After winter break, The Flash returned last night with its mid-season premiere. Last we saw of Barry, he was getting arrested for Clifford DeVoe’s murder while his loved ones celebrated Christmas at Joe’s house. This week, Barry’s trial began and ended. Let’s recap “The Trial of The Flash”.

Barry’s not exactly a law-abiding citizen when he uses Cisco’s hacking skills to rig his ankle monitor so he can chat with the team at S.T.A.R. Labs when he’s supposed to be under house arrest. They’re confident that he’ll be okay even if he goes to jail, but Barry says he’s not going to run and become a fugitive. They take a look back at surveillance video of the day he came out of the Speed Force and ended up at CCPD’s station. In his lost state, he said “I’m innocent your honor. I didn’t murder anyone.” but Barry doesn’t remember anything he said during that time.

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Prosecuting lawyers have plenty of evidence against Barry and Joe and Cisco leave mid-trial after they get a metahuman alert. Cisco picks up on dark matter and continues to investigate while Captain Singh heads to court to testify. Prosecuting lawyer Anton Slater (Mark Valley) presses Singh about Barry’s six-month-long absence that wasn’t approved beforehand and 72 times he was late for work but wasn’t fired. He says that Barry probably has another life that Singh knows nothing about and he could be doing anything with his time.

During recess, Cecile proposes that Barry reveal his superhero identity. He’s against it, but she gives him time to think about it. Elsewhere, Ralph and Joe capture images of Marlize kissing Clifford who we know is in Dominic’s body. When Cecile presents photos in court, Marlize makes it seem like Clifford knew about their affair and was okay with it since it made her happy.

Outside, Marlize and Iris have a tense moment and Marlize questions what lengths she will go to for her husband. In response, Iris heads back inside to reveal the truth. Barry moves so fast that everyone but them is frozen. He tells Iris not to reveal his secret because he doesn’t want to endanger her. They share a kiss before Cecile surprises the courtroom by not putting up any defense.

Cisco and the others track a metahuman that’s putting off radioactive energy and knocking out everyone around him. To the room’s surprise, Barry leaves during closing statements when Cisco sends out a red alert. They’re able to stop the radioactive meta, who is innocent but just can’t control his powers, by creating a speed barrier and vibing his energy to Earth-15, which is a dead earth. In the courtroom, the jury finds Barry guilty.

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Clifford/Domonic arrives just before Barry’s sentencing to gloat. Apparently, there was a 12% chance that Barry revealed his identity to the world. As Captain Singh presents the Flash with a plaque of heroism for saving Central City, the judge sentences Barry to life in prison without an option for parole. In prison, Barry is placed in the same cell that his father was in.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of The Flash

“The Trial of The Flash” didn’t quite live up to the hype. Every option got shot down and Barry didn’t mount a defense. It made the plot feel a little predictable and dry. A chess game is hard to maintain and keep entertaining when one side has predicted their opponents moves. I’m interested in what the DeVoe’s next move will be and how everyone will get by once again without Barry and no Wally to be Central City’s speedster.

I’m giving episode ten a 7/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW Network


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