The Flash returned this week after a hiatus and team Flash was back at it again still dealing with the Thinker and bus metas. Let’s recap “Null and Annoyed”.

There were about four storylines going on this week; the team dealing with a bus meta, Barry dealing with frustrations about Ralph and his leadership, Marlize uncovering Clifford’s lies, and Cisco dealing with a familiar face. At the start of the episode, we see that Ralph is still both the comic relief and a source of the team’s (especially Barry’s) annoyance. Instead of going along with Barry’s plan in training, Ralph had an improv moment. He even mentioned that they could take their improv show to D.C. and call themselves the DC comics. Hardy har har.

Janet Petty Aka Null

The FlashBethany Brown starred this week as Janet Petty, one of two metas on DeVoe’s wishlist. They found Janet Petty’s social media accounts under the username Null, but she was untraceable until she stole a crown meant for a museum exhibition from a warehouse. The crime left two security guards (one played by Kevin Smith) confused.

Barry and Ralph went to the scene but only caused more of a mess when Ralph tried to use his powers in broad daylight and Barry tried to stop him causing Joe to decide that they can’t show up at crime scenes anymore. Later, Harry once again relied on his thinking cap to track Janet after they discovered she had used multiple aliases.

Ralph recognized his friend Earl’s address and transformed into Joe to go after him for trading with Janet. When she appeared, Ralph didn’t follow Barry’s plan, allowing her to use her powers to temporarily alter the density of Barry’s cells; she made him float.

When Janet reappeared, Barry went after her alone with a plan from Harry. Plans failed once again when Barry had her handcuffed but had to leave her alone in order to save a man from a truck that she made float and then fall. When Barry returned, Janet had picked the lock and escaped.

Old Man Breacher

Danny Trejo returned this week playing Gypsy’s dad, Breacher, who came to Earth-1 for Cisco’s help. He explained that he was battling Lord Crucifer and his vampire minions when his powers disappeared. After hearing from his daughter about Cisco’s knowledge, he came for help. Cisco was highly motivated to help because the man said he’d give Cynthia more time to be with him.

It turned out that Breacher simply lost his powers due to old age and lack of energy to create vibe blast. Instead of telling the truth, Cisco scrambled and gave him antihistamines as a temporary fix. Believing it was a cure, Breacher took them all and went off to battle Crucifer on his own.

Cisco saved him and revealed the truth, which pissed Breacher off. Later, Breacher returned a little less hostile and offered Cisco his job now that he’s retiring.

Ralph or You?

Barry believed Ralph wasn’t taking things seriously and benched him after Janet got away the first time. After his second plan went wrong, Iris questioned if it was really Ralph spontaneity that upset Barry or the fact that Ralph wasn’t doing things his way. Barry goes to Ralph later for help and the pair have a heart to heart where Ralph revealed that he is the way he is because he turned to hiding or making jokes to cope after his father left him and his mother.

When the team located Null at a gala, the pair went after her together. The Flash was able to speed everyone out of the area before she could make them float, but wasn’t able to keep himself grounded. Barry told Ralph to improvise and it actually worked. With Null in the pipeline, the team celebrated a win.

Deceit Uncovered

With the DeVoe’s, Marlize worked on a device to help Clifford sustain himself in Izzy Bowin’s body. When she dropped a glass by mistake she discovered a substance and was quick to analyze it. She’s pissed to learn that the substance used has the same properties as the powers of the Weeper who she thought was still missing.

When she made a recording to remind herself to escape, she discovered that she had already made the same video before. Clifford revealed that they had been through this more than once and the Weeper was created solely to keep her in line. He injected her with more of the chemical and knocked her out. When Marlize awakened she didn’t remember her husband’s scheme and the DeVoes repeated their earlier conversation about Izzy’s body failing.

In the final moments of the episode, Harry rebooted Gideon, who’s been offline for over 1,000 days.

Review of this week’s episode of The Flash

This week the writers did a better job of writing Ralph and his personality without making him annoying. Maybe that’s his growth or they’ve just found a better way to depict him. While I enjoyed Breacher and Cisco sort of bonding, I would have liked to see maybe a glimpse of Gypsy. We’ll probably see her soon especially after Breacher offered Cisco his job. In another turn of events, I sympathize a bit with Marlize. She’s done terrible things at her husband’s side but nobody deserves to be drugged and mind-controlled against their will.

I’m giving “Null and Annoyed” an 8 out of 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW Network.


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