The Flash

This week on The Flash, we started things with a flashback to the night of the Enlightenment during season four. A young woman recording the event was saved by XS. In the present, Iris’ hope to get closer to get closer to Nora didn’t quite work out while Cisco went to lay low at his parents’ house while he healed. With Sherloque, the team gathered for a brainstorming session on Cicada.

While Ralph wanted to look at a different angle, everyone else headed to the CCPD charity softball game. It turned out that Barry was a terrible athlete. During the game, Nora sassed Iris about the website of a writer who has a site and app like her’s. While going to get snacks, Nora’s eyes glowed purple and she wandered off. On the field, Officer Jones arrived with a backpack. Cecile knew something wasn’t right and yelled. Before the bomb in his bag could explode, Nora arrived and threw it into the air. In the shadows of a tree in distance, the creator of the Spyn Zone App and blog (played by Kiana Madeira) recorded it all.

The Flash

While Nora couldn’t remember saving everyone, Caitlin and Iris worried that she would become a target with her picture now everywhere. Iris went to go see the app’s creator, Spencer Young, who was also her former co-worker. The woman thought Iris saw her blog as a threat to her own and didn’t heed her warning. Instead, Spencer started a fire at CCPN. When Barry stood in front of Nora, not giving Spencer a clear picture, she used her powers to make him run to Vegas. Iris had to guide Nora through putting out the fire on her own.

While they wondered how Spencer reported on the fire before it was even reported, Sherloque and Ralph looked into the mask Cicada wore. They went to the company that made them, only to discover that all of their workers wear them. Orlin aka Cicada watched them leave. Later at Jitters, Iris and Barry sent Nora inside with a metascanner to see if Spencer was a metahuman. Nora got sidetracked and fangirled a bit when Spencer flirted causing Iris to rush inside and remind her daughter of their plan. The scan revealed no dark matter and Spencer left. When Iris warned Nora to stay away from Spencer, Nora snapped about Iris always trying to protect her. She revealed that future Iris had a power suppressor implanted in her and that she didn’t even know she had powers until six months ago.

The next day, Iris was still reeling from that news and Sherloque had Caitlin test out a theory about Cicada. After she punched Sherloque as hard as she could, they realized that his breathing sounded identical to Cicada. Before they could act on it, an alert about a bomb at a soccer game came through. At the already evacuated stadium, Nora and Barry found no bomb. Iris warned them that Spencer was controlling people with her headlines and not to look at them. Her warning was too late as Nora read a headline saying “XS Kills Flash”.

Iris used a breach device to vibe to the stadium and shot Nora with a tranquilizer, knocking her out and giving Barry a chance to catch Spencer. Later, Sherloque revealed that Nora hitting the satellite changed its trajectory and debris hit a different person, creating a different Cicada. They also realized that the satellite didn’t just create metahumans but metatech like Spencer’s phone and Cicada’s dagger. Later, Nora got upset when Iris tried to explain that any decision to suppress her powers had to be for a good reason. She was even more upset and went to stay with Joe and Cecile when Barry said that he supported Iris. Elsewhere, Orlin discovered that he was stronger as dark veins spread from an injury.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of The Flash

Nora blaming Iris for something she hasn’t done yet reminded me of Star Trek with Nero blaming Spock for something that happened in another future timeline. I am glad that Barry supported Iris, even if it shifted how Nora thought of him. She has this view of him from stories, but it’s good for their relationship development for her to get to know her father for herself.

I missed Cisco this week and hope he won’t have to lay low for too long. I also enjoyed watching Ralph and Sherloque work together. I’m giving “News Flash” a 8 out of 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW.

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