually killed Wes, but he wasn’t the brains behind the operation. Laurel is still convinced the Mahoney’s had something to do with Wes’s murder and in a rage she follows Charles Mahoney and plans to shoot and kill him. Before she can do that, someone steps in front of her and recognizes her. She hugs him and we see he’s the man who killed Wes! Through a series of flashbacks we see this is a man who works for Laurel’s father! We still have no explanation as to why Mr. Castillo had Wes killed, so I guess we’ll have to wait until September to find out!

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