This week on The Flash, Barry and the team took another L against the DeVoes while Harry pushed the limits of his Thinking Cap. Here’s a recap of “Lost Yourself”.

Using Cisco’s dark matter scanners, Ralph and Barry headed back to the bus where Ralph got his powers, hoping to find some trace of Edwin Gauss. They only found was an outline of his body as if he vanished after the dark matter explosion.

The FlashBack at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry was excited to show off his new invention, a sonic scepter. While everyone was happy with his new development and his plan to find DeVoe, Joe was worried about him. As for other developments, Caitlin developed a shot that would dampen her transformations to Killer Frost. She discovered that when her adrenal glands flood, she transforms. Her solution: epinephrine.

The team went out with the sonic scepter, but instead of finding DeVoe, Edwin popped out of a portal. He’s startled and disappeared as quickly as he came. Back at the lab, they learn that Gauss was off the grid before he got powers. The meta travels via his own pocket dimensions and with his powers, DeVoe wouldn’t need his chair. Using his thinking cap, Harry narrowed down which activity was DeVoe and which was Gauss and everyone split up to check out a location.

Before they leave, Joe went to check on Harry and learned that he was using the cap for more than just beating DeVoe. When he hinted that Harry might be addicted to using it, Harry got upset before quickly reigning himself in. After Joe walked away, Harry went into the room where Gideon is. Like the good cop he is, Joe hid and witnessed Harry going inside.

In a camp in the woods, it doesn’t take Barry, Caitlin, and Ralph to find Edwin amongst a group of hippie-like people. It also didn’t take long for one of DeVoe’s samuroids to attack. The android stabbed Caitlin and warned Dibny that he would cut through everyone in team Flash to get what he wants.

When Caitlin’s wound healed itself, Barry and Iris called the mission a success while Ralph was pissed because DeVoe was once again ahead of them and the others didn’t want to make the tough call and kill DeVoe. Ralph headed down to the pipeline to get some time alone only to end up sharing chips with Edwin. During their conversation, Ralph learned that Edwin “folded” into DeVoe’s lab once, proving Cisco’s understanding of the pocket dimensions wrong.

Elsewhere in the lab, Harry had a fit when he couldn’t find his thinking cap. He got aggressive with Cisco believing he took it only for Joe to walk in with the cap. Noticing the signs of addiction from his late ex-wife, Joe took the cap hoping to show Harry that he had a problem. He gave him the cap back, advising that he think hard about how it made him treat the people he cared about.

Ralph tried and failed to sneak Edwin out with Harry’s sonic scepter and Barry was forced to knock him out. When he woke up, he explained to Barry that’s he’s not worried about what DeVoe would do to him, but to The Flash and his team of loved ones. Agreeing that using Edwin to get to DeVoe’s lab is a good idea, Cisco, Barry, and Killer Frost went through a pocket dimension only to meet DeVoe’s hologram. While they stood around confused, Clifford and Marlize arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs.

With Killgore’s powers, Clifford hacked their computer system, forcing Iris to use an explosive device Cisco designed to escape. While Joe faced off with a samuroid, Iris went after Clifford’s chair, Harry went to get his equipment to break DeVoe’s hack, and Ralph headed downstairs to protect Edwin. Clifford used a Black Bison’s powers to bring a toy T-rex to life to distract Ralph and Marlize came at Iris armed with a samuroid sword.

Instead of grabbing his equipment, Harry opted for his thinking cap. He even had Gideon increase the dark matter input to maximum capacity against the AI’s warning. By the time Ralph defeated the dinosaur, DeVoe had killed Janet, Matthew, and Edwin, taking over the last meta’s body. After Barry, Cisco, and Killer Frost got tossed around, Ralph was able to use the sonic scepter and get the dampening cuffs on DeVoe. The issue was that he didn’t probably activate them.

The Thinker ripped off the cuffs and used Janet’s powers to immobilize Barry and took over Ralph’s body. Later, while they were in mourning over Ralph, Caitlin noticed that she felt off. It turned out that DeVoe used Melting Point’s powers to unravel Caitlin’s meta DNA, effectively getting rid of Killer Frost.

Later that night while Barry packed up Ralph’s office and promised to protect everyone, Clifford used Ralph’s powers to shift into his original appearance. His next move is a bomb to destroy team Flash and start the enlightenment.

Review of this week’s episode of The Flash

Well, this week’s episode was a bit depressing. I would hate to be cast as anything other than a recurring character on this show since there have been so many deaths this season. While Barry’s decision not to kill Clifford played a part in Ralph’s death, the meta’s own inability to probably use the handcuffs was a big catalyst too. Did he never learn how to properly use them or was he just too busy telling jokes?

Question: when did Marlize go from engineer and scientist to ninja? If you’re going to have characters fighting at some point, show them training so those skills don’t look like they come out of thin air. Also, if Iris is going to face off with villains, I need her to have back up guns and show off that self-defense training Joe taught her. Better yet, have someone work with her on the basics.

I’m hoping that getting rid of Killer Frost is a temporary thing because Caitlin’s character is a bit boring without her. I’m also hoping that we see the repercussions of Harry’s use of the dark matter this week since he seemed okay at the end of the episode. RIP Ralph…for now maybe?

I’m giving this week’s episode of The Flash an 8/10.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW.


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