Danielle Panabaker, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Carlos Valdes in The Flash (2014)Last time on The Flash, Ralph shifted into DeVoe and the judge has no other choice but to release Barry. The other bus metas are killed by DeVoe except for Becky Sharpe. He takes over her body and kills Warden Wolfe.

This week, Barry is forced to take a leave of absence from the CCPD while the new mayor works to return balance after Wolfe’s murder and DeVoe’s supposed return. It also doesn’t help that many in Central City rightly suspect that the DeVoe who appeared isn’t really him, but a meta using his or her powers.

Ralph and Barry head out to find another bus meta, Izzy Bowin (Miranda MacDougall), an up-and-coming country singer. The DeVoes want her for themselves as Becky’s body begins to deteriorate after Clifford’s takeover. When the boys explain that she’s in danger, Izzy refuses to go with them. She uses her powers of amplifying sound waves to escape.

When Harry returns from Earth-2, he runs into Cecile who’s exhausted because she’s been kept up all night by Joe’s thoughts. Harry decides to build something that might help the situation. When the boys and Cisco, show up in costume, DeVoe makes his appearance. While Barry, Ralph, and Cisco get thrown around, Izzy is able to use her powers to hurt DeVoe, much to Barry’s surprise. Izzy is concerned with getting her big break and getting her life back instead of being trained.

Ralph convinces her to stay and train. Harry gets frustrated when Cecile complains about the size of his invention and they have a mini argument about his behavior. Elsewhere, Barry steps in to train Izzy when she fails to hit Ralph beyond her first attempt. She does well on moving targets but ends up cutting her arm. Not happy about getting hurt, she goes after DeVoe on her own, believing she can handle him. Ralph gets upset with Barry because he really likes her.

Cisco tries to vibe and find her, but DeVoe breaks the connection throwing Cisco across the room. Caitlin stays behind to take care of Cisco, while Ralph and Barry go after DeVoe and Izzy with a plan to use the cerebral inhibitor Harry originally developed for Cecile.

DeVoe ends up hacking the device despite Harry implanting a chip that was supposed to keep hackers out. The guys are powerless and have to watch as DeVoe takes over Izzy’s body, killing Becky.

Understanding how DeVoe is traveling, Cisco starts working to find out where DeVoe’s lair is located in another dimension. Ralph is saddened by Izzy’s situation and takes some time on his own. Elsewhere, Cecile and Harry work on their developing friendship, while the DeVoes celebrate their success.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of The Flash

I enjoyed Izzy’s character, but not her naivety in thinking she could handle DeVoe on her own without really knowing how to use her powers. This episode had a lot of moments that didn’t make sense or felt like the writers threw it in to create more conflict. At the beginning of the episode she’s able to toss Ralph and Barry without using a violin, so why is she completely at a loss after her violin strings break because of Becky’s bad luck powers? It just seemed like they made her weaker so DeVoe could win this round. Or maybe they’re trying to stick with the canon of Issac Bowin’s powers as The Fiddler in the comics since he uses a violin.

Another plothole, if Harry made the cerebral inhibitor unhackable how’d DeVoe hack it with Ramsey’s powers? Felt like just another point for DeVoe to keep the season going. I’m also a bit on the fence about Ralph being so upset about Izzy getting taken. He knew her for a day and became really protective of her in a way that felt rushed. Do better Flash writers.

What did I like about this week’s episode of The Flash and the country music meta? The people of the CCPD seem to be getting smarter and are actually questioning DeVoe’s magical reappearance. Also, I enjoyed Harry and Cecile’s dynamic. The SFX for Izzy’s powers were cool too.

I’m giving “Subject 9” a 6.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your rating!


The Flash airs on the CW Tuesdays at 8 PM EST.


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