Last week on the season premiere of The Flash, Cisco used the modified speed force bazooka to pull Barry from the speed force prison after a Samuroid attacked the city. When Iris’ life is in danger he snaps out of his weird behavior to save her. This week, the team has to work on getting back into the flow of saving the day with an overexcited Barry at the helm.

The episode started with a rich guy named Kurt Weaver getting killed in an elevator that was hacked. On the other side of town, Barry starts off his day early; cooking a huge breakfast, speeding to Jitters, and speed watching Game of Thrones. We even got a Tom Cruise slide into the kitchen in his boxers. He also planned his and Iris’ entire wedding. Iris is startled by this, even more so when he cancels a team training stating, “Well, I’m back now, so we don’t need it.”

The FlashIn another new dynamic, Cisco now works as a tech consultant for the CCPD. He’s the one to discover the elevator has been hacked. Caitlin suggests that Iris and Barry go to couple’s counseling, but Iris says they know how to communicate perfectly, especially because they grew up together. Gypsy returns startling some of the team when she comes through a portal for her date with Cisco.

Barry and Iris have another miscommunication when a man’s car is hacked and speeds recklessly through the city. Barry goes on his own saying he can handle it, leaving Wally behind. When Iris tells Barry to send the car to the left to an empty roadway, he pushes the car right, saying he knows there’s an empty road nearby. What Barry doesn’t know is that construction has started on that road while he was gone. Barry rushes to dismantle the car before it hits a construction barrier wall.

Frustrated, Iris sets up a couple’s therapy session. Their session gets interrupted when Joe sends out an alert from the station. The hacker has hacked a police robot to take a grenade into the interrogation room where Joe is asking the driver, Tim Kwon, if anyone would want him dead. Cisco discovers that Tim and Kurt Weaver worked together with two others, Ramsey Deacon, and Sheila Agnani, to create an app called Kilgore. They ended up selling it for billions.

The Flash Mixed SignalsCisco cancels his date with Gypsy, while Iris and Barry go back to Doctor Finkel to finish their session. While Barry doesn’t see their latest few miscommunications as a big deal, Iris finally reveals that she’s still upset about Barry leaving. He doesn’t know how to answer when she asks how he could leave her like he did.

When Deacon attacks Sheila, Wally and Joe are nearby and save her before she goes into insulin shock due to Deacon hacking her insulin pump. In the encounter between Tim, Sheila, and Deacon, we learn that Kilgore was Deacon’s idea but the others took it and finished it before selling it, leaving Deacon with nothing.

Cisco patches things up with Gypsy after Caitlin tells him that the female Viber wasn’t happy about the canceled date. Gypsy reveals that its 1-1-1 day on her earth, a Valentine’s Day like holiday. Once that’s settled, Caitlin and Cisco create a serum that’s embedded with coding that will reverse the coding in Deacon’s DNA. They learn of the hacker meta’s location after a live stream of Tim confessing to stealing Kilgore from Deacon goes online. When they get to the scene, the meta hacks Barry’s new tech-filled suit. It makes him shot Kid Flash with an energy burst, knocking him out.

We learn that Cisco put a ton of new tech in the suit including a flotation device and a self-destruct. Barry ends up calling the team on a pay phone to get assistance. They come up with a plan that has Barry throwing a lightning bolt at himself. This short-circuits the suit and allows Barry to inject Deacon with the serum. They lock the meta up in Iron Heights where he reveals that he didn’t get his powers from the accelerator explosion and that he’s not the only one. This leaves the team wondering how this is possible and where are the others.

Elsewhere, Cisco and Gypsy finally have their date, while it’s revealed that The Thinker has eyes on Deacon in prison. The Mechanic says that the meta is right where they want him. The episode ends with the pair starting to track down the others.

Finals thoughts and ranking for this week’s The Flash

This week’s episode had great humor, drama, and action. The special effects for Deacon’s hacking were a little goofy looking, pink eyes and all. While I think it was a good idea for Iris and Barry to go to counseling it brought up a confusing plot point. To my understanding, the entire team knew Barry didn’t want to go and only did so to save everyone. Iris asking him how he could leave her, makes it seem like she thought he had a choice in the matter. This also furthers the point that besides Barry and Team Flash she no longer has any autonomy now that she’s no longer a journalist. The dynamic of Iris as a sort of boss to Barry is an interesting one, so we’ll see where it goes.

The storyline besides that and Wally being knocked out during the entire fight with Deacon was well done. I liked the other subplot of Gypsy’s return. While the scenes with Barry struggling with the hacked suit were serious because he was in danger, Cisco’s ideas and everyone’s reaction to them were great. The scene where Barry saved Tim and Joe from the grenade was cool as well.

I’m giving this episode of The Flash,“Mixed Signals” a 9/10.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW Network.


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