The FlashLast week on The Flash, Barry and his team were outsmarted by the DeVoes, resulting in the loss of Ralph, the other bus metas they had taken in, and Caitlin’s Killer Frost alter ego. This week’s episode, “Fury Rogue” showed the results of Harry’s overuse of his thinking cap, Ralph’s “death” and the DeVoes’ next plan after stealing a dark matter device from Harry’s cap charging station. Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode.

As Harry discovered that his intelligence was dwindling due to his cap, Barry and Iris went to therapy to discuss Ralph’s death. Barry claimed to be fine since he’s dealt with a lot of death in his life. In their pocket dimension, the DeVoes were at odds as Marlize wanted to spend time with her husband and Clifford wanted to move on to the next phase of their plan. He squashed her hopes by saying, “Leave the thinking to me.”

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco got the idea to build a second thinking cap for himself. Harry was hesitant but let him move forward with his plan, not wanting to reveal his own secret.

Just as we got a taste of Caitlin’s feelings about Killer Frost being gone, the team jumped into action after three pocket dimensions opened and closed quickly near Tracy’s lab where Fallout, the radioactive meta, was held.

Without Killer Frost’s powers, Barry and Cisco went to Earth-X to grab Leo Snart. They wanted him to use his powers to cool Fallout enough to move him to a safe location away from the DeVoes. They got more than they bargain for when Earth-X’s Black Siren followed the trio through the breach. Snart agreed to help with the promise of getting home in 24 hours since he and Ray had planned to get married the next day.

Downstairs, Cisco and Harry’s first test on the new thinking cap failed and Harry pretended to be bummed. While the team made final plans to move Fallout, Siren X used her abilities to listen in from a good ways away from the building. Before they left with Fallout, Caitlin injected everyone with non-radioactive iodines to protect them a bit if Neil’s suit failed.

They weren’t on the road long before Clifford arrived to take Neil. Barry froze after DeVoe used Ralph’s nickname for him but their showdown was interrupted by Siren X. Clifford quickly fled and Barry and Leo are knocked out by a sound wave. When they awaken, Siren X had taken Neil, Caitlin, and Joe. Cisco wanted to use the thinking cap but Harry broke it and revealed his deterioration.

Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Katie Cassidy, and Ryan Alexander McDonald in The FlashClifford was pissed that Barry didn’t defeat Siren X and Marlize had to explain to him that he didn’t calculate how facing him after Ralph’s death would impact Barry. She chastised Clifford for not taking into account how emotions work.

While Leo made Barry confront his feelings over Ralph, Siren X arrived at CCPD with her hostages. Barry and the others arrived and Neil almost exploded after Barry was struck by flashbacks of Ralph. Leo had to shake him out it before Barry was able to take down Siren X.

When the team reconvened at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco gave Leo a breach splicer so he could visit Earth-1. After Leo’s farewell, Barry told Iris that he made an appointment with Dr. Finkle while Caitlin discovered that there was still a cyrogenic anomaly in her DNA. Downstairs, Cisco convinced Harry to stay so they could work on a way to fix his brain.

In their pocket dimension, the DeVoes watched the security feed of Neil in A.R.G.U.S. Clifford made it a point to emphasize that human emotions were a hindrance to Barry and to their plain while Marlize turned from her husband to hide her tears.

Review of this week’s episode of The Flash

I always love a Snart cameo. When he was first introduced into the Arrowverse, I hated the way he talked but he has grown on me. His inclusion in this week’s storyline made sense with Killer Frost’s absence. I can already predict that Cisco is going to try and cover for Harry until the man is ready to reveal the truth to the team. “Fury Rouge” was a decent episode but not much to wow at. I am a fan of Marlize’s slow character development as she deals with her husband’s unfeeling personality.

I’m giving this week’s episode of The Flash an 8 out of 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW Network.



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