This week on The Flash, the team takes a case at Barry’s request while dealing with an unexpected development, and a new meta. Here’s a recap of “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”.

The FlashJoe gets more than he bargained for when Cecile develops telepathy. Apparently, she’s had dark matter lying dormant in her brain and the pregnancy activated it. Joe’s worried but Cecile is in awe of the development.

In Iron Heights, Barry seems to be settling in and decides to help out Big Sir after he learns that the man may not be guilty of a murder 15 years ago. He makes a call and enlists the help of his friends to try and clear Big Sir’s name.

Joe and Co. are pulled in another direction when an entire building goes missing. They follow a lead to Sylbert Rundin who has a ton of miniature cars, jets, and objects in his apartment. Things seem amiable until Joe asks if he was near Mercury Labs 15 years ago. He ends up shrinking Cisco and Ralph, leaving the team scrambling to find a solution and find Rundin, who uses Dwarf star to power his abilities. His moniker, Dwarfstar.

Despite his initial rejection of Barry’s offer, Big Sir begins to feel hopeful about his release. Barry is warned about helping other inmates with their cases, while Harry’s first attempt at fixing Ralph and Cisco destabilizes the pairs’ molecules, starting a countdown until they face complete cell combustion. Later, Harry and Cisco realize that in order for them to get big again they need to be exposed to Dwarfstar’s powers again.

They go after Dwarfstar as he tries to steal a blimp from a warehouse. He knows what they’re up to and is able to avoid shooting at Cisco and Ralph directly until Harry riles him up. Dwarfstar shoots at him but ends up hitting Cisco and Ralph in Harry’s pocket. Iris shoots the meta from behind with a suppression collar and Joe arrives to arrest him. Rundin won’t confess to robbing Mercury Labs and killing the guard so Big Sir remains in jail.

The FlashContrary to Goldberg’s warning, Big Sir doesn’t react violently to the team’s failure. Instead, he thanks Barry for reminding him what hope feels like. Inspired by Joe’s words of inspiration, Barry speeds Big Sir out of prison and to the Chinese city the inmate mentioned wanting to go to if he got out. The next day, Joe and Cecile have a chat about coming to terms with her sudden abilities.

In Iron Heights, Goldberg questions Barry about Big Sir’s disappearance and reveals that he put a camera outside of Barry’s cell. He produces a photo of a lightning streak coming from his cell and tells him that he now knows he’s the Flash. Goldberg also reveals that he drugged Barry’s pudding. The meta loses consciousness and is placed in a special cell. Overlooking the cell, the warden makes a call to Amunet Black, letting her know that he’s ready to do business.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of The Flash

This episode was an improvement from last week. The humor was balanced between characters and mini Cisco and Ralph were hilarious. The special effects were on point as well. I’m a little bummed that Big Sir is gone so soon, but it makes sense because Barry doesn’t look like he’ll be in Iron Heights much longer anyway. The annoying plotline of the night, Barry naively promising over and over that Big Sir would be cleared.

I’m giving this episode of Flash a 9.5/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on CW

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