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It’s time for our weekly dosage of the Flash with this week’s episode fittingly titled “Magenta” based on the name of the villain of the week which was, you guessed it, Magenta. The Flash has been the show that I have most looked forward to each week so I always go in with high expectations.

We kick off with Joe’s second daughter Barry (Yes, that isn’t a typo) taking Iris on a rather awkward date, but it is soon interrupted by Cisco at STAR labs. Someone’s coming through the passage linking Earth 2 and Earth 1. As it turns out it was Harrison Wells along with daughter Jesse Quick, with the latter having new-found super speed! Just seeing Harrison back made the episode for me as he has been my favourite character ever since the beginning of the show. He is ecstatic about Jesse having super speed. Not. Instead he tries to get just about everyone to convince her not to use her powers. Just seeing Jesse with powers send Wally into a mood, disappointed that he didn’t get powers. At one point he even steps in front of traffic to try to “activate” his powers. Caitlyn tries to speak to Jesse but the worlds worst advice talk  drives a wedge between Jesse and her dad.

Meanwhile, as follows the trend of the first few episodes of a season of the Flash, there was a villain of the week. An orphan girl named Frankie uses her powers of controlling metal to put her abusive adoptive dad in hospital using a lamppost. The fact he even survived was probably the most shocking part of the scene. Frankie, however, doesn’t realise she even uses her powers, as she gets taken over by Magenta at times (Don’t worry, she isn’t Primal Fearing us). CSI Julian Dorn works out it is her immediately and causes her to become Magenta in the CCPD. Seriously Barry, step up your game, it takes you at least half an episode usually. This eventually culminates in Magenta trying to kill her  father again at the hospital using a full-sized boat. Talk about overkill. Barry needs help stopping the boat and talking to Magenta so Harry tells Jesse she can go help him. Barry and Jesse save the day, with Jesse making up with her dad in the process. Barry and Iris finally end their date on a high note, whilst the episode ends with Julian, Barry and Joe watching a video of an unseen force killing Edward Clariss in his cell.

The Flash
The Flash — Pictured (L-R): Joey King as Frankie Kane and Tom Felton as Julian Albert — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC.

Well, where to begin? It has to be the supporting characters of the show. Bringing back Harrison and Jesse was a big positive in my books. Who didn’t miss the complicated science from Wells, or his brilliant one-liners? I certainly did. Jesse with speed was also amazing to see after being teased for so long in season 2. Plus it feels like a romance is bubbling between her and Wally. It wasn’t just those two I was impressed with, but also Julian Dorn. I had complete trust in the character after I learned Draco Malfoy was playing him and he has delivered. Entertaining  scenes are always on hand with him as he always has a comeback to whatever Barry says in his killer one-tone voice. Grant Gustin has perfected the eye roll with the amount of times he has done it at Julian (I mean he did solve the case in about 2 minutes, give him some credit). Joe, Iris, Cisco and Caitlyn all delivered as usual.

The only slight disappointment was Wally West. He seemed very whiny throughout the episode and refused to listen to anyone. Understandable though as now more people around him have powers and he still doesn’t have any. The plot of the episode itself was still fresh whilst building toward something bigger. Dr. Alchemy re-appears but we are still in the dark about why he wants Flashpoint back. I can safely predict that Wally will probably encounter Dr. Alchemy in a way to get his Flashpoint powers back. It was fascinating to see Barry take down the villain through the use of talking and encouraging Frankie to fight back against Magenta, rather than using his speed. The show made you genuinely feel sorry for Frankie, the abused orphan. Seeing Jesse Quick in action was a bonus, but the star for me has to be Harrison. The flash continues to go from strength to strength.

8.75/10   (10/10 for Wells)

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