I’m playing catch up this week to get up to date on our favorite speedster, The Flash and I know there may be some people out there who are behind like me. Here’s a recap of “The Death of Vibe.”

Episode three kicked off with a view of Nora in the Flash museum as a child in 2022 as she explained that nobody ever caught Cicada including the Legends, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. Because of the timeline change, Cicada was earlier than scheduled and had killed a different group of metahumans. While Ralph went to handle a robbery, Nora explained her plan to bring in a Wells to help them since they never went that route in the future.

Herr Wells couldn’t help, but he did call in Harrison Sherloque Wells, who was a detective. Elsewhere, Cicada focused in on Vibe and noticed Joe in the background of several photos with Vibe in the papers. It didn’t take Sherloque long to declare he knew where to find Cicada. While Barry and Nora went after him, Caitlin and Ralph went to see Caitlin’s mother about her father’s death certificate. Dr. Tannhauser told Caitlin that her father was dead and to let it go.

The Flash

Once again, Nora got ahead of herself but they captured who they thought to be Cicada only for him to appear at Joe’s house. He threatened Joe if he didn’t call Vibe. Elsewhere, Nora planned a party to celebrate their “success” while Ralph and Caitlin found her father’s suicide note. At Nora’s party, Barry revealed David Hersh had a different footprint than Cicada. Confused, Sherloque explained that he’d captured Cicada 37 times and it’s always the same guy. With new variables, they have to find a way to find him.

Later, Sherloque tried to fake his death to get out of his debt and Barry tried to comfort Nora who blamed herself for everything. Elsewhere, Cecile woke up and the baby’s cries alerted Cicada that someone else was in the house. When Cecile hit her distress signal, Cisco vibed there and was tackled into one of his portals by Cicada just as Barry arrived. When Barry and Cisco were powerless against Cicada, Nora slowed time at S.T.A.R. Labs to think of a plan before grabbing one of the pipelines power canisters before rushing off.

She arrived just in time to save her father. In the aftermath of the cannister explosion, everyone thought Cisco was dead and an injured Cicada fled. Before Barry could mourn his friend, Cisco vibed back and revealed that Nora brought him a breach device that saved his life. In the news, the world mourned Vibe, believing him dead.

The episode ended with Caitlin finding an encoded message in her father’s letter, Joe realizing that Cicada valued family because he was a father, the meta-killer visiting his comatose child in the hospital, and Sherloque asking Nora if she came up with the decision to change things on her own.

Thoughts on The Flash Season 5, Episode 3

Sherloque Wells is definitely going to be an interesting addition to the team. This whole Sherlock Holmes thing was a bit corny but was quite entertaining. I loved Cisco calling him Cumberbatch. As for the other plot points, when everyone thought Cisco was dead it took me a second to decide if I believed it or not, but I didn’t completely buy it.  Not sure what they could have done writing wise to make me believe it more. I’m glad Nora took her time to think out her planning this time around though.

The name dropping of our other DC heroes makes me wonder if we’ll see them encounter Cicada in this timeline. I miss seeing Joe run around with the team, but the rent reveal of Jesse’s back injury and his decision to take time away from The Flash makes more sense for how his character has been a bit more dialed back.

I’m giving this episode a 9 out of 10.


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