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Last week on The Flash, Barry and the team worked with an unlikely ally and Harry continued to deal with the aftermath of the Thinking Cap. Here’s a recap of “Harry and The Harrisons”.

While Iris decided to write an article exposing DeVoe to warn everyone, Caitlin and Cisco discovered that DeVoe would be using his stolen satellites to reboot everyone’s pre-frontal cortex. Because Clifford had Kilgore’s powers they had to find a non-tech device to destroy them.

When Harry and Cisco called on the Council of Wells for help, they refused because of Harry’s decreased intelligence. Elsewhere, Caitlin tried everything to get Killer Frost back including acupuncture. Using some advice from Joe, Caitlin decided that it was best to team up with Amunet Black against DeVoe using her psychic-powered shards. Team Flash was hesitant to work with her, but Barry and Caitlin go to her hideout anyway.

Turned out that Amunet had been missing since her deal with Warden Wolfe went south months ago. Relying on Caitlin’s knowledge of Amunet, they learned Amunet’s real name and came up with a few locations to check. Before they all headed out, Barry advised Iris to wait on releasing her DeVoe story. Downstairs, Cisco called in a few Wells that had been kicked out of the council.  Harry wanted nothing to do with the ragtag group of Harrisons and their eccentric personalities.

Katee Sackhoff and Danielle Panabaker in The Flash (2014)In the back of what looked to be a regular market, Joe and Caitlin found Amunet aka Leslie working in an illegal casino. Joe’s badge made everyone scatter. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Amunet saw through Barry’s disguise and decided to help because DeVoe’s plan would be bad for business.

Her only stipulation was that they helped her find more shards. After getting her alone, Caitlin asked Amunet to help her get Killer Frost back with her genetic splicer. Unfortunately, it was stored with her shards in her storage unit that was robbed.

While Barry, Caitlin, and Amunet discovered that Norvock was the robber, the Harrisons attempt to help Harry was an epic fail. Caitlin grew frustrated when they couldn’t find Norvock, forcing her to reveal her endeavor and deal with Amunet to the group. Just as Harry took the Harrisons advice and decided to try and put himself into Clifford’s shoes emotionally rather than intellectually, Iris presented Barry with her finished article and left him with the decision of whether or not it got published because he was nervous about how everyone would react.

After her mini-episode, Caitlin learned that the splicer didn’t really work the first time. The conversation helped Amunet figure out where Norvock went. When the team when after him, Amunet begrudgingly agreed not to kill anyone. While trying to protect Amunet and take out Norvock, Barry was exposed to Norvock’s venom. Barry phased through the venom just as Amunet almost killed Norvock. Caitlin was able to talk the woman out of killing him but not before she chopped his eye snake off.

Instead of sticking around to help them destroy the satellite, she left them with compounded pieces of her shards for the team to use. Back at the lab, Harry concluded that something must have happened between Marlize and Clifford causing him to stall his plan. After everyone went their separate ways for the evening, Barry gave Iris permission to publish her article. As they prepared to go to bed back, they’re surprised and happy when the citizens of Central City begin to respond with tips on where DeVoe could be.

Review of last week’s episode of The Flash

Amunet is a really fun character so her reappearance in episode 21 added some fun to what’s been a serious season between all of the dead bus metas, Barry in jail, Harry losing his intelligence, and Cisco and Cynthia’s break up. Because the team has been relying on intelligence to beat DeVoe, Cisco has spent a ton of time in the lab and not as much out in the field. I would really like to see his powers grow and get stronger, but he can’t do that if he’s stuck in the lab. Overall, it was an okay episode but a little predictable. For an episode called “Harry and the Harrisons”, there wasn’t much of them in the episode.

I’m giving season 3, episode 21 of the series a 7 out of 10.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW Network.




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