This week on The Flash, Barry, and Iris hit the town for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Things don’t exactly go as planned. Spoilers for this week’s episode, “Girls Night Out” ahead.

The episode kicked off with Cisco, Barry, and Harry discussing who DeVoe could be, while Ralph shows off his newfound control over his abilities.  They’re surprised when Felicity arrives, balloons and all for Iris’ bachelorette party. Ralph’s stretched out body freaks her out and she runs away to find the girls.

The FlashFelicity and Iris convince Caitlin, who was looking at flights before they came into the room, to come out with them that night. At the house, Cecile and her daughter, Joanie, gush over Cecile’s pregnancy.

Later, Ralph shows up uninvited to Joe’s house where the guys are watching home movies and drinking. To liven up the night he brings them to a gentlemen’s club where he’s a regular customer. Barry isn’t sure about being there, especially when they have to turn their phones in.

Cisco produces a special concoction that gets Barry drunk and Joe gets a surprise when one of the exotic dancers turns out to be Joanie. They also have a deal with a drunk Barry who keeps telling people he’s the Flash, although nobody believes him. Joe confronts Joanie, who explains that she’s using the experience to help her write a book on the female experience, which includes life dictated by the male gaze. Barry is now emotional over his love of chicken wings and Rose not making room for Jack in Titanic. Things get worse when one of the dancers accuses Ralph of stealing $20 dollars and another patron breaks Ralph’s number one customer picture frame. The two men start a brawl.

Elsewhere, Iris’s dinner is interrupted when Caitlin’s former associate arrives and tells her that Amunet wants to see her. The others think he’s a stripper, but realize he isn’t when he drops his eye into a glass of champagne and a long tongue comes out of the socket. Everyone freaks out and other diners run away in terror. The other girls try to fight him off and fail, forcing Caitlin to transform and throw him through a window. The others watch in awe.

Later, Killer Frost reveals that Caitlin was planning to leave town. The girls follow her to a sketchy nightclub. Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) leads her to a back room to show her something.  On the dance floor, Felicity and the others are offered a glowing blue substance, but turn it down. Iris witnesses Amunet discussing a metahuman she has chained up. It turns out the blue substance is made from of tears from the meta.

Amunet wants Frost to keep her safe while she sells his tears in Central City. Frost reiterates that she’s done and tensions grow as both women prepare to fight. Iris stops them before things get worse. Amunet allows them to leave, telling her henchmen to let Frost think she can walk away.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Frost reveals that the woman’s name is Amunet Black. Cecile recognizes her and explains that she’s been linked to the meta black market and is responsible for selling stolen tech.

Caitlin went to Amunet six months ago because she felt Frost growing stronger and found out that the dealer had tech that would allow her to stay in control. The price was being Amunet’s muscle. Frost declares she’s unstoppable before leaving. The trio decides to go after Amunet on their own with Cecile’s CCPD data and Felicity’s tech abilities to find blueprints for the club.

Amunet corners Killer Front and uses her powers to cover her arm in metal, which also act as projectiles. She knocks Frost out, making her revert back to Caitlin. The police show up before she can take her out. Caitlin sneaks away while Amunet talks to them. She goes back to the lab, where Iris helps her patch up. They realize that they’re not that close.

The boys have landed themselves in jail. Barry vows to never drink again and comforts Joe, who is worried about being a dad again after watching Barry’s home videos and dealing with Wally being gone. Barry tells him that now he has the support that he didn’t have before, just before Harry comes and bails them out.

Across town, Amunet meets with a businessman who’s impressed by the Weeper’s powers and agrees to buy him. Caitlin shows up to protect  Iris and Felicity when they get caught by nearby guards. When Amunet refuses to let them go, she transforms and creates an ice dome to hold off gunfire. Using a huge magnetic crane in the warehouse, they nullify Amunet’s powers.

Iris stops Killer Frost from killing Amunet and the woman runs away. When they free the Weeper, he runs off. The guys arrive back at the lab and agree not to discuss what happened that night. Barry and Iris both reveal that things were a bit of a mess on both sides. Caitlin shows the guys her Killer Frost form, which confuses Barry, frustrates Cisco, and excites Ralph who thinks she’s hot. She explains everything to them, while Joe heads home. He and Cecile share their fears of being parents again. Back at the lab, Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor, citing that weddings are new beginnings and that she wants to build their friendship.

Somewhere in the city, the Weeper is caught by DeVoe.

Final thoughts and rating for this week’s episode of The Flash

The girls held their own pretty well when they all worked together, while the guys were just a hot mess. I loved drunk Barry crying about chicken wings and Titanic. What’s unrealistic is the team only communicating by phone. I would have imagined Cisco or Harry would have developed a watch or something in case someone didn’t have access to their phone. Example, a gentlemen’s club with a no-cellphone policy. I would also expect someone on the team to be the lookout back at S.T.A.R. Labs for any crimes going on in the city.

Killer Frost looked like a scared little girl when Amunet started attacking her. I was expecting more from their encounter. But, with the dealer still on the loose, there’s the opportunity for an improved round two. Since we haven’t seen much of Cecile’s daughter her storyline tonight was a bit weird. I’m all for her research, but I couldn’t even remember she was a writer when she explained that she was writing a book. I’m also still a little unsure about Iris running around saving the day. We haven’t seen her do any kind of training so it just seems like she’s playing hero to be near Barry rather than actually feeling passionate about the task. She was a badass journalist. Why scrap that?

Ralph’s presence so far seems to create someone to get Barry in trouble and to make douchey comments. How he’ll be in his progression as a hero is unclear, especially when he’s stealing money from people in a nightclub.

I’m giving “Girls Night Out” a 7/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST.


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