After the “Crisis On Earth-X” crossover and Barry and Iris officially getting married, The Flash and team are back in Central City to deal with their own villains. Let’s recap “Don’t Run”.

The FlashChristmas has arrived and Caitlin is surprised to hear that Cisco, Harry, and Ralph have been hanging out with Killer Frost. They even have an inside joke. She isn’t pleased to hear them talk about how cool she is.

At their apartment, Barry and Iris sort through their wedding gifts. One is a random knife. It also looks like Mick (LOT) stole enough toasters to last them a lifetime. That night while they’re out, DeVoe shows up and takes Barry. At Jitters, Caitlin and Harry’s encouraging moment is interrupted by Amunet Black aka Blacksmith.

The metahuman stops Caitlin from turning into Killer Frost with a suppression device and takes her to an abandoned hospital. There she has an injured meta (played by Kendrick Sampson) that she wants Caitlin to save. If she fails to save him, she dies too. The meta, named Dominic Lanse, is telepathic.

Elsewhere, Barry wakes up in DeVoe’s basement, unable to escape. DeVoe claims that he has a lesson to teach Barry. In the midst of their conversation, Joe rings the DeVoes’ doorbell. DeVoe isn’t surprised to see him and even calls out Harry who is hiding outside with a weapon. Tensions are high but DeVoe doesn’t give anything away. Harry returns to the lab frustrated. Cisco and Ralph bump heads and Harry tells Iris that they need to focus on finding either Caitlin or Barry, not both. They don’t have the resources to focus on both. Iris is torn because she doesn’t want to give up on either.

The FlashCaitlin and Dominic try to escape together but get caught. Amunet gives Caitlin a somewhat encouraging talk to get her to save Dominic. It’s kind of ruined when she threatens to kill her mid-procedure when there’s a complication. Iris decides to focus efforts on finding Caitlin and they quickly locate her and vibe to her location, saving her and Dominic.

Barry is able to phase through the prison the DeVoes created. He ends up flying through the city when The Thinker takes off in his chair. When The Thinker tries to grab Barry with the chair’s claws, the speedster lets them phase through his body causing the chair to be damaged. They both land in the river, only Barry has the Flash suit’s flotation device and DeVoe doesn’t. Barry returns to S.T.A.R. labs exhausted to everyone’s relief.

Ralph decorates Joe’s house, surprising them all. Caitlin invites Dominic over, who assures them that he only wants to find out about his powers, not fight crime. Barry goes to check out his and Iris’ loft when a security alert goes off. He gets a phone call from Dominic who ends up being Clifford inside of the meta’s body. It turns out that Amunet was so adamant about saving Dominic because DeVoe was trying to buy him from her. The DeVoes cornered him after his escape and transferred Clifford’s consciousness into his body.

Inside the loft, Barry discovers Clifford’s old lifeless body, bloody and stabbed by the knife that was a mysterious wedding gift. When Captain Singh and cops arrive, Barry decides not to run and he’s arrested for Clifford’s murder. Elsewhere, Clifford/Dominic leaves the Christmas gathering to meet up with the Mechanic.

Final Thoughts and Rating of this week’s episode of  The Flash

What a crazy ending! Of course, Clifford is beyond genius, but I’m not quite sure Flash writers have done a good job of making it seem like others will believe Barry was unhinged or obsessed enough to murder him. The transfer from his decaying body to Dominic’s body reminded me of Get Out. I doubt the writers thought that possible comparison through. I’m happy to see Kendrick Sampson on my screen again, but I’m still weirded out with how the writers decided to handle his character. Nevertheless, I’m interested in seeing his performance for the rest of the season. In a preview, it looks like Barry will have to consider revealing that he’s the Flash as a defense in court. Can’t wait for 2018!

I’m giving “Don’t Run” a 9/10.

The series airs Tuesday at 8 PM EST on the CW. New episodes return January 16th.


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