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Last Tuesday, The Flash returned for its fifth season. At the end of last season, the team saved Ralph, destroyed the satellite hurtling at the city, said goodbye to Harry, and met a new, yet familiar face. Here’s a recap of the season premiere, “Nora”. The episode picked up right where we left Team Flash, celebrating Joe and Cecile’s new baby and reeling from the news that Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future is there with them.

Nora revealed that her speedster name was XS (future Iris told her she did things in excess) and that she was stuck in their time after helping Barry destroy the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite. While Ralph was in awe at the possibility of time travel, Barry was concerned about Nora messing up any timelines. We also learned that Cecile’s powers didn’t go away after she gave birth. With a new task ahead of them, Barry left a tipsy Cisco and the others to figure things out while he headed back to work at the CCPD.

The FlashHe got a surprise when Nora followed him and revealed that she’s a CSI in her time. When there’s a metahuman attack, Barry wore the OG Flash suit since the newest one was destroyed last season. He told Nora to stay behind, but she followed and distracted him, letting the meta called Gridlock get in a good hit and escape. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Nora apologized and told them she learned about Gridlock at the Flash museum.

Drunk Cisco and Ralph being late on time travel and multiple earths was a funny subplot, but things didn’t stay lighthearted for long. later, Iris had a hard time connecting with Nora. The team finally set up Thawne’s tachyon absorber so Nora can borrow some of Barry’s speed. When they said goodbye, Nora was short with Iris, telling her they would spend their whole lives together but gave Barry a big hug.

Just as they started running, Wally arrived and told them that they had to stop them. Right as a time portal opened, Barry and Nora were thrown back. It turned out that she had negative tachyons in her system, making it impossible for her to go on the waverider with the Legends or borrow from Barry. Because their systems are still down from DeVoe, team Flash missed Gridlock’s second robbery. At the scene, Ralph learned that Killer Frost was gone and took it upon himself to look into what she saw when Cisco vibed her. Cisco also learned that Gridlock absorbed kinetic energy and was only getting stronger.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry felt seeing adult Nora made them miss her firsts and their lives were out of order as usual. He also realized that Nora’s clingy behavior was caused by something happening to him in the future. He confronted her and she showed him the article Gideon had saved from the future about the Flash going missing. She revealed that he vanished and never came back and that she wasn’t really stuck here.

They’re interrupted when Gridlock got on a plane to rob a passenger and bring it down. Nora revealed a suit from the future before she, Barry, and Wally worked together to phase the plane safely through buildings and into the water. Later, instead of sending Nora back, Barry suggested that they make sure her powers were working properly before they sent her back.

As Iris and Barry watched over their family and friends from a distance, Joe advised Wally to finish working on himself. The next day, someone attacked Gridlock’s police escort. When the metahuman asked what the person wanted, they said “For all of you to die,” before displaying a glowing lightning blade.

Final thoughts on last week’s episode of The Flash

At first, I worried that Nora would be annoying but when you realize why she’s so adamant to spend time with him, it’s understandable. I’m happy they’re going back to the news article because I honestly forgot about it and its a nice full circle plot line. I was glad to see Wally again, but the whole “go and find yourself” idea is weak. His popping in and out sucks. I’d rather have him be a consistent presence but still living his life; going to school, etc. Barry teaching Nora how to phase was a cute bonding moment, but I’m hoping to see her and Iris act a little warmer. Not too excited about the mysterious villain, but we’ll see.

One of my favorite things about “Nora” was drunk Cisco. That must have been some strong champagne! I’m giving “Nora” an 8 out of 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on CW.

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