The FlashLast week on The Flash, Barry barely stopped a nuclear bomb from destroying Central City and a reoccurring face visits again. This week, the team couldn’t agree on whether or not implement Harry’s plan to create his own thinking cap which upset Ralph. When Iris tried to comfort him, he snaps back saying she can’t possibly understand the danger he’s in and that as a non-meta she’s never directly at risk. Guess nobody told him about Savitar.

Barry is frustrated to learn that the mayor wants to meet the DeVoes herself before he can go back to work, while a meta loses his powers in the middle of a bank robbery after a bystander touches him and disappears. They discover that the power snatcher is Matthew Kim (Leonardo Nam) and decide to go interview him. Iris decides to go along with Joe, leaving Barry at S.T.A.R. Labs. Downstairs, Harry’s first attempt at his thinking cap works catches fire.

At the hospital, Joe tells Iris not to let Ralph get to her. When they find Kim, he immediately becomes defensive and holds a scalpel to Iris’ throat. When Barry arrives and shoves Kim away from her, the meta accidentally transfers Barry’s powers to Iris. Iris tries to get used to the speed while trying to comfort Barry because he feels like he’s had everything taken away from him.

Candice Patton in The Flash (2014)When a building downtown catches fire and Ralph refuses to leave the building, Caitlin volunteers Iris, who hesitantly agrees to go. She’s able to clear the building but can’t use wind tunnels to put out the flame the way the Flash does. When she gets pinned under falling debris, Cisco opens a breach and saves her. Ralph gives her flack for going out when she was unprepared before marching off to his room.

Cisco decides to help Harry work on his thinking cap, while Iris explains that she has to prove to herself that she’s still fearless like she was when she was a journalist going after dangerous leads. Her chance comes when the person who got the bank meta’s fire powers decides to test them out.

Jaco Birch played by Max Adler (Glee) creates a fire vortex. When nobody can think of a solution, Harry puts on his thinking cap and tells her to create a tidal wave. Barry gives her directions and she’s able to put out Birch’s flames. With Matthew in custody, Barry is able to get his speed back and Matthew decides to stay at S.T.A.R. Labs to go against DeVoe.

As the episode ends, Iris takes up writing on her website again and Harry and Cisco use the thinking cap to find the names of the final two bus metas.

Review of last night’s episode of The Flash

The set up for Iris getting her powers was predictable but I did enjoy the episode. The episode was really about Iris rediscovering herself and what she loved before she was given the reigns at S.T.A.R. Labs. I get that Ralph is scared, but I’m done with his attitude. He knows nothing about the team and what they’ve been through before he arrived, so all his little digs at Iris about her being a coward were annoying. Iris is a big girl but I’m surprised nobody said something to him, especially Joe since he knows that Ralph’s words drove Iris to go out into the field.

I get that the writers wanted Iris to have a chance to see what being a hero is like, but I was annoyed that they sent her out on her own not once but twice. Barry has training and even he doesn’t go out on his own, especially when the others powers would be useful. Not using Killer Frost against two fires? I’m sure the writers could have written Caitlin helping out without taking away from Iris’ journey to realizing that she’s not meant to be out in the field fighting metas.

On a side note, I’m hoping that Leonardo Nam’s Matthew doesn’t get killed off as quickly as the other bus metas if he does get killed off.

I’m giving “Run, Iris, Run” a 7.5/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW Network. New episodes air April 10th.


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