This week on The Flash, an environmental terrorist named Veronica Dale (Bernadette Saquibalset off a nuclear bomb just when Jesse stopped by Earth-1 to visit her dad and settle their issues. “Enter Flashtime” started off with a disheveled looking Barry telling Iris that he can’t save them.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton in The Flash (2014)Nine minutes in the past, before the team even gets the distress alert, Barry is training to run through Cisco’s breaches. After Iris comforts Barry through his frustrations and convinces him to take a night off for date night, Cisco and Harry reveal a map of everywhere DeVoe’s portals have opened.

They can track his portals back three years. Jesse arrives to see her dad soon after he sends her an apology cube. They’re mid-argument when they’re alerted to an attack on an ARGUS transport. Jesse decides to go along to get away from her dad.

Team Flash takes out Dale’s armed men that have Joe, CCPD officers, and ARGUS agents nailed down, but Veronica detonates the bomb. Barry enters what Cisco dubs “flashtime”; when he moves so fast that everything around him is frozen. While he can slow things down, he can’t completely stop the bomb from going off. Jesse quickly joins him in flashtime.

Barry directs her to get Jay Garrick from Earth-3, hoping that having another, more experienced speedster can help. His next plan of action is to bring Cisco into flashtime. Cisco can’t breach to a dead earth while moving so fast and can’t think of any way to stop or get rid of the bomb. Cisco’s body can’t handle moving at Barry’s speed so he lets him go.

Following Cisco’s advice, he speeds to S.T.A.R. Labs and brings Harry into flashtime. Harry demands that Barry get Jesse out of Central City before suggesting that Barry can put the bomb in the speed force. He isn’t sure about what will happen inside as a result. Jay tells him that if they do that they would lose it and every speedster across space and time would lose their speed.

Jay suggests trying to cool the bomb down. They have Killer Frost try and freeze it but she can’t. It reacts again and it’s shell starts splitting. Jesse proposes they use their lightning to shift its reaction, but Jay doesn’t have enough energy left. He is unable to stay moving at flashtime for long.

Jesse suggests running back in time but Barry refuses, not wanting to change timeline again. When our duo of speedsters starts slowing down, Barry sends Jesse away to save herself. Jesse goes to see her father instead and ends up stuck as she’s too exhausted to keep running.

Upstairs, Barry fails to come up with another plan. Sweaty and tired,  he goes to see Iris and “Enter Flashtime” reaches the same point we started off with. Sentimental that they’re about to die, he tells her that she’s his lightning rod. His comment makes her think of the sphere Cisco and Caitlin used to trick the speed force.

Inside the speed force, Barry grabs said sphere, drawing out its powers. Speed force lightning overpowers the bomb. CCPD finds Veronica Dale’s manifesto and Barry and co. wonder if DeVoe tipped her off about the ARGUS transport. Jay decides that he’s going to rest and train another Flash on his earth so he can retire.

As Barry and Iris settle in for the night, Harry uses the cerebral device to let Jesse hear his thought about her mother and why he’s been struggling with her death for so long. The pair bond over the moment before she goes home. Later that night, Harry and Caitlin go our to get coffee. Caitlin expresses concern over not having memories about what Killer Frost does before the same girl who worked at Barry and Iris’ wedding spills coffee on their table. The encounter is awkward and a little suspicious.

Review of this week’s episode of The Flash

This may be one of the best episodes of The Flash this season. Starting the episode off with the flashforward kind of let you know that Barry was going to fail until the end of the episode. I would have preferred if they didn’t have that at the beginning so the tension would have been even higher. I loved all the speedsters working together, but I didn’t love Jesse’s attitude or snide comments about her dad.

Some people are upset that Iris came up with the idea to use the sphere, but seeing as she’s logically the last person Barry would go see it makes sense for her to remember and think of that option. Iris isn’t an idiot at all. She’s no scientist, but she’s been around them to know a few things or at least propose some kind of idea.

The effects this week were great. One of my favorite moments is when Barry is running and the camera angle shows the glass on the hood of the police car shaking. I loved that shot. A great performance from Grant Gustin who said he was nervous about that emotional scene with Iris. He nailed it!

I’m giving “Enter Flashtime” a 10/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW Network.


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