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Last night, Cloak and Dagger returned for its sophomore season on Freeform. Here’s a recap and our review on our divine pairings two-hour return.

“Restless Energy” found our characters dealing with the aftermath of the Roxxon event. Tyrone is still on the run, while Tandy’s life is seemingly back on track. She’s been dancing and attending group therapy with her mother to hash out their issues. After almost dying, Brigid struggles to settle back into the New Orleans PD.
Tyrone and Tandy in Cloak and DaggerTyrone’s control of his powers is better since he’s been trying to stop local gangs. Brigid wants him to let the police handle it but he doesn’t listen. Tandy’s been helping him out by bringing him supplies and books to keep up with school. The duo watch Zorro and catch up.
Heroes In Training
While Ty watches his parents and Evita from afar, Tandy found a new mission. She meets Mikayla at therapy and discovers her boyfriend is abusive. Tandy sneaks into his house and carves “Leave her alone” in the wall.
Afterward, she went off to find Tyrone. She was in time to help him escape from a warehouse after he tried to confiscate drugs and money from another crew. He sent the goods to Brigid, who got a call from her boss about what went down. He was angry about their investigation’s disruption. Ty overhead the call. The next day, Tandy learned Mikayla’s boyfriend lied about what happened at his house. Mikayla remembers his sweet side and stays with him.
That night, Ty and Tandy had a heart to heart. Ty’s anger led him to take on the gangs and Tandy’s hurt about her father led her to find other’s to hurt. After hearing Brigid’s phone call, Ty and Tandy went to a club where the criminals would be meeting. Things didn’t go as planned when the meeting went south. By the time they got to the room, everyone was dead.
“White Lines”
Episode two gave our character perspectives of the night of and after the club scene. Brigid was not happy when she got there after a call from Ty and Tandy. She took the tape recorder they used to record audio from the event. On the ground, one of the dead men left behind a symbol using drugs. Before Ty and Tandy could mention it, Brigid opens a door, destroying it.
In the morning, Ty went to see Evita’s aunt for information. She reveals that it was a Veve, a symbol to call an entity or say a prayer. The one Ty saw was to death. Evita walks in and wasn’t happy to see Ty after he’d been MIA for 8 months. She was unsure if he was alive or not since he never came to see her. He reveals his powers. But she was more upset, knowing that he could have appeared to her all these months.
Afterward, he went to the church to pray with the same symbol he saw before. He teleports into the back of a van where he found Mikayla strapped to a gurney. She begs for help and told him that she got drugged. He tried to teleport them both out but failed when one of the guards prepares to shoot him.
Same Time, New POV
From Tandy’s POV, she blew a fuse at Mikayla during a group session. The girl left and wasn’t seen again. Tandy tries to find her and ends up heading to a shelter with Andre. He’s the head of the outreach center she’d been going to therapy at.  As he shared his story, he asked why she was so invested in helping Mikayla. Her thoughts got interrupted a vision of her father in the street. Her emotions went haywire, causing her powers to do the same.
The Birth of Mayhem
Emma Lahana as Brigid O'Reilly in Cloak and DaggerFrom Brigid’s POV, she was drinking before Ty and Tandy called her to the club. She called in the shooting and didn’t give her name. Later, she went back to the bar. In her drunken state, she began seeing another version of herself who told her that she was taking over. Her personality completely changed.
It turned out that more than a dozen girls from Andre’s old neighborhood were missing. But, because of their class status and race, nobody but their families were looking for them.
Mikayla was found almost overdosed so Tandy went to the hospital to look into her mind. She and Brigid end up at the same location. They teamed up to capture and question one of the ambulance drivers. After getting answers, Brigid sent Tandy to keep watch for other drivers while she killed him.
Elsewhere, Evita coached Ty on his Veve drawing. He was able to transport them both to the hospital where Mikayla was. The pair share a kiss to hide from police. After parting ways, Ty went to see Brigid. He found her in her apartment, tied up. He set her free and took her with him to find Tandy. Tandy’s shocked that he transported two people before realizing that if Brigid was with Ty, she had been with someone else. The trio ends up coming face to face with Mayhem, Brigid’s doppelgänger.

Final take on last night’s Cloak and Dagger premiere

The return of great music, parallel scenes that connect thematically and emotionally made for great television last night. Season two is off to a strong start with the reveal of Mayhem. The relevant storyline of missing young women and sex trafficking is great. It was nice to see Ty and Tandy back together and talking through their life issues. I’m looking forward to seeing how C&D’s writers handle Ty’s wanted status and Brigid’s current arc.


I’m giving the Cloak and Dagger premiere a 9 out 10.


Cloak and Dagger airs Thursdays at 8 PM EST on Freeform. You can watch this week’s episode on Freeform or Hulu.


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