This week on The Flash, Barry won’t let go of the bad feeling he’s getting from Clifford DeVoe. “Therefore I Am” started off with a flashback of DeVoe from four years ago. As a professor at Central City University, he’s disillusioned by his inattentive students and wanted to focus on his research. His idea is to create a “thinking cap” that will boost his thinking power. The Mechanic, who was also a professor at CCU, is his romantic partner and agrees to help him design it.

The FlashIn the present, DeVoe acts like a shy, professor to ward of Barry and Joe’s questions. Although they leave, Barry still wants to keep an eye on him. In another flashback, DeVoe and The Mechanic watch Harrison Wells discuss his particle accelerator, as they discuss their own need for an energy source.

Barry decides to sit in on one of DeVoe’s lectures. After class finished, he asks some questions and uses his speed to snag a mug from DeVoe’s desk before leaving.

Nobody believes DeVoe is evil, especially after Cisco vibes the mug and only sees the DeVoes eating dinner together. They believe that Barry is so desperate to find a villain that he’s fixating on DeVoe.

In another flashback, we see the DeVoes at S.T.A.R. Labs the night the accelerator exploded. Mrs. DeVoe questioned Wells about the accelerator possibly creating a black hole, but he denies it and tells DeVoe that he’s a fan of his work. They have a plan to use the energy from Well’s accelerator to power their cap. They get more than they bargain for when the explosion happens. For a while, DeVoe is unresponsive before waking up.

The next day at the CCPD, Barry and Joe are called in and scolded when Clifford files a harassment complaint. In another flashback, we see Clifford answering a ton of mathematical questions. As a result of his accelerated brain power, his body reacts causing him to lose mobility in his legs. Eventually, he takes his anger out on his wife, who begins to design his chair.

That night, Barry discovers the camera in the Samuroid helmet and breaks into the DeVoes’ home searching. He gets caught on camera and put on two weeks leave from work and has a restraining order against him. He ignores the order and goes to see DeVoe at CCU. DeVoe reveals that he knows Barry is the Flash. He also tells Barry that he knows about his team and the council of Wells because his powers are an enhanced intelligence.

Barry tells everyone about the conversation and they apologize for not believing him. Iris says they’ll need everyone to take DeVoe down just as Wally walks in. “Therefore I Am” ended with DeVoe rushing to get into his teched-out chair. As they watch Barry and Iris in their apartment, The Mechanic asks if he’s really going to let Iris and Barry get married. He answers, “What’s knowledge without love.”

Final Thoughts and Rating on This Week’s Episode of The Flash

I was not expecting The Thinker and The Mechanic to actually be a couple. I thought it was just for show. This episode was written well despite Barry’s dumb behavior. In a time where things are digital, you would think he’d check the house for cameras. DeVoe is a great non-speedster villain. The game he’s playing with Barry is interesting to watch. I’m also happy to see Wally return. I’m giving “Therefore I Am” a 10/10. No overbearing humor this week and an interesting backstory for DeVoe.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW Network.

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