the flashLast week on The Flash, the team had to get in sync again with Barry’s return, deal with a meta who could hack technology, and accept that there are metahumans who didn’t get their powers from the particle accelerator explosion. This week, when Rebecca Sharpe (played by Sugar Lyn Beard) gains the power of luck, the team gets more than their share of bad luck.

Rebecca Sharpe is a woman with bad luck before the Thinker started monitoring her. She ends up on a bus with several other people including Ramsey Deacon before a bright light appears. The next time we see her, she’s well dressed and robbing a bank while bad things happen to everyone around her. When Barry arrives on the scene, a delivery man knocks over a barrel spilling marbles onto the road causing the speedster to fall and lose Sharpe’s getaway car.

Bad luck is all around as Jesse breaks up with Wally via a hologram delivered by Harry, Barry sees Iris in her wedding dress and the place where they want to have their wedding burns down. At Joe’s house, the pipes are causing issues that Cecile and Joe can’t afford to fix. Cecile suggests that they think of moving, but Joe doesn’t want to because of the memories.

The team determines that dark matter is present at the scene of the robbery and tracks down its source. They end up at the spot where Barry came out of the speed force. The event released dark matter and turned everyone on the passing bus into metahumans. Harry and Cisco bump heads when they explain what happened to the team because Harry told Cisco not to use his calculations without telling him. At the house, the pipes start leaking, making Joe actually consider selling it.

The FlashWhen Cisco locates Rebecca, who goes by Becky, Barry heads to Jitters and tries to talk her into figuring out what’s going on so bad things will stop happening to other people. Although she momentarily looks guilty she says, “Maybe it’s just their turn” before leaving a paranoid Barry to make sure nothing bad happens to the people in the cafe.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco gives Becky the codename Hazard. In a hilarious scene, Iris calls Barry to meet her at a church. She’s in a white dress and hands him a tie saying, “We’re getting married, here put this on.” Immediately after a funeral finishes, she rushes up the altar and asks to be married. As the priest begins the ceremony, he has an allergic reaction to cinnamon incents used.

Harry reveals to Cisco that Jesse and her team on earth-2 kicked him off of their team and now he doesn’t want to go back. When Iris and Barry get back to the labs, an alert sounds as Becky’s quantum “bad luck” field grows because she’s having a ton a good luck at the casino. Cecile slips and falls at the house, a goose flies into an airplane’s engine, and the particle accelerator turns itself back on. Barry rushes to the casino but manages to cuff himself while the house falls apart around Cecile and Joe. While Becky is on the verge of winning big, Cisco and Harry try to turn off the accelerator. Harry advises that they let it explode.

When it explodes the hydrogen charge releases a blast that temporarily negates Becky’s quantum field. The plane regains its engines, Joe’s house stops falling apart, and Barry is able to get the cuffs off and arrest Becky. Cisco and Harry have a heart to heart and Cisco tells him that he doesn’t have to go back to his earth. When they’re all regrouped they are able to pull up the heat signature from the bus the day Barry came back. So now they know that there were twelve people on the bus.

The FlashWally reveals that he’s been on earth-2 the whole time and nobody noticed. Citing Jesse’s comments that she needs to focus on herself, he decides to do the same and leave Central City to stay with friends in Blue Valley. The team is accepting of his decisions and let him go.

Harry points out that someone must be orchestrating everything because there seems to be one move after another. With The Thinker and the Mechanic, she warns that they’ve discovered the targets sooner than they expected. The Thinker brushes it off saying he’s smarter than them. The scene returns to the lab where the Samaroid helmet is resting on a stand. The Thinker is using the helmet’s camera to spy on Team Flash.

When Joe arrives home, he tells Cecile that she may have been right about selling the house. She reveals to him that she has changed her mind. When he asks why, she tells him that she’s pregnant, leaving the detective frozen.

Final thoughts and rating on last night’s episode of The Flash

“Luck Be a Lady” was a really entertaining episode. There was plenty of humor, but a good balance of tense moments like the accelerator turning on and Barry watching everything in Jitters closely when Becky is nearby. Iris trying to rush the wedding right after the funeral had me laughing out loud. I’m not surprised at Wally’s exit, but I’m disappointed with how it was written. There’s no build-up to the decision. He’s put on the back burner in the first two episodes after five minutes kind of in the lead in the premiere, gone for the entire episode, and then given a scene where nobody fights for him to stay despite spending last season growing those relationships.

I’m not sure what the season has in store for Wally in the future, but I don’t see the point of wasting plot building up his character and giving him powers, only to underutilize him. Overall, it was a fun episode.

I’m giving “Luck Be a Lady” a 9/10. One off for how The Flash writers handled Wally.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW Network.


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