This week on The Flash, Cisco met someone from Gypsy’s earth and Barry encountered an old foe. Spoilers ahead for “Elongated Journey Into Night”.

The episode started off with Cisco and Gypsy in the middle of some quality time, when her father (played by Danny Trejo) arrives and attacks Cisco. The next day, Cisco takes her dad, Breacher, to S.T.A.R. Labs for a tour. When Joe and Barry arrive, Breacher thinks Barry is Cisco’s assistant.

The team discovers the bus driver from the day of the incident is dead and a familiar face may have been on the bus after finding an IOU. Joe and Barry go to see Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), a former cop who ended up being dirty. There’s bad blood between him and Barry. Ralph, now a private investigator, tries to get money in exchange for information. Right after the duo leaves, men arrive and threaten Ralph, holding him over the side of the building. Ralph’s legs stretch, catching Joe and Barry’s attention. Thus, The Elongated Man is welcomed to the Arrowverse.

When Gypsy leave Cisco and her dad alone at Jitters, Breacher tells Cisco that he’s going to hunt him for 24 hours. If he’s caught he isn’t good enough for Gypsy. Cisco thinks its a joke before realizing the man is very serious. They both take off and Gypsy quickly realizes what’s going on since her father has hunted her previous boyfriends.

The Flash
The team’s reaction to Dibny’s powers.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team works to return Ralph to normal. When he sneezes, his face stretches causing Joe to throw up. Ralph and Barry are still at odds. Barry suggests locking him in the pipeline prison, but Caitlin strongly disagrees.

Barry and Iris leave to get DNA from Ralph’s office. While there, Barry explains that during his rookie days, Dibny was a detective who got fired because he planted evidence and Barry told on him. Iris finds a hairbrush and goes through Ralph’s desk where she finds a bomb. Barry phases through the floor, saving them.

It’s later discovered that Ralph made several phone calls to the mayor and Barry and Joe go to see him. The mayor says Ralph has photos of him cheating on his wife and threatened to release them unless he’s paid. This makes Barry even more distrusting of Ralph. Caitlin is able to return Ralph’s body back to its original state but before he leaves, he and Barry get in a fight. Barry punches him, but Ralph’s face stretches around his fist. Blaming Barry for ruining his life twice, Ralph leaves.

The mayor sends hitmen after Joe, Barry, and Ralph, while Breacher stumbles upon footage of Ralph stretched out while in S.T.A.R. Labs. The Earth-19 hunter thinks Ralph is a member of a race that destroyed his planet and goes after him.

Ralph meets the mayor in a back alley and gives him the photos for free. The mayor shoots him, but the bullet comes out of Ralph’s nose. Barry knocks out the men that come after he and Joe and arrives in his suit to confront the mayor. Breacher arrives too and blasts both Barry and Ralph. This gives the mayor the chance to grab Joe at gunpoint and escape to his helicopter.

Cisco arrives and explains that Ralph got his powers because of him and his team. Breacher backs down while the others scramble for a way to save Joe. Barry and Cisco encourage Ralph to use his powers to stretch and grab the helicopter since Barry isn’t able to get up there himself. Ralph stretches and Barry speeds up his arm and disarms the mayor. When he realizes he’s safe, Joe tells Barry that Cecile is pregnant.

The FlashBack at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team celebrates Joe’s news. Breacher admits that it was honorable of Cisco to protect Ralph and his friends aka giving him his blessing to date Gypsy. When he calls her to leave, Breacher reveals that Gypsy’s real name is Cynthia and his real name is Josh, which Cisco finds hilarious. After the father-daughter duo leave, the scene shifts to Caitlin finding an envelope in front of her apartment.

At Ralph’s office, Barry puts everything back together and offers to help him understand his powers and help him be a detective again. Ralph accepts the offer. When Barry asks why Ralph went after the mayor in the first place, he tells him that a man named DeVoe called and tipped him off. This triggers two memories in Barry’s mind where future Barry and Abra Kadabra (from Season 3, Ep. 18) both mention DeVoe.

Final Thoughts and rating on last night’s episode of The Flash

While I’m not super familiar with Dibny’s canon portrayal, I saw that quite a few people were not happy with the character being portrayed as a dirty cop in The Flash this week. The show’s executive producer said they made his backstory “murkier” because the team currently didn’t have anyone filling the “jerk” trope and the CW shows are about people becoming heroes not necessarily starting off as great people.

While I understand the decision, one can only hope that it won’t turn off comic fans enough to make them flip the channel. I’m not a fan of bringing in a new team member right after Wally leaves. On the plus side, I’m glad they decided not to have Joe wait too long to tell the others about the baby. People telling him he was glowing was hilarious. Visually the episode was great, so shoutout to Tom Cavanagh (Harry Wells) who directed it. Story-wise it felt like a bit of a filler.

I’m giving “Elongated Journey Into Night” a 7/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW Network.

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